How much would you pay to see GDS-ORMA play? What about ORMA vs. Guilford College?????

I don’t think that this one will happen this year, but if we could make it a reality, how much would you pay to see GDS-ORMA play?????


We tried to get that Greensboro Day-Dudley game going last year and we were close, but it was up in the air, but it never got off the ground, and boy we sure talked about it, just like we are doing this year with the second GDS-ORMA game that appears to be a no-go, but if no GDS-ORMA……

What about an exhibition game with ORMA versus the Guilford College Quakers?????

Oak Ridge has a strong team, but how would they match up with the likes of Clay Henson, Tyler Sanborn, Rhett Bonner, Josh Pittman or any of the other Quakers?????

We could make this a go, prior to the Quakers NCAA Final Four run that they have coming up in March, assuming all things come together like they did last season……

Prior to Salem, Virginia, let’s have the Guilford College Quakers lace them up against the Cadets from the Oak Ridge Military and we can run this one out of the Regan-Brown Fieldhouse on the Guilford College campus……

An exhibition that would benefit both teams and this would allow ORMA to lay claim as the Top Team of all in Basketball, in Guilford County……..

What do you say????? No GDS-ORMA, then how about ORMA-Guilford College for the Guilford County Championship???????????????


  1. GDS has a full schedule. Some schools (Oak Ridge excluded) actually have rules that govern how many games they play. They wouldn’t play anyway, it’s not to their advantage and freddy doesn’t do anything unless it is to his advantage.

    As to the ORMA vs Guilford College, that is just stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. Guilford is a nationally ranked college team. Oak Ridge is an overrated high school team. I know they have declared all their players are mid or high major players but that doesn’t mean it is true. Even if it was true about how good their players are they still wouldn’t stand a chance. Guilford would beat the crap out of ORMA. Remember ORMA barely beat Smith, NWG, etc, etc.

    You should show more respect for Guilford’s team and coaches than to say a high school team should play them for the county championship. That is as disrespectful as it gets and shows very little understanding of basketball.

  2. Ridiculous to talk about ORMA and Guilford. Sure it would be nice to see GDS-ORMA, but I would much rather see GDS-Dudley. Already saw GDS win over ORMA!

  3. DAN shut the hell up ORMA played very bad agaist both SMITH and NWG high ORMA i BET could give guilford college a run for their money, what you sound like saying that it dont matter if there in high school or not ORMA GUILFORD might beat them but for damn sure would not run them who them quakers got stop canty??? josheph ucheobe mike neal jacob lawson chris mccain get off this site saying that they will run them every team loses a few i mean damn ORMA lost to GDS by a half court shot and funny they didnt have to of their players the Ouakers are D3 not D2 or D1 most oak ridge kids are D1 they would not run them at all the quakers are having success cause dnt get me wrong they are a great D3 team but there not playing nobody i could understand but you could argure thats college ball well they all had to play high school somewhere why werent they good enough to go d1 or maybe they were it just didnt work out all iknow is ORMA has a xavier commit and Oregon commit and a NC state commit and others who arent decided i assure you that they wouldnt be goin to high major programs if it wasnt deserved so i tell you THEY WOULD NOT RUN ORMA it would be close.

  4. Guilford college would win by 20. The difference being 20-22 year old men playing against 16-18 year old young men. 4 more years to work on their game as well as getting bigger, stronger and faster.

  5. but tom be honest they wouldnt even win by 20 its like this ORMA comes at you with a 6-10, 6-7, 6-6 so you tell me where bigger and stronger plays a fact when these ORMA kids go to college there put in a games agasnt 21-22-23 and so thats not really even a fact and theres no dude on guilford better then jay canty they have no big man better then josheph uchebo or jaboc lawson so the age aint a fact these 16-18 kids are basically grown men to lets not forget they play AAU also they travel to tournaments and play the best players across the nation so for guilford to runn theem by 20 i highly doubt it and im not saying this to be picking sides this is a honest opionion

  6. In 4 years, the ORMA kids would be able to beat them easily. I agree that Guilford does not have anybody as highly recruited as the group at ORMA. In no way I am putting the kids down at ORMA. They are very good players with a great futures at D1 schools. I think you may be undestimating how good the kids at Guilford are and what a difference 4 years make. Try to remember what your body looked like when you graduated from high school and when you graduated from college. I know I gained 30 pounds (weight training) and I also got quicker. The kids at ORMA have not had that transformation and the kids at Guilford already have.

