New HS basketball polls

New polls are in and we have used the News and Record and the MaxPreps site and our polls at from the previous week, to track down the teams and to do our thorough research and each week more teams are on the verge of falling out of the polls and we only have about 2 weeks of the regular season remaining, so we should not have a problem ending up with a complete Top Ten at the end of the regular season.

Here are this week’s polls and if have any suggestions, just leave them in the comment box as always….The Dudley and Southwest Guilford girls have been red hot and the Western Guilford and Ragsdale boys are challenging for spots here late in the season…..

Girls poll:
1)High Point Central(17-1/6-1)
3)Eastern Guilford(17-2/10-0)
5)Southwest Guilford(12-6/5-1)
6)Northwest Guilford(13-6/6-2)
7) Southeast Guilford(12-6/5-2)
8 Smith(10-7/3-5)
9)Northern Guilford(12-5/5-3)
11)Western Guilford(12-9/3-4)
12)Northeast Guilford(9-10/3-2)

Boys poll:
2)Greensboro Day School(22-5/2-1)
3)Northern Guilford(16-2/7-0)
4)Western Guilford(14-4/6-2)
7)Eastern Guilford(12-6/5-2)
8 Grimsley(11-7/3-5)
10)High Andrews(8-4/3-0)
11)High Point Central(9-8/5-2)
12)Northeast Guilford(9-10/3-2)
13)Northwest Guilford(7-13/4-4)


  1. NW smack dab at the bottom. Possibley they will figure another play besides going inside to a player that can not handle the ball, get a clue. Why is it that everyone know what is going on there besides the coaches.

  2. Hey Bottom, I think I know what you mean. The 6-7 guy couldn’t catch the ball if it was handed to him.

  3. Hey Top & Bottom,
    Don’t be hatin’!! I remember wtching Danny Manning play at Page (granted..years ago) and thought..what a clumsy, uncoordinated kid!! But he was tall!!

  4. Not hatin!!! Just telling it like it is. Wake up everyone. Its all the talk at the coffee shop. Its just not happening as long as they have to go inside and he can not handle it. Hes not athletic enough to handle most of the passed thrown into him. They need to give it up till he matures some. Plus I bet Mannings team did not lose most of the game he played in! Being tall does not mean beans if you cannot get the job done.

  5. Cudos to Bottom and Top. It’s about time someone spoke up on the situation going on at NW. Just a plain shame they have not figured it out by now. It’s all but over for them this year. Maybe they will regroup in time for playoffs. Good luck!

  6. Quit getting all worked up ’cause it’s not going to change as long as you play fair!
    1) Manny is a good fundraiser and the schools need this right now.
    2) Manny is certified to teach K-6 and that’s cool for ISS.
    3) Ralph Kitley was @ Wake when they were terrible, so he really knows nothing about basketball
    4) Ralph’s wife teaches yoga, so that means everything is OK and that’s “Namaste”.
    5) John Hughes was a terrible baseball coach who cannot relate to kids and nothing has changed as an AD ( As a matter of fact, that may be a pre-requisite in GCS to be an AD.
    6) NWG parents are the most demanding an least knowledgeable when it comes to sports in GCS.
    7) NWG needs an Academy, so they can compete for the athletes in Guilford County ( Sorry, I forgot that’s not gauche in that school!).

    Enjoy the snow, and I will have more to entertain you next week.
    Ann O, Nymous

  7. Some of you need to lay off this kid and talk about something else at the “coffee shop”. Surely you can come up with something better than talking about a HS center. I guess all you guys were perfect athletes.

    For the record, I’m not a parent, friend nor do I even know the kid. But think about if someone were talking about your kid. Let the kid enjoy HS sports.

  8. I can’t think of any athletes that would entertain the thought of attending NWG. Atleast not the ones I have seen play over in East Greensboro. Can you say white flight??

  9. Lay off the Kid, ok lets make a deal. We lay off the kid when Mommy Dearest lays off the coach which in turns lays off the team as they will be able to Play Team bball. No I in team, Deal?

  10. ORMA certainly has a very strong team and deserves much credit. If there was a true poll with all schools involved I would place them fourth in this part of the state behind GDS, Dudley and Westchester.

  11. Who has an opinion of the girls and boys coaches at NW ? I have heard a lot of negatives about the boys coach and I have not heard any real positives about the girls coach. We live in the NW district but we are considering alternatives to NW such as GDS or using the academy route to skip NW.

