Northern Guilford boys, Dudley boys and girls, Eastern Guilford girls and High Point Central girls in new state-wide basketball polls

The Northern Guilford boys are ranked #2 in the State 3-A poll, Eastern Guilford girls #4 in the girls 3-A, the Dudley boys are #6 in the boys 4-A, the High Point Central girls are #9 and the Dudley girls are #10 in the girls 4-A polls………

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  1. They had HPC with only 1 loss (poll doesn’t reflect last weeks play evidently). In addition, it looks like SW will have their work cut out for them in the States—-should win their first game—-looks like they will face #2 Southwestern conference seed, which I believe will be Butler & if they somehow beat them they will probably play Dudley in game 3. Not saying they can’t, but it won’t be a cake walk.

  2. We nearly beat Dudley during a scrimmage in preseason. Our team can beat them pretty handily because we have quality type players and coaches who can get it done. TRUST ME, THEY DO NOT WANT TO PLAY US.

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