The umpires/referees are talking and this is what they’re saying: Switch Baseball(Spring) and Football(Fall) to Baseball(Fall) and Football(Spring)

There is local/area/state-wide group of baseball umpires that also referee football and they all work on the high school level and they want to switch the seasons.

They argue that the Spring season around here is so cold, that you should be playing football in the Spring and switch the baseball seasons to the Fall; where it is warmer and there is less rain……

High School baseball seasons around our area/state get hit hard by the wet grounds, cold weather and other elements that you associate with late Winter/early Spring and with the cold air that is on the weather menu, you sure wouldn’t be having to cancel football practice in February because of 95 degree temperatures and the football kids wouldn’t be facing the threat of heat exhaustion or heat stroke during Feb. or March in Guilford County….

Baseball players would have the fall season to start practice, workout and play their games and they wouldn’t freeze to death or see as many rainouts and the overall feel would be more conducive to baseball in the Fall, according to this group of umpires who call HS baseball games and also referee HS football games…..

Just switch the seasons and it would benefit both sports, the umpire/referee group is saying….You would also save on water in the winter/spring with your football players and the threat of dehydration would not be as likely in 35-40 degree temperatures as it would be with football practice in the fall when the temps are more likely to be 85-90 degrees…..

Baseball in the Fall and Football in the spring????? What do you think? This might benefit both sports, but the tradition of Friday Night Football in the Fall would be a thing of the past.

How about we start a new trend of Friday Night Football in the Spring????? What about Friday Night Baseball in the Fall?????

So far, (and they have been talking about this for around 5-7 years), the umpires/referees have received a “Thumbs Down” from the area high school Athletic Directors, but that’s not to say that they still aren’t trying hard to pull this move off.

The umpires/referees say that they will eventually get this Switch passed and then we will see HS Baseball in the Fall and HS Football in the Spring……

How about this Switch….Do you favor HS Baseball in the Fall and Football in the Spring?

Which sport gets helped the most in this move and which one would take a hit? Would it be a fair trade-off that would equally benefit both sports?????

You make the call. The umpires/referees have already made theirs and it is, “Play Ball(Baseball) in the Fall and Football in the Spring”…….

*****The cold winds from the Ides of March might blow the football off the tee, but at least you wouldn’t have to be wearing long johns and two jackets, while standing in the outfield for the make-up game doubleheader……*****


  1. I can’t believe this suggestion—well, yes I can really. I always thought umpires and referees had to have a screw loose or at least be a bit deficient in brain power—–What I always thought has now been confirmed with this idea!!!!

  2. The bat manufacturers recommend the bats not be used in cold weather. I think it’s a great idea.

  3. Crazy idea. Fall means football & spring means baseball in high school. If anything, keep football in fall & move baseball to the fall also—–take your lumps with the kids that play both. High school football in the Spring? No.

  4. How about shortening the football season to only 8 games and take away half of the football playoff games – There is way to many games in football, not to mention, the playoffs – how does a team that is 4 -7 or 3-8 make the playoffs…..Really!!!! Take it back to the top two in each conference. The state championship game should be played Thanksgiving weekend, not mid-December.

    As far as baseball – they can fix this problem……start in late March – play 2 games during the week…if they get rained out – play a doubleheader on a Saturday to get their games in.

    The ones in baseball who should be complaining are college guys – DII games as early as Feb 6th…..that is crazy for both the player and fan – who wants to watch a baseball game in 20 degree weather….with snow in the background.

  5. Not sure why umpires or refs would or should have any input in this. First off – Summer Ball – high school football will, in most cases, generate the revenue through tix/concessions that allow the baseball teams to play. Shortening the football season does not help anybody. I grew up in the mid-west and still played in 25-30 high school games per season. Plenty of games. We live in NCarolina for Petes sake. The weather here is great for baseball. Also, dont spend $400 on a bat that can’t be used in cold weather. Try wood, if the kid is that good he’ll need to adjust at some point. Hopefully this is not even a thought in the heads of the NCHSAA.

  6. Neither high school football or high school baseball are geared toward the older guys that normally officiate these games. We all know as you get older you get sensitve to cold weather and a bag full of other things that appear not to affect the younger kids that are out on the field making contact or fielding line drives.

    If you are getting older and sensitive it may be time to switch to officiating indoor sports like volleyball.

  7. Nobody is going to shorten the football season. Budgets can handle the hit. maybe too many teams do make the playoffs but it’s about money. So someone thinks we should schedule the baseball season around the bat manufacturers?

    May be the worst idea I have ever heard.

  8. I don’t think college coaches would complain…gives them a better opportunity to get to the high school games without having to run themselves ragged to see games and then get back and coach their guys. I don’t think this is a crazy idea at all!

  9. As Ricky Bobby said to Jean Girard after Girard told Ricky how he wanted to return home and create a currency for dogs. “That’s just dumb.”

  10. I have been saying this for years to my friends. Look, the baseball players come into the fall in great shape from playing summer ball then they sit for 2 months really not doing any baseball then have to play in cold weather trying to get back in shape in which some cases pitchers hurt their arms. Great idea if you a baseball fan…….

  11. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I’m with Joker! Keep it how it is! Football is in the fall don’t switch because the Ump’s don’t want to go out in the cold!

  12. What’s the difference to these guys? Most of them only do it for the money and could care less about their contribution to th sports or the kids. They try to be in the forefront so that people will notice them and that’s not working, now this!

  13. This may be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. Some of the arguments on here for it even dumber.
    Lets see, the guy who said shorten football and shorten the playoffs. Does this person understand that football is the main money winner in high school athletics? Ok, shorten it and baseball can go back to using wooden bats because they wont be able to afford the aluminum bats that arent good in cold weather.
    On another note that has not been brought up on here. Do you think the NCAA is going to switch the signing date for football? How many senior players would end up not playing their senior season in fear of getting hurt after signing their LOI or for that matter how many colleges would not let them play after signing.


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