Greensboro Day School over High Point Wesleyan 58-40

I made the trip over to High Point this evening and Greensboro Day School moved to (23-5) on the year with their win over Wesleyan Christian Academy 58-40.

HPW falls to (17-8) with the loss and the two teams will meet again on February 19 at GDS….

GDS 58
HPW 40
1st Q HPW 13, GDS 9….Halftime GDS 23, HPW 20….3rd Q GDS 37, HPW 29……

Greensboro Day School scoring:
Jordan Robertson 15 points
Quayshad Williams 10
Robert Kleinmann 10
Brandon Dorsett 8
Jimbo Brumley 5
Lucas Weavil 3
Christian Pulliam 2
John Terry 2

HPW scoring:
Leak Leek 13 points
Montay Brandon 11
Deng Leek 7
Spence Soblah 4
Mitch Purgason 3
Drew Crenshaw 2


  1. HPW is a good team with some talent but a crucial blow was handed to the team when Cade Isley went down over the summer with a knee injury. Isley is a very versatile player and could have given this team a big lift both offensively and defensively. Looking for him to return next year and play a vital role on that team.

  2. We welcome him back, because it will not make a bit of difference. I just wish we could ply ORMA and blister them again.

  3. to dale fulton, you just made the dumbest statement yall did not blister a dang thing on ORMA yall beat them by a buzzer beater i was at the game. its really funny cause when GDS played them they didnt have 2 of thier bigs they just had jacob lawson at the time so your tellin me gds is matching up with mike neal asad lamot jay canty jacob lawson joseph uchebo and then chris mccain coming off the bench with carlos rankin and chris richmond and a freshman guard kevin parrish please dont say gds will beat them if they played again. thats to funny what you said GDS just plays smart they aint signing no HIGH MAJOR SCHOLORSHIPS LIKE ORMA jay canty-xavier-joseph uchebo-nc state-jacob lawson- severrall acc, sec offers, micheal neal-offer from state, chris mccain-oregon for football and asad is a mid major please think again GDS wont do a dang thing to ORMA IF THEY PLAYED AGAIN

  4. to dale fulton GDS wil not beat ORMA if they play again, yeaa GDS beat them but ORMA didnt have 2 of thier main players i bet you if GDS played them with 2 of thier players missin they lose by double digits. and plus they won by a buzzer beater, if ORMA is healhty GDS is highly likely to lose

  5. I made the trip over as well. And though I don’t know Dale, he does make me laugh. And I love hearing all the ORMA people squirm and come up with excuses on why they lost to GDS. But that is history, so lets talk about how GDS looks now. Not how they beat ORMA in November. Man did they look good on D tonight. Totally pressured HPW out of their offense. Came out and took it right to them in 2nd half. Robertson had a good game as did Kleinman and Dorsett. Two bigs was solid and they got another great game from their PG Pulliam.

    When you think about it, it is truly amazing. People continue to talk about how there is no D1 talent on this team, yet night in and night out they guard and hold teams with multiple talented kids to less than 50 or 60 points. I guess there is one or two things going on. Either the coaches are genuises or they may actually have some pretty good players!! Don’t sleep on the talent these kids have. They play hard. And more than likely have a roster that has 5 or 6 scholarship kids on it. A joy to watch.

  6. The bottom line is that GDS is very well coached. Look at the experience of their top 2 assistants. One is very successful in AAU and the other is a polished defensive genius who has coached at the college level. ORMA get defensive when you say GDS beat ORMA, but sometimes the team with the least talent wins due to preparation and the belief in the coaches and the program. GDS has lost a few games but not all, but most of the teams they have played have been more athletic but yet they have won most of them. These kids at GDS are winners and surely none will play in the NBA and maybe a few collegiately but they will be successful in life and and will be better individuals. I personally love to watch them play defense whenther thry score or not. Their defensive effort on the ourt is like none I see anywhere else. Good luck to all the teams in Guilford County and lets be honest and give credit where credit is due.