  7. OK u make some sense but look at this look at all the freshman playing in college ball every last one of them have not had the chance to to gain weight but right or wrong at thier size and wieght most that play have a impact on the game and all im saying is it doesnt matter when playing a D3 team i dont knock the talent level at all for the quakers im impressed but i just think it would be a very close match if the to teams suited up

  8. ORMA,
    You could use another four years of education so you can learn to write legibly. Your ability to write is on par with you ability to judge basketball talent. Guilford would stomp Oak Ridge.

  9. I would love to see Oak Ridge vs Guilford…

    Guilford is loaded and well coached.

    ORMA is loaded and very well coached.

    Great suggestion…

  10. ORMA I respectfully disagree with your opinions. It’s nice to see some people stand up for what they believe. Now with that being said why is it when ORMA plays a close game it’s because they played bad yet when GDS beats ORMA it’s because of luck. I saw your game against Smith and NW. Those two teams shouldn’t be close to you guys but they were. If you aren’t gonna give credit to GDS for beating you then stop trying to take credit from Smith and NW for how hard they played you guys. I was at the NW game and it’s not like NW played very good either. I think you guys were lucky that they went cold after they cut it to 5 in the 4th. My question for you is who on ORMA is gonna start making shots besides Canty? Please don’t say Neal, Lawson, Rankin. I’m talking jump shots. Guilford is one of the best shooting teams around and they will light it up against your guys. NW got wide open shots and they didn’t make many, if Guilford gets that many open shots then you get blown out. Stop looking at the top 10 college freshmen in the country when you talk about weight and size. The john wall and tyreke evans are very rare. I hope you see that I’m respectfully disagreeing and not trying to put you guys down like the GDS fan base. Good luck the rest of the season.

  11. guilford is just as big as orma. their center is a monster. college ball is not the same as high school ball. orma doesnt play hard enough to beat a college team. it wouldnt be close

  12. ORMA by 10 you guys don’t know basketball
    if it slept with you every night. GDS did beat
    ORMA I was there the refs did not call
    the game fair. Did you guys know greedy picks
    his own refs he is very good friends with the
    guy that books the games. The refs know if
    GDS don’t win they may not get any games again
    I hate to say it but is true. Let ORMA at GDS with refs from another
    area the game would be over before half time.
    I would to see the game ORMA plays good basketball
    unlike GDS where they pass the ball 87 times before
    they shoot. That’s why there kids never make
    good college players b/c in college it us a open
    offense I know you people GDS fans don’t know
    what that is but google it and see what you are missing.
    Nobody on GDS team can create there own shot. I wish
    you people understand could cancel any game on there
    schedule but pick ORMA to save them the embarrassment
    I don’t want to see GDS play Dudley bc coach price knows
    it would not be a fair game for one the REFS and two
    GDS reclass there kids that extra year is a real big advanage.
    I hate to bust you GDS dabs bubble but they will not win the state
    championship this year bc there are simply not
    that good.

