Another good one is gone: Stan Olson exits Charlotte Observer

This man turned in some great work and he really did a super job on college football/basketball recruiting on his blog at I just heard him late last week on the Prime Time with the Pack Man Show out of Charlotte when Mark Packer had him on and Ric Flair stopped by for a visit….

Stan “The Man” is gone and someone else will have to carry on, to carry on…..

Stan Olson speaking:

Good afternoon and goodbye.

This is my last post, because of staff reductions at The Observer.

I think I’ll miss the Tar Heels fans the most—while I criticized their class, in-state and out, they were right that Butch Davis would finish strong—he and his staff are killing it today, and I’d like to be available for my verbal whipping.

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  1. The publishers wonder why no readership and why circulation declines, loosing Stan “the man” is an insult to us the subscribers on this newspaper.

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