  7. It is difficult reading these comments about ORMA versus GDS. As has been stated previously, there was no second game ever scheduled and GDS won the first one. For years we all heard the same thing about GDS versus Dudley and we know how those turned out.

    If GDS and ORMA played 10 times this year it is my opinion that GDS would win 8 of them. Further, if you swaped coaching staffs, ORMA would win 8 of 10. Congratulations to Coach Johnson and his terrific staff of hard working and caring men for a wonderful job this season.

  8. I am as big a fan of the coaching staff at GDS as anyone, but let’s make sure we credit the kids playing there with being good players as well. Who knows if the kids at ORMA would be as open to playing the way the coaches at GDS would demand they play. ORMA definitely has more athletic and higher recruited players, but I question whether or not they can execute a game plan the way the kids at GDS do. The coaches prepare the kids very well, but the kids have to execute. And I think as the season has moved forward, the kids at GDS are finally gettting it. They have 4or 5 new kids to the program and a completely new offensive scheme. I guess we will see how far they have come with their upcoming home games with Forsyth and Christ School. Hopefully they will continue to improve for the state tourney. I think it is in Greensboro this year. What do you know about that Andy?

  9. yes—-the entertainment value of this site is starting to pick up again! perfect for a snowed-in weekend

  10. RBS-

    You GDS people and your ‘we have the best coaching staff in history’ are jokes. AAU? AAU? You don’t even have to be a real coach to be an AAU coach. You have to be able to recruit good players period. AAU is a complete joke. Very few AAU teams coach any defense whatsoever and basically it is who can outscore the next guy. The team with the best group of talent wins the vast majority of the time. There are a few good AAU guys who actually have some knowledge but there are far more who know about as much basketball as they know about nuclear science.

    Freddy Johnson and his staff do a good job at GDS but it is comical to see all of you GDS homers slobber all over yourselves. You spit shine GDS and the staff without admitting to anyone that GDS, like most scholarship-giving private schools, are basically all-star high school teams. GDS is NOT a bunch of scrubs who happened to come to GDS and suddenly got coached up and made into some super basketball team. A lot of those kids were recruited to GDS TO PLAY BASKETBALL, which is fine but they SHOULD be winning with the kids that they have. Same with ORMA. Stop to make it out as if they wouldn’t win games without Coach Johnson and his staff. There are about 10 staffs in Guilford County that would win 20 games a year with GDS talent.

  11. RBS, you are acting the fool here. That’s not meant to be insulting, but so little in your post that references GDS is factually correct that it makes for a waste of about 20 minutes of your time typing it all up and 2 minutes of my time reading it.

    Namely, the remark about the lack of defense in AAU compared to the GDS way of playing indicates that you probably haven’t seen GDS play. They are extremely well organized defensively. Your knock on AAU doesn’t have any correlation to the situation at GDS. It’s, well, odd.

    Don’t confuse “scholarships” with “financial aid”. It will make it hard for you to have a discussion with us private school folks. We understand the difference rather well, and since you do not, again, it makes for a muddled post from you. Nonetheless, realize that no student-athlete at GDS is recruited by the school until his or her family makes a formal contact with the school, and moreover, no student-athlete is getting money or a discount due to the fact that he or she is playing a sport.

    “GDS should be winning with the kids that they have.” Perhaps you should take a few business classes in order to understand the meaning of the word “revenue”, as in the fact that private schools depend heavily upon enrollment revenue to stay fiscally solvent. Plus, it sounds like sour grapes, which is distasteful.

    The line about “10 staffs” that are as good as the GDS staff is the nail in the coffin for your credibility. GDS does more with less athletic talent than just about any public school. For more on this, just Google “Pizza Hut Invitational”.