  13. too political i respectively disagree with you GDS beat them by a half court shot ok its a tough loss i bet you the teams ORMA play would beat guilford OAK hill mountan state, huntingdon, and you watched them play agaist NW if u did they really did play bad i bet you the center on guilford isnt better then ORMA’s 6-10 whos commited to nc state and who can make a shot besides canty well asad can chris richmond mike neal and kevin parrish guilford would not blow them out you sound dumb how many games have u seen ORMA play this year cause they player better talent then some damn quakers whats soo diffrent about D3 college ball and prep high school ball??? not much and i said the freshman that play a role in college basketball today came stra8 from highschool and jumped into D1 college ball and they score just fine RIGHT OR WRONG?? so if ORMA and GUILFORD played were starting mike neal jaycanty asad lamot jacob lawson and joseph uchebo and let me ask you this why would these kids be recieving D1 offers n not D3 ill tell you because thier skilll level is well beyond D3. Dont tell me the guilford quakers would smash them im telling u ORMA might not win but i garentee you they will not get blowed out they will give them a run for their money thats all im saying.

  14. ORMA, I’ve seen ORMA play about 5 times this year. I’m not saying they aren’t talented. The sky is the ceiling for some of those kids. I’m laughing at you because you just said michael neal and kevin parrish can hit jump shots. that’s a laugher. The difference is those D-3 guys are more experienced, played together longer etc.. If you said Orma would beat some D-3 schools I’d agree. But that Guilford team is ranked # 2 in D-3. Did ORMA beat any of those teams you mentioned above? just asking bc I don’t know. There’s a big difference in D-3 ball and prep basketball. College basketball at any level is more like a full time job than just practicing a few hours a day like high school. Bball facts I don’t think you realize how much harder college guys play than h.s. players. it’s a big difference and it makes up for a lot. if guilford plays them all they would do is sit in a zone, shade to jay’s side and not give up any transition buckets and double the 7’0 guy. all that would equal a win, besides if ORMA can’t guard smith or nw, there’s no way they can guard a quaker offense that can light it up. ya’ll have a good day

  15. Fellas. let’s get real! ORMA has some very good basketball players, but they cannot beat Guilford College whether they are D1, D2, or D3. There is a huge step up from HS to college. Now, they could stop a kid like Pittman, because he was overrated even in HS, . I think it would be a good game, but ORMA would have to get away from all the dunking, hit the glass at both ends, and play great “D”. Things they have failed to do the two times that I saw them play. Yes, they are very talented and are nice young men, but no way they can beat Guilford. They even lose to HS teams!
    By the way, the poster “ORMA” needs to quit offering excuses for every single loss—every team faces adversity—the key is to regroup and bounce back from the tough times—that’s what it’s all about.!

  16. ORMA I honestly am not trying to be insulting. I am really interested in your opinion. Is there any chance you can slow down and write more carefully? Your writing is so difficult to understand that I can understand some of what you are trying to say in your posts, but I can’t understand a lot of it. You are one of the few ORMA people on here so it would be good to be able to get your opinons.
    I think ORMA is the most talented high school team in the area. I think it is hard to dispute that. I also think that if you played GDS again, you may very well beat them or perhaps likely would beat them IMO. I also don’t really consider you all a regular high school team. It doesn’t seem that you differ all that much from an AAU team in that basically it was a team that was assembled within several weeks. You all do not have any rules to follow or any district or boundaries, and I assume unlike GDS there is no testing that you have to pass to be accepted. I gather you have dormitories so you can get any player regardless of location. I don’t know what your tuition or financial aid situation is, but I imagine it can’t cost much or you all have a lot of financial aid or it would be hard to get an entire team of talented basketball players like you have so quickly, but I will admit I could be wrong on that. Please understand that these are not in any way criticisms. I have no beef with your team. I would actually like to be able to get out and see those talented kids play. I think you all play a great schedule too from what I can gather. You may be well coached as I have no idea not having seen you all play. It is just hard to think that Andy sh0uld include you all in his high school team rankings because you are not a regular high school team like the other schools in Guilford County and saying that you would beat every team around here just doesn’t seem like a major accomplishment. It is like saying the best AAU team around here would beat Page or Grimsley or GDS which is true but would also be expected. I do agree with you that your team appears to be the most talented. I don’t think you would beat Guilford College right now but your players a couple of years from now definitely would.

