GOSMC HS Basketball Metro Tournament scores and update for 2/18/10

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Metro 4-A at Dudley

Girls finals:
Southeast Guilford 39
Page 31

Dudley 38
Smith 29

Boys finals:
Dudley 77
Grimsley 72

Smith 65
Western Guilford 58

Friday finals at Dudley:
Girls…#1 Dudley vs. #2 Southeast Guilford 6pm
Boys…#3 Smith vs. #1 Dudley at 7:30pm

Dudley boys scoring 77:
Brennan Wyatt 21 points
PJ Hairston 17 pts./11-11 at the foul line….
Brandon Clyburn 16 pts./10 rebounds
Reggie Dillard 9 pts./10 rebounds
Sam Hunt 8
DJ Alston 4
DeSean Manuel 2

Grimsley scoring 72:
Krechaun Williams 23 points
Rashad Sweeney 18
Carter Gourley 17
Burrell Brown 6
Christian Hairston 6
Travon Woods 2
*****Dudley was 21-23 at the foul line and Grimsley was 15-24…..Dudley out-rebounded Grimsley 35-26….Dudley turned the ball over 13 times/Grimsley only 7…..*****

Smith scoring 65:
Drew Williams 16 points
Tony Pinnix 13
Dominique Bartell 12
Tracy Gathings 6
Jordan McMaster 6
Jeffrey Simms 6
Darin Jones 4
Donte Johnson 2

Western Guilford scoring 58:
Antwan Wilkerson 22 points
DeEric Baldwin 11
Rashad Hayes 10
Neal Spinks 7
Skip McCleese 4
Diante Baldwin 2
Rakeem Brown 2


  1. grimsley, the 4th place team in the metro, might have a tough draw because of seeding. Dont know for sure, but it wont be an easy first round.

  2. it is a good draw. they beat ragsdale by 22 earlier in the season. the teams behind dudley in the metro= western,smith and grimsley are all very good, the metro might be the strongest conference outside of charlotte

  3. reggie perkins for western guilford has to step up thats the bottom line to the whole situation he cant go to western carolina playing like that and be successful there

  4. you also have a page team as a wildcard that split with 3 and 4 and played the top 2 tough. the metro was a good balnced league this year. talent as a whole is really down compared to last year, but it was a strong league. much better than anticipated.

  5. Reggie P for WG only took 2 shots the entire night and did not get to the foul line. He did not have much of a chance in the Smith game, but maybe it will be different next time around. It’s hard to score when you don’t get shots and we need to give some credit to the Smith defense too…

    The Smith Golden Eagles are a very quick, athletic team and really don’t get the overall credit/pub that they deserve.

    Smith has some good young talent on that team with Williams, Gathings etc….

    The Golden Eagles have been doing a good job this year and Coach Brian Jones has brought them a long way.

  6. Andy,
    You just do not see the game very well and are more interested in just saying nice things instead of telling it like it is. The player i question has to play tougher and learn to create his own shot if he is the go-to guy on that team. yes, he looks good on the court, but he’s a long way for making any type of impact at any college at the moment. he does not work hard on the offensive end of the court and you can sugar coat it all you want!

  7. These soothsayer critics don’t count! The sideline man who takes pleasure when the strong man stumbles, or when the doers could have done better – he doesn’t count. The credit belongs to the kid who is actually ON the stage, whose face is covered with sweat, who has worked for years to achieve what most profess to know but few even come close. No, the true credit goes to the kid who fails and comes up short again and again but KEEPS trying. Because sideline critics haven’t figured out that there is not effort without error and failings, they can never appreciate that the player who is has devoted his body and time to his team. They don’t care about his triumphs (as you see when he does well – they are most silent). But Reggie will know that at best, his team will experience the triumph of high achievement and at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place in life will NEVER be with these cold and timid souls who were too scared or talentless to know neither victory nor defeat.

    Andy is right. Smith prepared and played great defense on Perkins. As I said before, he may NOT be ready to be the next great D1 player. But he doesn’t HAVE to be. He is a junior. I heard the same about PJ, Haywood, Graves, etc. Chris Paul didn’t even start varsity until his junior year. I am sure some of the critics would have seen his low output games and deemed Wake Forest foolish as well. Some of Greensboro hopes and wishes the best for our homegrown product. I hope this kid realizes that their snapshot criticism has nothing to do with Perkins as a person. It has much more to do with their need to be…critical.

  8. We’ll let the coaches do the critical and we will try and do the positive analytical….

    The last thing the kid needs is for me to start trying to coach him or her, but again, it is hard to get into the flow of the game if you are not in the game and it is tough to jump in with just seconds left on the clock and be ready if you have been sitting on the bench for an extended period of time.

    They say you always have to be ready, but when you get cold sitting over there on the bench, it may take a while to get back into the flow…

    It amazes me how so many teams do not come back out and warm up again after halftime…..You have at least 3-4 minutes to use for a brief shoot-around and many times teams go to the locker room, talk it over and come right back out just before the horn to start the second half….

    Just a few thoughts and as others are saying, Good Luck to all the teams tonight and the same for teams that won’t be going again until next week…..

    I could help some of these kids, but it will take at least 8 hours. It takes me that long to get warmed up outside in this weather and the 8 hours is now becoming more like 8 weeks….

    Enjoy the games….

  9. Perkins does have to improve his game but i am sure the kid knows that. But i was at the game and he didnt even play that much. Was i the only one that realized that?

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