  12. ORMA Coach K is just as good as Freddy J were talkking about a man who went to dartmouth a ivy league school and a man who coached on the collegiete level he also played ball at Dartmouth and if ORMA and plays GDS again with ORMA healthy theres no tellin what will happen there both well coached teams but i do say i gave the edge to ORMA, yes GDS beat them early in the season but ORMA didnt have 2 main players but who knows its very clear that people on this website say stans not in his league i can tell you stan can bring a better recruiting class of players then freddy can stan is proven to be a winner just like freddy but stan has AAU national championships, state championships soo it goes both ways i know for sure that GDS does not play a tougher schedule then ORMA

  13. First off Wildman I said there are probably 10 staffs in Guilford County that would win 20 games a season with the talent GDS has. Go ahead and tell me that the POOR GDS players wouldn’t POSSIBLY start at ANY school in Guilford County. Go ahead and say it. Kleinman wouldn’t start anywhere else? Dorsett? Quayshad Williams? None of them would be in the top three anywhere else in Guilford County? We are talking about a team full of kids that would probably start at a lot of places in the city. Go ahead and give those players to any staff in the city and see if each school wouldn’t be better.

    Go ahead and tell me next that a lot of AAU teams teach and stress strong defense practicing 2 days a week. Since you can’t read let me point out that my statement about AAU was a response to RBS and his post about how SUCCESSFUL an AAU coach one of the GDS assistants is. AAU is nothing more than coaching an all star team on a PART TIME basis. I never said GDS doesn’t play defense. They can work with their players year round. They SHOULD be able to play defense. They can practice more than public schools can. They can reclassify and get an extra year to teach them. They better be more advanced than they were in public school or Coach Johnson and his staff wouldn’t be doing their jobs, and they obviously have been because they have a good team.

    and let me respond to the fact that I know the DIFFERENCE between ‘scholarships’ and ‘financial aid’ and I also know FOR A FACT that there are athletes at GDS that don’t pay a red cent to go to GDS. My question for you is this. Does it really matter if it is FINANCIAL AID or SCHOLARSHIPS? If a kid is going to school for FREE at GDS and would NOT be going there on his/her own without the FINANCIAL AID or SCHOLARSHIP tell me what the difference is. I know what revenue is but maybe you should Google RECRUITING and if GDS doesn’t go out and actively pursue kids without them contacting the school first, the fact remains that if a kid or their family contact the school and they end up getting a free or even significantly reduced education at GDS it still doesn’t make the school look any better. It just makes you look like a sellout that brings in kids to win games and make your school look better. Does it make you feel better? Does it make you look better? Does it make your fans look better to come on here and brag about how great you are and how great your staff is for taking your so-called ‘LESSER’ talent and win a few extra games?

    I also see enough basketball in Greensboro to know that the talent on the GDS team is better than MOST public schools in the area. You just don’t want to admit it because it would tarnish the image you and your cronies want to paint of the school. If you keep screaming it long enough you hope everyone will believe that GDS wins with LESSER players than everyone else. Tell me they have less talent than Southwest, Southern, Southeast, Northeast, Page, Eastern, Northwest and any other school in the area. I will tell you that you are a LIAR and you know it. Not once did I say that GDS has a weak coaching staff. I said they do a good job with their kids. I simply stated that there are a lot of coaches that could win a lot of games with the kids GDS has. If it makes you feel better to post how stupid I sound, while misquoting me, then so be it BUT you better know your FACTS before you try to insult my intelligence.

  14. RBSdefinitely brings up some interesting points. I would totally agree that GDS has more talent than most pubilic schools. Which is why for the most part they play top tier public schools. Wakefield ranked in the top 10 in 4A. Jacksonville is getting votes in the 3A. Northern was #1 in 3A when they played. They did have NW on the schedule who was supposed to be better than they are right now. What RBS fails to mention is that GDS is less talented than a good number of their opponents on their schedule. Almost every school on their schedule since Christmas has had a kid or multiple kids that have either signed or are being recruited at high major or high mid major schools. So when you compare the talent level to the talent level of the opponent then they are in most cases a little less talented. Don’t get me wrong, they still have good players. I think some very good players. They just don’t have an ACC type player on this team at this time. So as far as your statement that you could take 10 other coaches in GC and win the same amount of games as Freddy does is just ludicrous.

