Former Greensboro College coach Jim Tribbett leads Chowan into historically black CIAA Tournament: Changing the way we look at basketball

This is without a doubt the most interesting piece/article that I have read today and it will get your attention too, when you read about Chowan University’s bold move to the CIAA Conference and how they and the conference view this move, as they get set for the basketball tournament to get rolling, this week down in Charlotte….

Former Greensboro College men’s basketball Jim Tribbett leads the men into the tournament and he has done a fine job with his club….Coach Tribbett was at Greensboro College back in the early to mid-eighties and his volunteer assistant coach at the time was a young kid from Grimsley, Tommy Lanier, who still lives here today….

Check out the article from Scott Fowler at the Charlotte Observer as Chowan College/University heads to Charlotte for the tournament. They are calling this move, “The Eureka Moment”:

The Chowan menâ€s basketball team is seeded fourth and went 13-7 in the CIAA in its inaugural season and now they head into the tournament this week in Charlotte.

“Weâ€ve overachieved on many nights,” said Jim Tribbett, Chowanâ€s menâ€s basketball coach since 2002. “And our players have loved being in a conference. Weâ€ve really embraced the road in the CIAA because the atmosphere is so good – the pep bands, the cheerleaders, the crowds.”

Chowan doesnâ€t expect to draw a great number of fans to Charlotte. “Whatever we have, though,” Tribbett said, “is going to be great.”

Click Here to read the entire article and it will be worth you time, I guarantee it….


  1. there was a rumor at one time that UNC-Pembroke, now that it has football, was going to join the CIAA

  2. Andy…thanks for the kind words. I really enjoyed my time at Greensboro College as well.

    Coach Jim Tribbett

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