  17. Andy, I think the question you asked concerning ORMA playing Guilford College was way out of line. Any graduates
    of Guilford College ought to be outraged that you would pose such a question. Basically, you are saying 2 things:
    #1 ORMA is the best team that money can buy and they have superior talent #2 Guilford College has so much inferior talent,
    a High School team could beat them.
    Andy, I thought you were better than that.

  18. I have a better idea. Instead of a rematch on the court between GDS and ORMA or ORMA vs Guilford, how about GDS vs. ORMA in a spelling bee.

  19. If the posting by “ORMA” are any indication of the quality of education the ORMA students are receiving I suggest they get off the court and into the classroom. Regardless of their basketball skills they will not qualify for a DI school if they cannot read/write/spell.

    Let’s get our priorities straight.

  20. Their is a good idea finely. We wood welcome the chance to anticipate with you and your school for the good ov hi school baskitball in this kounty. pleez give us the date, time, and location. The coluseum wood be a good place to have this spellin be, so that the city could charger $10 for parking a that could subsidize the deficate. Hopefully, by that time, we can recruit 2 Indians from Mumbai and two Chinese from Baging. That weigh we will trie to overcome the disadvantages we seem to have with our lack of academic bakground. You can set the rules, so their will be no complaneing that we did knot follow them.
    Thank you in addvance for the invitashun.

  21. Here we go again. This is all about Coach K and his ego.
    Just like at NG it was one big Circus and the tent has just moved to ORMA.
    This is a high school Basketball team, not the NBA or some kinda Rock Band.
    You people like to stroke K’s ego and he loves every minute of it ( including Andy ).
    Hey why not see if the Bobcats have an open date. If its all about making money and
    being in the spot light that ought to do it. All of this is being done under the smoke screen
    of Saving the Ridge or Revival at the Ridge or what ever corny phrase you want to use.
    When really its about Reviving Coach K’s career and helping him get to the next level.
    He wants to coach college Bball and always has. Please someone offer him a head coaching
    job at a college and maybe just maybe he will be happy.

  22. im not saying that ORMA can beat guilford im saying if the two teams played then it would be a pretty close game right or wrong guilford would not run them bottom line

  23. Actually I used ORMA’s moniker to try to give him/her a bit of credibility, but I can tell by his/her subsequent post that it did not do any good. The funny thing to me is that no one has yet answered the original question—“How much would pay…?—- Most people on this board take themselves and their causes way too seriously. If they are at all true to what they “believe” ( based on most posts), then they need to remember that this whole high school basketball thing should be about the kids and making them better people. The behavior on these boards does nothing to further these ideas and what should be the adults’ ideals.
    Enough said!!!!!

  24. We at Guilford College do respect every player and team in this area. We do appreciate the debate concerning our program and ORMA. We have seen ORMA play and would love to have a few of their players but we do understand we are a D-3 and may not get that opportunity. If you have not visited one of our games please come and look at who we are and our style of play. We feel what places us apart is our high output level and our team play. We have size and strength and can play with any team in this area but our guys are men not high school ballers. Our strenght is the precision in our offense and the intensity in our defense.

    Do we think we can beat ORMA…The answer is we do not think about high school teams but top level D-3 programs. ORMA has great talent and we would love for some of their players to give Guilford College a look.

    I will take any questions you may have.

    Thanks Andy for this forum!

  25. 2 things…
    As a disinterested party but sports fan. I wouldnt pay any more to go see any of the games mentioned than the typical $5 HS rate. I certainly wouldnt go out of my way to do so. Plus, not sure I want to be in the same space as some of the folks who post here…. At least looking at the way they conduct themselves here anyway. Seen you guys get way to serious before on a variety of topics. Get a grip dudes and dudettes.

  26. Nobody cares about JV Basketball but the players parents. I have seen a few jv games and teams that look good. Northern has a shooting guard that can jump out the gym and is 5’8″ with heels on. GDS has a tall 6’4″ player that has a great upside. Normally shows up at end of game. I can’t think of anyone else……

  27. These are all hypothetical situations. At times ORMA has shown the type of confidence that makes you think that they could beat a college.

