Metro 4-A Conference Tournament today at Dudley

All Metro 4A
Conference Tournament
(All games played at Dudley)

Thursday February 18
Womenâ€s Bracket
4:00 PM (1) Dudley vs. (4) Smith
5:30 PM (2) Southeast vs. (3) Page
Menâ€s Bracket
7:00 PM (1) Dudley vs. (4) Grimsley
8:30 PM (2) Western vs. (3) Smith


  1. THE GAMES STILL HAVE TO BE PLAYED! Both Western and Grimsley played Dudley very tough this year!

  2. Max Prep Leader board for North Carolina, Players in the top 10:
    Scoring – #3 Hairston (jr)
    3FGâ€S – #2 Hairston (jr)
    Assists – #2 Wyatt (sr) #6 Pawlowski (soph)
    Charges – #2 Ellwood (sr)
    Free Throws – #8 Hairston

    AREA MVP = Hairston

  3. just curious on why dudley is playing both of thier games first…. they both have the #1 seeds and they are the home school…. i thought the lower seeds always played before the top seed…. but thats just me…. im just curious

  4. Congratulations to all of the top 4 seeds in both Boy’s and Girl’s basketball. They’ve all done a superb job this season and have been rewarded with participation in the conference tournament and state playoffs.

    With all that being said: I cant believe that players on both boys and girls teams that finished 5th, 6th and 7th do not have a chance to play in the conference tournament because the second half of a blowout basketball game between Page and Southern Alamance was made up. I wish the officials from Metro-4A Conf. could personally tell all of those kids that thier seasons are over and for many of the seniors thier careers are over. I wish they could tell them that they decided it was better for Page to rack up one more 45pt win over Southern Alamance than to give that 5th place team a chance to make the state playoffs. I wish they could tell all of them that theyâ€ve been running all those sprints, hustling and diving on the floor for loose balls, doing defensive slides, etc. all for nothing because they will never get to play that conference tournament game they were preparing for.

    Congrats to Page for thier 45pt win again. I hope it was worth it to take away all the hopes and dreams of all the 5th, 6th and7th place teams wishing for just one more game…just one more game!

    Im not saying it’s Page’s fault…but then again maybe it is. Had they been willing to reschedule thier games on the same dates as every other school we would be having a full 7 team conference tournament and all of the hard working young ladies and young men could have had the experience of participating. Thanks Page Pirates! Good luck with that wild card birth..smh!

  5. I have filled in the brackets for all classes on

    check out who you team will probably play and their sectional opponents.

  6. Just a reminder to those who put so much faith in statistics, those statistical rankings are not totally accurate because it only includes those athletes whose coaches ( or coaches’ designee ) submit their statistics.

  7. A lot of times the higher seeded teams play first in tournaments because it give them a couple of extra hours before the Championship game provide dthe top seeded team makes it to the title game.

  8. Senior Night Really the Last Game???
    Page is the fifth place team that got left out. They split with Grimsley, split with Smith, went overtime with Western and were leading Dudley by two at half last time they played. Do you really think they played the Southern Alamance game so they would be left out of the conference tourament and hope to get a wildcard? You are really stupid. It is morons like you who keep this board entertaining. Have you got any more really cool conspirasy theories? You haven’t even got your facts straight. It was Grimsley that played the second half of a blow out game with Southeast. They also played two games this week. Page played an entire game on Monday against Grimsley and a full game Tuesday against SA.

  9. After that beating page took against grimsley maybe its good there not in the conference tourney. 79-48 haha

  10. to all of these dudley fans thinking it will be a cakewalk. you do know that grimsley led yall going into the fourth quarter both games right? just a thought, i think its gonna be a good game

  11. Page led Dudley by two at halftime last Friday night at Dudley. Grimsley had a two-point lead over Dudley at Dudley after 3 quarters back on December 11…..

    Dudley can be beat, but it won’t be easy at all, especially when the Panthers are at home and they earned that right with their perfect conference record of (12-0) for the boys….

    WG and Smith split in the regular with Smith winning the second meeting with the Hornets at Smith 64-50 with a 14-point victory, I do believe that was….

  12. Grimsley played their hearts out tonight. not many teams come back from a deficit like that at dudley. They had the ball and a chance to tie or take the lead with a minute to go, bt hats off to the panthers foe knocking down all of their free throws

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