Keenan leanin’ and what about the other guys?????

The word today by way of phone and it has been posted here already also, is that Keenan Allen(Northern Guilford) has withdrew his name for scholarship consideration at the Univeristy of Alabama…..

The Alabama web sites are reporting this and the word is that Keenan is now leanin’ toward either Cal or Penn State……

We will all know for sure on Wednesday, The National Signing Day and it does appear his choice will come down to the University of California/the Cal Bears or Penn State/The Nittany Lions……Keenan’s brother Zach Maynard would be expected to eventually join in on the mix with Keenan and we do wish the guys well with the final selection process….

What about the other guys?????
David Amerson(Dudley)-N.C. State
Quan Stevenson(High Point Andrews)-Duke
Walt Sparks(Ragsdale)-Richmond
Aaron Jones(Western Guilford)-Coastal Carolina
Kasey Redfern(Ragsdale)-Wofford
Cedric Ellison(Ragsdale)-Wingate
Daniel McNeil(Ragsdale)-N.C. A&T
Christian McCain(CCSA/ORMA)-Oregon
James Scales(CCSA)-Oregon
Major Bryant(Dudley)-?????
JR Peterson(Dudley)-?????
John Spain(Page)-?????
Jimmy Moorman(High Point Central)-?????
Josh Morehead(Eastern Guilford)-?????


  1. What would make a guy pass up a chance to play for Nick Saban
    and the National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide?????
    I really think the Morehead kid will do well where ever he goes.
    This guy was over looked this past year and had to play in the shadow
    of some of the others. He will make some noise on the college level for sure.

  2. Would he have been behind a Heisman Winner? Did that play in to his decision or is it all about his brother or is it cousin?

  3. From what I’m being told it was a family decision.
    But let’s face it college recruiters will promise you the moon to get you.
    They will owe the brother and cousin nothing after Keenan signs.

  4. Maybe it’s a family decision…or maybe it’s a certain area “coach/mentor” looking for some more time in the limelight by orchestrating all of this last-minute drama.

  5. Maybe things will work for the best for all of our football guys in the county as Wednesday comes and goes and they all will have a great future to look forward with all kids and coaches included….

    We wish them all well and we know each and everyone can’t wait to go ahead and get the signing started and then completed….

  6. And on another point, is anybody hearing anything on the other guys like Morehead, Moorman, Peterson, Spain…….

  7. To somethingfishy: daaayyyyuummm ! Nail on the head ,shame,shame, shame.Look like a duck,walk like a duck . . . . .

  8. Thanks for the word on McNeil, I just remembered him about 10 minutes ago because I knew there were four from Ragsdale and we had just listed three…

    Thanks again and as always, Congrats to DeSean….

  9. Where did scales play football last year??????????
    I haven’t heard his name mentions at all recently.
    Last thing we heard on him was he was too small to play corner
    at a D1 school.

  10. after keenan josh is the best on this list he actually is another keenan just smaller in height. only reason you dont hear bout him is cause he went to eastern guilford!

  11. scales played 3 yrs at grimsley then his senior year at northern, he has been in contact with ecu coastal carolina and oregon(getting keenans friends aka mccain)

  12. USA Today is stating Cal is heavily in the running for Keenan. Another former NC standout might change his decision to Cal as well, the infamous Gabe King.

    • DE Gabe King – King was down to Oregon and Cal, but apparently it’s all Cal now — as it was earlier in the process.

    • DB Keenan Allen – To stick with Alabama or join his brother, Zach Maynard, at Clemson — or possibly Cal? A package deal to Clemson is gaining momentum, and we’ll see if Allen and Maynard decide to take the long trip to Cal. Right now it appears family has the edge over his current commitment, and the trip to Cal is on this weekend.

    And it seems (from a close friend) the trip to Cal was made this past weekend.

  13. Jon Spain is headed to play for the Phoenix in Burlington. Congratulations Jon, you truly are a diamond in the rough, and I’m sure you will do well at Elon. You have a lot of upside considering the amount of talent you have. I’m glad you are nearby, so that we can watch you play for the next four years. I know the rest of the Page staff is happy for that as well. Coach G and the rest of the staff will miss you tons, but keep working hard my man, get a good education, and who knows after “that”…”That” will be determined on how much you put into the next four years of college ball…Get it done baby!..Represent the Spain family and Page family…I can’t wait to see you play again…

  14. Jon Spain is headed to the Phoenix. He will be playing at Elon next year.

    Represent the Spain family and Page family well! I look forward to seeing you play the next four years, and I know the coaching staff at Page is excited for you. Work hard, get a good education, and who knows after “that”…”That” will be determined solely up to you and the good coaches at Elon…Get it done!

    WE ARE PAGE!!!

    p.s. Sorry if this somehow gets posted twice…For some reason or another the last post didn’t go through…

  15. ab

    you could not have watched scales for 3yrs at GH
    He went to NG his junior year
    He played somewhere else before Grimsley

  16. James was at Grimlsey his sophomore and junior years and then transfered to Northern Guilford during the second half of his junior year.

    Could not play at NG and played this past fall at CCSA(Central Carolina Sports Academy)

    James played two years at Grimsley and before that he was at Northeast…..

    Good kid and just hoping to get a shot in college and if things don’t work out for him he’ll do OK….Has very solid support coming in from his family….

    We wish him and I to saw him for two years at Grimsley and enjoyed watching him play and again hope he proves many wrong and he makes it on the West Coast…

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