Talking HS baseball with practice starting up on Monday

We started some of our talk on here yesterday and here are a few of the early topics that I was putting out and focusing on back on Thursday/Thursday night……

Top teams in Guilford County….You could almost go with the conference that Southwest is in and include:

1) SWG
2) Ragsdale
3) NWG….then
4) WG
5) Dudley

NG and SEG will also show up in there somewhere and Grimsley is coming on to, with young talent like Reader, Shumate and some of their young pitchers and if Sawyer Highfill is still there, he is a true veteran….

Top players will be:
George Carter
DeSean Anderson
Josh Tobias
Ray Crawford Jr.
Tevin Neal
Alex Moore
Brandon Burkes
AJ Williams
Cal Sutphin
Brock Hudgens
Ben Fultz
Macon Smith
Casey Jones
Joe Turkson
Billy Stone
Walt Sparks
Colby Keene
Tiger Miller
Austin Bain
A load of NWG players….Stephen Mekita, Corey McKinney, Sanders Kuxhausen, Ben Schmucker, Garrett Stell, Ben Saunders, Keaton Haack, Duncan Everette…NWG and Sonny Gann are loaded and so is SWG…
More from SWG……Start naming them, I have remembered a bunch, but I can’t remember them all…..


  1. Andy,
    Zack Hodges, a junior at Ragsdale, will end up being one the top players around before the season is over. Already getting a lot of looks from many top colleges in the south.

  2. Zack Hodges does have some talent, but his talent is off set by his attitude. Any top college coach that catches wind of his act last summer in Indiana at the Colt League World Series will pass on this young man. There are 100’s of prospects just as good that understand baseball is a team sport, not an individual showcase.

  3. Coffey graduated. Could have pitched at some smaller schools but opted to go to Carolina. Ragsdale will be good but definitely lack pitching. McBride got drafted, Coffey graduated, Brandenburg was a good closer graduated and Hixson transferred to Weslyan. Losing Hixson really hurts – he would have been their #1 pitcher. Billy Stone will probably be their #1 now. He’s done well in the past. Sparks will probably pitch – he has before but not in awhile. Didn’t watch much JV ball last year so other than Hodges not sure who will be moving up.

    Whited, Fultz, Anderson, Hodges, Stone and Sparks will keep them good at the plate. Can’t wait for some warm weather and some baseball.

  4. AJ Williams is at Vandalia along with Jonathan Bethea who should probably be on this list. Dusty Long from Page is out there as well. They will have a solid team. I think they play dudley a couple times.

  5. Grimsley Dj reader is a player to watch, a football standout(offer from nc state as sophmore) he has a big bat withALOT of power

  6. Reader has power galore I witnessed him hit a shot last year at Dudley that landed on top of the second building @ Bluford Elem school.

  7. Reader definitely has a future in baseball or football, but I think the big time baseball player they have is Sawyer Highfill – he will catch this year for us, but he is such a great athlete i think he will be a college outfielder, or even an infielder. Hopefully Saw has a great year and starts drawing some serious attention!!

  8. i agree, reader can swing the stick! keep working on hitting that curveball young man! can highfill play SS? infield play was a little off last season. we must have had 1 or 2 errors per game last year at SS. go whirlies

  9. Northern Guilford should be really good. They have just about everyone back. Most of their players have been starters since the 9th grade. George Carter, Austin Hardin, D.C. Arendas, Devyn Harrington, Danny Casciano, Bradley Burdchette and Andrew Strubinger. It should be interesting at Northern thos year. Northern should win the conference

  10. HP Wesleyan does a great job of recruiting (or is that robbing) players from local area high schools. In addition to Hixson from Ragsdale–they also picked up Nick Blackwood from Southern who started at SS and was the #2 arm last year as a freshman.

  11. I do not blame a private school from bettering their program. They ought to let the players go where they want to play.

  12. I thought George Carter had moved on to a private school since Justin Smith wasn’t coming back to NG?

  13. I understand Justin will be at Northern. That is great. All the players like and respect Justin. H

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