News of my death premature!!! You don’t want to be on this STAPH!!

 Hello to all my friends and associates! I wanted to give you a quick update on an illness-medical condition that I have had that you do not want! I’m talking about a staph infection.

It found my foot a little over a month ago and made itself at home for a while. My Dr. has no idea where it came from, how it got my foot and so on. I did spend 8 long,  long days in the hospital back from Jan 2nd. till Jan. 10th.

Thanks to excellent medical care at High Point Regional and some superb doctoring by my foot Dr. Slade Moore, plus my infectious disease Dr. LeBray, it looks like in time I will fully recover.

Like most things medical that we get, you know very little about the condition prior to acquiring it and WAY too much after you have had the illness. Now I know way too much about staph infections! I am still receiving treatment at home with anti biotics to make certain that we have knocked the infection completely out. Now, there are much worse things than what I have had, but when something jumps on you, like the staph did me it pretty much consumes you.

Plus, there are certain things that you sort of think might get you-staph infection was NOT on my list.

Thanks to the many kind comments on line, by phone and in person from my friends. It is so nice to hear kind words of encouragement. I hope to get back to as “normal” as I was prior to the illness.

Right now my short term goal is to get off these darn crutches and do a basketball game with my broadcast partner, Andy Durham By the way my ticker is fine-this morning my BP was 112/70. So the main muscle seems to be doing fine!!