    You also need to know the truth RBS before you make statements that are false!!

    “They can work with their players year round. They SHOULD be able to play defense. They can practice more than public schools can.”

    Their rules state that they cannot work with more than 4 players at once until the first day of practice. Which is November 1st. Please remind me when the public schools can start practice. Now it is true that GDS works with their kids year round developing their skills. But so can every public school in the state. They go to team camps in June. Just like every other decent public school program in NC. There is no extra practice time.

    And as far as recruiting, I am 50/50 in agreement with you. Parents or guardians dont care if it is financial aid or scholarship. There is no such thing as recieving a scholarship at GDS though. I have had a relative go through the process of trying to get admitted into the school and have watched and listened as others have tried as well. They go by the book. I have heard Freddy say more times than once that he is not going to ruin his reputation or do something that wojuld put his image and the image of the school in a bad light. He doesn’t need to bend the rules.

    And why we are at it let’s talk about what you get when you go to GDS. Besides the basketball. The personalized attention in the classroom. The tutoring after school. A true student/athlete. If you dont believe that just ask some of the kids that have moved over there from public school. Kids that may have been borderline type students that made themselves good students with the help of a number of support personnell. Johnny Thomas and Javan Mitchell are perfect examples. I think you should find those two young men and ask them how valuable the educational experience they has was. To me that is the best and most important thing they get at GDS.

    So RBS don’t go tearing something down that is doing good things for the kids. You can ridicule all you want but the bottom line is a kid can’t get a better education in Guilford County than you can at GDS. And you are not going to be coached and prepared for the next level better than you will at GDS. If you had a kid that was a basketball player, why wouldn’t you send them there if you could? Even if you think the coaching and basketball is a wash, there is no denying it’s the best education in town.

  15. I bet yu would be surpise if you knew names of players that have tried to get in GDS that did not get accepted. There have been soe good ones and some that are well-known

  16. I can tell you that there are a few young men, who could help the GDS program, that Coach Johnson has suggested attend a different school. This is becuase he felt it was in the young mans best interest to go elsewhere. This was not that they were a problem or a poor student but rather what he deemed best for that family. His credibility in terms of considering what is best for the individual is wonderful.

  17. RBS, the fool once again. If you know “FOR A FACT that there are athletes at GDS that don’t pay a red cent to go to GDS”, then you must work in Admissions at GDS. Since that information is confidential, there’s no other way you would know. Since you know “FOR A FACT that there are athletes at GDS that don’t pay a red cent to go to GDS”, then you also must know that they are not receiving financial aid as a direct consequence of playing sports. These student-athletes could quit their sport entirely, take up the trumpet, and participate in band year-round. So it’s not relevant what amount of money they get, though the chances are highly unlikely that GDS gives full tuition rides to ANYONE out of need — academic merit, now that’s another thing.

    And GDS probably doesn’t care what you think of their practice of legally recruiting kids and whether it makes the school “look better”. They are more concerned with where the students are going to college, like the Ivies, Duke, and the large number who attend UNC-CH each year.

  18. I have came early for a couple varsity games at GDS and I’ve caught the tail of some of the JV games. I have noticed there is a couple very good players that Freddy has coming up for next year. Even with some seniors leaving, i see a lot of talent on that team that could fill the spots of the leaving players.

  19. RBS,

    Simple info for you to store away in your bank of knowledge:

    1 – Not one person who attends GDS goes for free
    2 – Your financial aid at GDS is sent to a 3rd party clearinghouse and then sent back to GDS… same way a
    Princeton, Harvard, or any of ivy-league does it
    3 – GDS has the same rules regarding off-season work outs as public schools

    Please educate yourself before posting anymore ignorant comments.

    I hope everyone has enjoyed the snow.


    my ‘ignorant’ comments are based on FACTS. I KNOW for a FACT that there are athletes at GDS attending for FREE. You can post all the rules and regulations that GDS wants you to hear or think. All the ones you want to believe as well. Do you think they would share with parents PAYING tuition that there are athletes going for free? Do you think that would cause a ripple in the waters of those people they rely on for their financial security?