    We are just using Guilford College as an example and I have heard of instances over the years where Colllege and High School teams have gotten together for scrimmages.

    Oak Ridge may be looking to create an Oak Hill-type setting and if they are able to do that, they will be one of the most recognized schools for basketball in the Nation.

    Guilford should work toward something such as the exhibiton with Oak Ridge if that is something that would work for them.

    These players are all just kids, even the college guys and I have all the respect in the world for Guilford. I was up there last night sliding around the parking lot with the rest of the kids and our library was closed.

    Oak Ridge has a lot of bravado and they are loooking for another game. The kids are ready to play, but the adults are standing in the way, that’s OK, ’cause we can all live to see ORMA play on another day……..

    What I really need to say is, this is a great topic and it has people thinking and talking and we are hearing from some people that we have never heard from before.

    I have ideas and some of my ideas may seem far-fetched, but we all need to dream and if one of these dreams sticks, then BOOM!!!!! You are on the map and I do beleive, that based upon what I am seeing here today, that this is the best basketball forum that I have ever seen in my entire life, going back to my days when we used to crawl through the old locker room windows late on a Saturday night and sneak in and get up a game in the old Guilford Alumni Gym. Basketball is a great way of life and it never dies……..

    Jump on or stay on board, the Price is Right:FREE and there is plenty more to talk about and some have said, “there is nothing going on ar0und here”.

    Obvioulsy there is and welcome to the forum…….

  28. GC Athletic Staff,

    Great Comment

    Once the ORMA athletes reach the College ranks, they will find out exactly how true some of the marketing rankings that they have carried through their High School careers are.

    Some of these players will prove to be the real deal, some will park at the end of the bench, and some may never suit up in college.

    You would hope that ORMA is preparing these kids to succeed academically at the college level,,,to many times we see an overzealous coach stroke his own ego at the expense of a gullible 18 year old who has been told all his life that he will be a shoe-in for the NBA if will just come and play for ME.

    Reminds me of a local B-baller who is now at his 3rd college in 3 years,,,in the Middle school he was listed as the 8th best point guard in the nation by the GURU of recruiting specialist,,,,,I wonder what kind of degree this kid will end up with, probably something in the TRAVEL Industry.

    My point is,

    College Athletics at any Level is different cup of tea than high school.

    Reality will soon set in for these superstars, I hope they are prepared for the future.

  29. This is a hypothetical. This game should, and would, never happen. It is just interesting to talk about. There is a BIG difference between high school and the upper level D3 teams. Guilford is #2 in the country. ORMA could beat the bottom of D3, but Guilford is just better. They are supposed to be better, they are 3-4 years older. The GDS-ORMA matchup is not that appealing. They already play strong schedules and those games are equally interesting. They already played. Plus ORMA has added players during the season. I didn’t even think that was allowed. Both teams are very good and I enjoy watching them play. That’s good enough for me.

  30. Let’s see Michael Neal, Asad Lamont, Jay Canty, Jacob Lawson, Christian McCain, Joseph Uchebo and others….

    I still would love to see the two clubs run at each other in practice…..

    ORMA went up against 22-23 year-olds when they faced CCSA back in December….

    CCSA is certainly not Guilford College and I have all the respect for what Tom Palumbo has done with the Quakers, but this might turn into something if we could pull it off….

    If nothing else there is always Lake Daniels Park if they get that big snowball off of the court and get the roads cleared up a little better around the park and the court.

    I could see this happening at an outdoor court after the indoor seasons are complete and the matchups would be intriguing with Sanborn-Lawson or Uchebo and Henson versus the ORMA guards and who will stop Canty?????

    Maybe the Bearcats….We need to get this game done before he leaves town…..

  31. This is a great forum…I have seen ORMA and Guilford College play this season. Both outstanding teams in their respective class of basketball . Guilford College is a #2 ranked team in the country but i beleive for 1 game anything can happen especially with all the well coached talent ORMA has. The commun ity would love to see this happen.
    Let me know if i can get involved in anyway to promote this because as a basketball fanatic, I would love to see this game.