  12. Before we had children at Northwest; we had heard about the politics there. We had hoped that it was just talk. We have had children go thru their high school years there and it was a good experience for school but not athletics. I was really surprised at how bad the football and basketball was there. With the amount of students and money that is out there; I can’t imagine why they can’t get better coaching there. I have attended games until recently and it is to ugly to watch. Where did they get their basketball coach. He is the worst that I have ever seen. I have watched him give games away. They would have a lead and start to lose it and he would never call a time out. Does he think that they might pay him for the ones that he doesnt use. I thought that since they have a principal that has played that maybe that would get a coach in that actually could coach. I have been watching the amount of the people diminished who attend the games. I think that I’m going to do the same. So future players at NW, if you are wanting to play either basketball or football for a good team; I would go somewhere else.

  13. RCRISTAL please look at what you wrote, you put them fourth lets clear this up right now ORMA is a northern team without frye with JAY CANTY and Another big and another guard n thats Joseph uchebo and chris richmond, how can you say i put them behind GDS when GDS beat them on a half court shot and ORMA didnt have 2 key players sooo yeaa and i seriously cannot agree with you saying westchester and dudley either once again niether team has the depth nor talent to beat ORMA duece and ike are very good but you put up with jay canty and jacob lawson and mike neal. etc it goes on and dudley Northern beat dudley by 25 and 10 last year and ORMA is the northern team without frye and mcbeth but theyve added jay canty and chris richmond and joseph to the same team basically so yea u think what you want.

  14. First, I’m a huge supporter of Nw. I have no kids on the team or at the school. “political” If you don’t like NW then you should leave. You’re throwing coaches under the bus that haven’t even had time to establish a program. Stop asking for results over night. It’s never easy to build a program especially when every team in the county is more athletic than NW. I think the current staff is pretty solid. Bloom is a good offensive coach, Shelton is an all around solid coach especially defensively, and I’ve heard that the other asst (not sure of his name) will do anything for the kids including opening up the gym for shooting on weekends, individual workouts etc… This area is the worst for parents/fans being negative. If you want a winner at NW then you need to let the coaches do their jobs. The NW staff has admitted to the team when they (coaches) lost a game. How many staffs do you know that will do that? According to your timeout theory roy williams is a bad coach. If you watched the duke game yesterday you saw k call timeouts and then georgetown’s lead got bigger. This NW team has endured a lot, from kids moving into the program, moving out of the program, injuries to key players throughout the year. This is a good team but everyone that was expecting a 20 win season is crazy. It’s a natural progression to winning in a program. year 1 lost quite a few games by a lot of points, year 2 losing more games but been in every game including ORMA except the GDS game. lost 4 games by 1 point, had 2 double ot games, 2 ot games etc. They are better than last year even though the wins don’t show it. I wish this area would stop pulling these kids down. Give the coaches time and give them credit for being smarter than the the armchair coaches.

  15. ORMA, my mistake. Thanks for pointing it out. I completely left Northern off the list. Northern is a first class team with great kids and very good coaching. They are, also, fun to watch.

  16. Too political, you bring up a lot of good points but what some are getting at is the the coach is not doing all the coaching. He has parents that are not allowing him to do so. If their child does not start a game he gets a phone call. If their child does not get the ball into his hands he gets a phone call, No matter that that child did not practice the day before he still NEEDS to start or a phone call is coming. No matter that he cannot handle 90 percent of the balls givin to him. If Bloom continues to allow this partent to dictate who plays then the losing will continue, This parent has a histor of doing this from AAU to middle school. It is a shame that Bloom will allow her to dictate that her child be on the floor the whole game. Not doubt always followed up by threats of quitting or moving to a different school. This is how is has always been and will continue until someone stops her!!!!!! Their real talent is missing out from this injustice!!!!!

  17. Honestly, I agree with you and I can probably pick which parent you are talking about. I read on here weeks ago about #33 not playing more even though he is putting up better numbers than the other bigs. So I researched it from other parents in the area and what I’ve heard is that 33 is a diabetic and the staff is having a hard time keeping his numbers in a range where he can play long amounts of time. Also, don’t be so hard on the player you’re talking about, if it’s the one I’m thinking about you gotta remember that he did break his shooting wrist before the season. I don’t think Bloom is the one to blame, I think it’s the people above Bloom. I expect there will be huge changes in the offseason and I don’t mean anyone losing a job. It’s time for the NW area to get it right if they want to be competitive.

  18. Too political, you might want to read my blog again; I no longer have a child in high school. No dog in the game! I just like watching high school sports. I also did not say anything about the kids. I said that it was hard to understand why they can’t get better coaching. That is the head coach; as far as the other coaches’ they seem fine just doing what he says. With the talent on this team they could be good. They started out good with high expectations and then something happened. So “too political” I’m not blaming the kids; they can only do what the coach tells them. Good luck with the team in the future. And good luck with getting fans back.