    Honestly, I agree with everyone who has posted on here that GDS has big advantages academically. They have smaller class sizes and more individualized instruction and attention for their athletes AND the non-athletes. It is a very good choice for anyone who can afford to send their kids there and probably well worth the money spent. Don’t get me wrong. The point I have tried to make is that their basketball team is not a group of LESSER talented kids who show up and get such good coaching that they BECOME some basketball juggernaut. They are a group of well above average high school players that many coaches in Guilford County could win a lot of games with. Did I say that Coach Johnson does a bad job? No I didn’t. I said a lot of the staffs in Guilford County would win a lot of games with the talent they have. I think the staffs from Northwest, Page, Grimsley, Northeast, Eastern, Western, Dudley, and others would win a lot of games with the talent GDS has. I do agree with the poster that said that GDS plays a tougher schedule than most of the GCS schools due to the fact that they play a lot of other private schools that get quality players in more numbers than most public schools. I simply think a lot of the GDS posters don’t give the public school coaches any credit for the jobs they do. Most of them work just as hard as Coach Johnson and his staff, care about their kids just as much, and work for them just as hard. Just don’t insult the posters on this board who know more about the game than you care to admit.

    Coach Johnson and his staff are a quality staff. They do a great job with what they have. They just happen to have more talent than most of the public schools in the area.

    Good luck to all the teams in Guilford County both public and private. I hope they all do well.

  21. RBS,

    I’m sorry to break it to you but you’re dead wrong regarding your first paragraph.
    Your comments regarding tuition are NOT based on facts but pure ignorance.

    Personally, I think GDS has a very good coaching staff. I also believe that Robert Kent, Art Wade, Ryan Freeman, and Manny Bloom are
    very good coaches too.

    We are lucky in Guilford County to have a lot of kids who enjoy playing basketball and a lot of coaches who want to
    mentor young men through the sport of basketball.

    My hat goes off to all Guilford County coaches who invest their time, energy, and emotion in the kids bc they are not
    coaching high school bball for the money.

  22. Knowledge,

    I hate to tell you that I know for a FACT that what I am saying is true. I don’t need to prove anything to you and I don’t need to name any names but I am telling you it is FACT. You would also be shocked to know some other facts I know about the admission process at GDS when it involves athletes.

    I am not here to tear down GDS. I have already stated that it is a good school with solid academics, has a good basketball staff, and has a lot of advantages that public schools simply don’t have.

    YOU and the other GDS homers fail to accept that things aren’t as cut and dry as you want them to be. Fail to admit that the talent at GDS is better than most public schools. Fail to accept the fact that GDS recruits. (they have to rely on recruiting students to financially survive so why is it so hard for you to believe or accept that it may include some of the athletes they have)…AND you fail to accept that (GASP) they may have some kids playing athletics that may be paying SIGNIFICANTLY less to attend your precious school because they can play a sport.

    You can claim I am dead wrong all you want. You can hope and pray that I am just some ignorant guy who is making stuff up but YOU would be the one who is wrong. I know my information is FACTUAL. Really though, why do you care if I am right or wrong? Do you pay tuition for your child to go to GDS? Have you paid tuition there in the past? Does it bother you that there are athletes attending that are going for FREE while you are signing a check? What really bothers you about it?

    As I stated before, I hope GDS is successful in basketball. I hope there are multiple state championships won in Guilford County. I think Coach Johnson does a great job. I think the coaching staffs at a lot of the GCS schools do a very good job with the kids they have. I wish them all the most success they can have. I love watching high school basketball here and will continue to watch it and cheer for all the Guilford County schools.

    I agree with you that we are very lucky in Guilford County to have a lot of kids who enjoy playing basketball and a lot of coaches who want to mentor the young men in the county. So we aren’t totally in disagreement.

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