Northwest Guilford girls look and play good in pink

Those pink uniforms that the NWG girls are wearing really look good. They almost look like a rasberry color and they worked for the Vikings again tonight as they defeated East Forsyth 58-34 on the night that they were honoring Kay Yow, the long-time N.C. State women’s coach, who died last year after a long fight with cancer.

The NWG ladies are coming on strong again, here at the end of the year and here’s how tonight’s game broke down….1stQ East Forsyth 10, NWG 9…..Halftime NWG 29, EF 16….3rdQ NWG 47, EF 30….FINAL:NWG 58, EF 34….

NWG scoring:
Gretchen Bennett 22 points
Natalie Harper 9
Melissa Foures 7
Hannah McIntosh 5
Harmony White 4
Munson 4
DiCarlo 4
Shelton 3
Burrell 2
*****Great job NWG Vikings. You look good in pink and this has been an excellent idea with the Hannah McIntosh Project for the month of February. Again, Hannah, FINE WORK!!!!!*****


  1. Vebber went down late in the game with another ankle injury. Lets hope he is fine. Can’t afford to lose him again this year.

  2. Grimsley crusies on senior night 70-30. Carter and krechaun played well along with the big boy inside. Huge metro game thursday with grmsley at smith

  3. Can anyone out there tell me what has happened to the Clary kid. Has he been hurt ? Had some big games early and now he plays very little. What is going on????

  4. Sorry, Northwest and Highpoint Central, but we own this conference. The Dudley’s of the world will have to cone through us if they expect to advance. We are kicking but BIG TIME!

  5. “finatic”, #1 you can’t spell
    #2 you are not part of the SW team
    #3 SW has (3) more conference game-will they lose one of those probably not, but NW is done @ 10-2 & sitting pretty waiting for the classic SW choke. I think SW plays at Parkland Friday so get ready for the refs over there, they will try to keep it close.
    #4 if there is a key injury they could be toast
    #5 the way the State seeding pan out, if SW & Dudley win 2 games each, they will meet, so it’s a fact one of them will be out after their 3rd game(assuming SW has no choke or injury)

  6. We see where you get your edu-ma-cation. It is about time southwest decided to show up in conference. Maybe if you had all your players eligible (not hard to go to class) you would be worthy of the #1 spot.

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