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The Indianapolis Colts are 5 point favorites to defeat the New Orleans Saints on Sunday in the Super Bowl at Miami and the oddsmakers are calling for a total/over-under of around 56½ points….

This all coming in from and the Danny Sheridan odds and let’s go with something like that and say Colts over the Saints, 24-17 and that makes it a safe number of 41 Total Points and the Colts win and Peyton Manning wins the MVP award again…..

Here is what I really wanted to get into and maybe get some input from you on this Friday afternoon at GSPN and…………..

In the Big Game on Sunday that they call the Super Bowl, because former commissioner Pete Rozelle’s little daughter was saying Super Ball, and you remember those and they stole that line from the little girl and they called it the Super Bowl instead, but it still sounds like Super Ball, well here is the skinny on what we are looking for?????

1) Who will get the ball first, the Colts or the Saints and they call this part, who will win the coin toss, but as you know in high school and sometimes at other levels, the coaches like to defer and get the ball to start the second half…..Again, who will get the ball first??????

2) Who will be the first man to hit the ground? Could be a blocker or the tackler or the ball carrier or even the kicker, but most likely one of the members of the kicking team as they head down the field in kick coverage……

3) Who will be the first man to touch the ball?

4) Who will be the first team/player to score?

5) First points by TD or on a FG?

6) First TD on a run or by a pass?

7) Who will catch the first TD pass and who will be throwing it, Manning or Brees???

8 Longest play from scrimmage?????

9) What will be the first penalty of the game? Holding, Off-sides, Interference, False start on the offense, Illegal motion…….Which team is the first to be penalized?

10) Who makes the first tackle in the game and this will go back to special teams and the opening-kickoff?????

11) How many times will Brees/Manning get sacked and who makes the first sack of the game?????

12) Who will be the first coach to throw the Red Review Flag? Jim Caldwell or Sean Payton?????

13) Who will be the top rusher/receiver in the game???

14) First team to call a timeout?

15) First player to be carted off of the field with an injury?

16) How many minutes will DeMario Pressley from the Saints(Dudley HS/N.C. State) see in this game????? Or how many plays will he be in there for on defense?

17) What time will the actual kickoff of the game occur and how long, TV running time will this game last????? Think it will end at about 10pm as far as the game running time goes, with all the halftime festivities etc…..

18) Any wardrobe malfunctions?

19) Who will join The Who for the halftime entertainment?

20) Will a backup QB from either team see action? By way of injury to Manning or Brees or due to a blowout……….

21) Here’s a good one for you….How many times will we hear Archie Manning’s name mentioned during the game and how many times will we see Archie on camera?????????

22) What time will the pre-game show start???? Four hours prior to the game and we ought to be able to track this one and what time do you start watching??? I usually jump in right at kickoff time if the weather is nice outside and that may not be the case on Sunday…..

23) What is your favorite Super Bowl food? Is it the Pizza or the Wings or the Sub Sandwiches???

24) Have any of you seen all the Super Bowls since the very first one with Green Bay and Kansas City or was it Green Bay and Oakland???

25) In your opinion, is the Super Bowl the biggest sporting event of the year, or do you think the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final is bigger in your house or domicile?????

*****Just a few questions for you and you may want to add some to the mix or to the dip……*****

+++++Let’s crank up the conversation and get this ball/party started!!!!!+++++

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  1. KC and Green Bay was the 1st in 1967.
    Oakland/Green Bay 68
    Balt/NY Jets 69
    KC/ Minn 70

    These were the 1st 4 Super Bowl Matchups.
    Green Bay won the 1st 2
    Jets 3rd
    Chiefs 4th

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