NEWS 2 Sports video with Dean Smith, Phil Ford, Bobby Jones, Donald Williams and Roy Williams talking to us and Brian Hall

Brian Hall, the man to call when you want to see it all, has this new NEWS 2 Sports video for us, from Chapel Hill with Coach Smith and many of his former players, such as Ford, Jones, Chilcutt and Williams…..

You can check out this NEWS 2 Sports/ exclusive when you Click Here and here’s Brian and Coach Smith and all the former players….

Here some additonal background on the event…..
Friday Night, North Carolina held their Celebration Of A Century game in the Dean Dome. Over 60 former players came back to play.

On the link you’ll see video of Dean Smith being honored at half time as well as interviews with Roy Williams, Phil Ford, Bobby Jones, Donald Williams, Pete Chilcutt and Bobby Gersten.

Gersten played for the 1942 Heels team.