    Johnny O

  32. “Who cares it’s baseball season……

    Posted by All I know right know”

    Exactly! Who cares that it’s baseball season!

  33. Who,

    Baseball is upon us, and even though my playing days are long over, I truly think I can hit against any pitcher in the Majors today.

    Me and the gray beards down at the tavern could kick the Grasshoppers Asses all over the field and probably give the Yankees a fit in a 7 game series.

    Ahhh, what a dream world we live in, I shall go back to sleep now and maybe come up with a plan to KO Ali in my next bout.

  34. No ORMA games today with the girls-GDS postponed and the same for the boys versus Flora McDonald…..

  35. Does anyone really believe that these kids are going to class at ORMA and if they are do they have qualified teachers. Reality sets in next year when they all find out how far behind they are academically.

  36. ORMA would beat Guilford College! you dont think these kids have the experience playing top talent?? please, ORMA 78 GC 64. Guilford college wouldnt beat any of those teams ORMA has lost to. Nothing aganist GC, just speaking the truth!
    I know this can be done b/c i played on a team in high school that beat a college team in baseball!

  37. The reality is that players are players. If ORMA has as many D1 players as has been noted, then they would fair well against most D3 schools and a good number of D2 schools. The 2 items that would get them would be the strength of the guilford college players which are 3-5 years older and the guilford college players understanding of the game.

    Atheletically the ORMA boys would match up with in terms of size and speed but they would lose by at least 20+ pts due to the “man strength/size” and knowledge of the game that guilford college would display.

    This same argument would be like saying that last years UNC team could compete against an NBA team. The reality is that they were a great college team but could not get within a 30 pt blow out against even the worst NBA team for the same reasons that ORMA could not beat a great D3 guilford college team.

  38. have got to be kidding me, Mike. You have been drinking Coach K’s Kool Aid ( or should I say Kook Aid?) way too long. Guilford would beat all the teams you lost to including GDS. You guys need to find something to do.

  39. Mike, you say that Guilford would lose to all those teams you mentioned but would they lose to GDS? doubtful and GDS beat you guys. And, ya’ll can stop whining about not having all of your players. NW is 6-13 and they’ve only had all of their players for 7-8 games and you don’t hear them complaining about it. They say we have to get better no matter what. Half of the ORMA fans can’t name anyone on the team last year or even their record so why don’t you guys go out and beat a big name high school then start talking about D-3 schools. Sorry if I offend anyone but that’s like saying SE middle school can beat Dudley’s varsity. Just because your guys are D-1 prospects doesn’t mean they are going to pan out and be anything great. BTW half of those guys that are listed as D-1 prospects aren’t D-1 prospects. I’d say you have 5 D-1 prospects with jay and your big guy being the best.

  40. in the fight, but I have to disagree with you re: the lavels the ORMA kids can play at—

    Canty—–High major D1
    Uchebo—High major D1
    Lawson–mid to high major D1/ must develop a jumper, quit relying on the dunk, get a better handle—it will
    need to be a hard working summer for him
    Neal——Mid major D1—great quickness, needs to get his legs back and work on a jumper/not sure about his
    academics/I know someone who says he’s a fine young man who will work hard/he can certainly play
    in the SoCon or the Big South,etc
    Lamont–Low major D1 or excellent D2 program/ great student who has super strength/hard worker/somewhere
    like a Stetson, Navy or any Patriot League program except Bucknell
    McCain–Low major D1—Playing football @ Oregon and tweener size would work against him in hoops @ the
    collegiate level, but he has a heart the size of Texas/ can put his team on his back and carry them at HS level/
    H could play @ the right program like an Elon where he could also play football if Oregon doesn’t work out for him

    Anyone who says there are more can have at it, but as Bugs Bunny says “That’s all folks!”

