Northern Guilford Senior Night Tonight

Burlington Williams at Northern Guilford Tonight on Senior Night and this would be the first-ever basketball Senior Night for the NG Nighthawks……..

Another great group of kids playing their last big home game in the regular season tonight in the Nighthawks Nest out on Spencer-Dixon Road with seniors:

Johathan Frye
Dylan Berry
Joe Daniel
Victor Dillard
….Boys team

Molly Tahmaseb
Kelly Tessitore
Jessica Johnson
Vontreece Hayes
…Girls team
*****And let us know if there are others……*****


  1. I’m w/Tom. Vontreece is a presense with untapped potential. I hope a college team latches on to her & reaps the bennefits in the future. Good luck VT. Keep doing what you do. It’s been fun to watch your development.

  2. Both the Northern boys and girls won on Senior night. The senior girl’s all played very well. The boys played a good fourth quarter to seal the win. J Frye had a huge game. Dylan, Joe and Victor also played well. Go Nighthawks!

  3. The senior girls had a great game as well Jessica Johnson with 12, Kelly Tessitore with 10, Vontreece Hayes with 9, and Molly Tamaseb with 7. And that incredible shot by Johnson at the half-time buzzer…way to go out with a bang on senior night!!!!!!

  4. @ NW fan, I agree with your statements about Vontreece. Wth only 2yr varsity experience, and 1 yr of competitive AAu, I must say she has developed like no other. She hasnt even reached half of her potential and as she develops in college, she will be unstoppable.

    The shot by Jessica Johnson was AMAZING!! And the thing is she didnt get a running start. She caught it behind the half court line and released. She averages one every year. Last year she did the same with a last second shot to win against NE and over the summer during a game to send the game into overtime. Phenomenal player. Those type of shots come from playing horseshoe. She had a few and 1’s last night too. Kelly got her stroke on as well. Hitting 3-pointers all nite. All of the seniors stepped up last night and it was a joy to watch.

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