  19. Too political, yes 33# is a diabetic but he is fine and cleared to play. The coaches choose not to play him. If he were not able to play he would not be on the bench.

    Sure he broke his Shooting wrist. But what was his excuse last year. I do not blame the child. It is up to the coach to make the decision that if he is not producing then go with the ones who are. A little bench time some times does wonder for a player and parent that thinks he is the be all and end all. Bottome line, Bloom should have taken just as much time checking into this kid as he did trying to recruit him. If he did he may have found that dealing with the parent was not worth all the headaches they have had.

    Politics, yes they did start great. I do believe it was during that time that they did not have their big guy that all it talking about!!!!! Somethings go to give before they head into the final games of the season.

  20. Really though,

    Who gives a S**T about this new age ‘orma’? The school can’t afford to pay its teachers yet they can manage to bring in a very controversial figure to coach the basketball team; a team loaded with kids the coach brought in from other areas. I’m really ashamed of whats become of Oak Ridge Military Academy. It was once a proud school. Does honour and dignity not mean anything in this country anymore?

  21. It is amazing to me the things that some people say on a site like this. As someone who loves basketball, especially at the high school level I wish people, especially parents, could get a clue! I have heard and seen things surrounding the NWHS situation and it is a shame. All of the people who complain about coaching should go ask the multiple players in college that played for the NW boy’s coach what they think of his coaching abilities. From what I have heard that coach does 10x more than most other high school coaches in the country (college recruiting, program building, academics, fund raising, community relations, etc.) I personally have heard from multiple college coaches in the area that the NW Coach does a great job with his program and players. If you have been to any of these games that people say were lost due to coaching maybe you should rethink your knowledge of the game. I personally have seen many situations where the NW coach saved timeouts for a good reason and needed every single timeout to give his team a chance to win. From what I know they have a very young team and have not caught a break this year. On top of that there are parents at NW that create a near impossible situation for coaches, players, and everyone involved. Not only have they had the Center out for 10 games to start the year, but his back up was out for 4 or 5 games also. Another starter was out for 5 games, and just recently they had a big scorer go down late in the game. I just think it is unfortunate that people get an opinion of a good coach based on what upset parents and teenagers say, especially in a tough season. If the parents at NW would just leave the coaches in all of athletics alone, maybe the coaches would enjoy themselves more, work harder, and the teams would be more successful. Speaking as an outsider looking in!

  22. To shame on parents shutup ur statement is ridiculus with there new coach they have paid debt off they have raised more money then the school ever has dont forget by him bringing players from other area whats ur point the schools private yyou are aloud to recrruit smart and what has the school become of?? a good basketball school or a school thats getting better everyday that student athletes wanna attend there? OR that the school is getting well known for its winning. Bottom line the school is still very good still they still do everything now that they did before the coaching and new basketball team happened

  23. Manny is doing a good job at NW. He really knows how to run a quality program. He runs it like a college program. The workouts, fund raising, camps, etc… are all part of his program. He goes beyond the call of duty when trying to get his kids an opportunity to play in college. The only thing that he is guilty of is that he coaches at Northwest. Some parents at NW seem to think that they always know more than the coach does regardless of the sport. They do the same thing with the academics at NW. You would think they went to Harvard and played ball at UNC. Most parents at NW are great, but there is always a small group that make it difficult for the coaches and teachers there. The programs and the school are in goods hands so we need to leave them alone to do their work. I have always been amazed that this happens at one of the best schools in the county.

  24. Northwest will be fine. They have a very young basketball team and have lost over half off their games by less than 4 points. They are still learning alot about the game. The coaching staff is working hard with the players to get the ones that want to play at the next level a chance too. It just takes time.

  25. Oh, is that his threat school of choice this week. He is going somewhere different each week. Or so they threaten.

  26. Now I know where to go to find worthless, clueless “coffee shop” chatter about basketball.

  27. Hot off the press, I’m pretty close to the NW program and I hope your comment was sarcasm that I just didn’t pick up on. I think the NW staff should say if that’s what’s best for the kid or kids then they should explore other avenues. I doubt a player is going to get more looks than they are getting from coaches because the NW staff stays on top of getting guys looks from D-1 to D-3. If the staff gets the support they need I bet they would start saying if you want to go then just go and then they can spend a lot of time working with the kids that really want to be at the school. If this current staff stays in place I’d expect a big year from the vikings next year.

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