  41. I’d say that is a pretty accurate assessment of ORMA—-do you think any of the younger players have any D1 potential?
    What about other players in the area other than PJ, Frye, Wyatt, etc? Do you think Perkins @ Western will go higher than WCU? What about Gourley @ Grimsley? Some people say he’s D1.

  42. Perkins at western has a great fit with wcu. he and wilkerson are both d1 prospects. About Gourley, i would see him better fitted playing d2 or d3, and thats no knock on him cause hes a good player, he just doesnt have the athleticism as these other guys, and hes struggled a bit this year, with the system grimsley plays. williams at grimsley is probably a better d1 prospect cause of his athleticism and hes got another year on the summer aau circuit which gourley doesnt cause hes a senior

  43. You,
    Dont drink “kook aid” but i would love to have whatever you are smoking on! The majority of these D3 kids havent even sniffed the competion that ORMA plays day in and day out. Dont give me that older “more mature” crap, reality is that GC is a bunch of “average” high school kids that would be dominated by future D1 talent!
    Thats all there is to it! quit hating and give these kids credit where credit is due!!!

  44. “Mike” – you are full of crap and clearly you are more of a fan of OMRA and someone that has only seen basketball inside of the YMCA. Your comments will only fuel the dislike that some people already have for OMRA and it will turn others (including me) against OMRA when their fans are making these stupid and uneducated statements. You cannot underestimate the value of a “more mature” player with superior basketball knowledge.

    The NBA is a perfect example of how you need to think about this process. The young gun super college preps come into the league every year thinking they will continue to run the show with their skill and high flying act. The reality often sets in during the first week or so of training camp when the young guns realize that they can no longer pick off the same passes that once created the dunks, they are no longer getting the easy rebounds even with their 40+ ” leaping ability, and they can no longer get the easy jump shots tht once gave them 30 pts a game because they cannot shake the defender with simple ball movement or back them down off the dribble.

    Give me mature high D3 and average D2 college talent that will play team b-ball and commit to a high level of “D” and that team will beat the crap our of your ORMA D1 players any day of the week. You OMRA fans would be better off letting the ORMA kids prove their worth on the floor and stop making them out to be some allstar team that the public should be enbracing as the next coming of the fab five or whatever.

  45. Can I shut everybody up…especially you tee tee, mike, yodog, bobgibbons,you, jimmy the punk,knowdog,sleepy and Andy you too.

    This question is not beyond reason but…..ORMA better athelitics but if you have seen Guilford play….they play as a team…they have been together since Ben Strong and they play like a well oil machine. ORMA plays a more NBA style. Guilford does remind me of Greensboro Day on steriods. The players are more skilled at Guilford but they play fundemental basketball. ORMA play a more AAU..step back three type ball so the odds go down because of shot solution……

    This now settles the debate…It is Done Son……Lay it down….This debate is officially over….

  46. Mike, I hope they do have a game and you guys can get beat by an average D-3 team according to you. You have to have more than one guy that can shoot consistently outside 15 feet in order to have a chance. ORMA doesn’t have that. Since you’re such a big ORMA fan please tell me how many games they won last year and name their starting 5. Or do you just move when all those kids move. I have no problem with any of the ORMA kids but their fans are giving them a bad name. Everyone is tired of hearing about ORMA because of fans like you. Give almost any coach any kid he wants under no rules and they’ll be playing the same quality competition as ORMA. If ORMA can’t get transition buckets they have a very hard time scoring. I think it’s funny that ORMA fans want to play anyone. Get in a conference, get some rules, beat local teams by more than you should then maybe the negative light over you would be gone. I think the bigger question is what’s going to happen when you can’t take kids from all over anymore?

  47. The game with Guilford and Oak Ridge may never happen, but I don’t think it is out of the realm of possibility…….

    One thing is for certain, there is much interest in this subject and I wish one of the college coaches would clear this matter up, before I further pursue this contest.

    Would the NCAA, even at the Division III level look at a game such as this and say that it could create a recruiting aid for Guilford thinking that if the ORMA played versus Guilford that it might give the Quakers a better opportunity to sign ORMA Cadet players?????

    Years ago the baseball teams from Oak Ridge and Guilford used to play against each other all the time…..But were these games sanctioned?????

    Do exhibition games have to be sanctioned by the NCAA?????

    Randy Doss, Tom Palumbo, Dave Walters, or maybe even Bryan Jones at Guilford College would have these answers and I would be curious to hear from them in regards to these proposed questions…..

    Will the game ever happen with Guilford facing ORMA?????

    Maybe not, but it does make one wonder, WHAT IF?????

  48. What if you stop posting stupid crap just to get hits on your website. Guilford vs. ORMA is the stupidest thing I have read in years. Didn’t Dudley play UNC’s JV team and get beat. UNC JV is not a high powered college team. Wasn’t Josh Pittman one of the best guards in the area last year, I believe he was play of the year by many polls. Isn’t he better than any guard Oak Ridge has? He comes off the bench for Guilford. All you idiots who think ORMA could beat Guilford have obviously no idea what the reality of atheltics is about. I bet none of you ever played beyond HS. If you had you would have a much deeper understanding of athletics.

  49. Jake at first I thought you might have over-reacted, but you may have shed some light on this subject.

    If Dudley played UNC JV’s and I believe that is the case from earlier in the season, then we may be on to something here with the potential ORMA-Guilford College game…

    If Dudley could play the UNC JV’s then why couldn’t ORMA play Guilford College?????

    Just asking?????

    I thought this was a pretty decent topic and it might draw some discussion and get fans thinking about both schools. Maybe I was wrong?

    I don’t know it all, but I have followed this sport at many levels for many years and I need some props in here…….

  50. Tee Tee,
    Im assuming that u are one of those parents whose kids never play or when they did u had to go pop a xanax and sit in the lobby! Your knowledge(or lack of) is about as useful as rubber lips on a wood pecker! …and for the record, i dont have anything to do with ORMA… just a guy who has been involved in this community and sports for ovver 25 years… I just call it how i see it!

  51. Mike, you’ve either been blind for 25 years or you don’t know much about the different levels of basketball. If you think ORMA would beat guilford college then what middle school team do you think can be a varsity high school team? I mean it should happen since maturity obviously doesn’t play a role. But on top of that I’ll explain to you why Oak ridge would lose. In close games they play 8 guys (mccain, uchebo, lawson, neal, canty, lamot, pg from burlington and rankin. There is a lot of size and potential and not much else. Uchebo is the real deal, mccain is good for high school, what has lawson done?, Canty is the do everything guy, Neal is a good slasher/defender not much of a shooter, asad is a good defender/slasher not a great shooter, rankin has an ok jumper but takes terrible shots and doesn’t have a good feel for the game yet, pg from burlington is good at getting in the lane and using his body, can hit some shots but not enough to beat a college team. So I’m giving credit to your Oak Ridge boys bc they really are good kids and I hate to see them brought into something as stupid as this. Now, team strengths, transition offense, dunking, size. now guilford’s strengths, Defense, no bad shots which eliminates the dunking and transition O, then they shoot lights out. If ORMA uses it’s big lineup guilford lights them up, If ORMA goes small, guilford uses their strength. Mike can you give me an analysis as to why you think ORMA would win. (a serious one) not one that says ORMA would win bc I say so.

  52. “Mike” – as I said previously – you are full of crap with your comments and I do not need to beat my chest in front of others concerning how my kids play. You should learn that lesson when it comes to you pointing out the good about ORMA. Anyone that has played b-ball beyond high school knows for a fact that my comments above are correct. I would bet my life that any pro players in the area would back up my statements. You should also worry about your own kids – Mike. For the record – my kids have always excelled in sports and dominated at times. The reality is that you will be paying to see my kids play for years to come. They are gifted in the classroom and on the court. Let the game do the talking.

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