GOSMC NCHSAA Playoff report card

This report brought to you by Guilford Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center at 1915 Lendew Street in the Lendew Professional Building with Doctors Paul, Rowan, Dalldorf, Graves, McKinley, PT John O’Halloran…..


Dudley 63
Mount Tabor 61

Ragsdale 63
Matthews Butler 53

*****Ragsdale at Dudley in the Sectionals Friday night….Here we go again, remember football season?????*****

Northern Guilford 70
Union Pines 55

*****Northern at home in the Sectional finals on Friday night.*****

Ardrey Kell 55
Northwest Guilford 41

WS Reagan 69
HP Central 62

Dudley 49
Mount Tabor 30

*****Dudley girls at home on Friday versus Matthews Butler…..*****

Eastern Guilford 68
Overhills 54

*****EG at home on Friday night in the Sectional finals….Union Pines at EG on Friday night. On Wednesday night it was:Union Pines 37 Eastern Alamance 30*****

Matthews Butler 52
Southwest Guilford 42

East Mecklenburg 58
Northwest Guilford 36

WS Reynolds 68
HP Central 53

Fayetteville Westover 61
Northern Guilford 50


  1. Northeast Guilford 58 – Cardinal Gibbons 55

    Northeast Guilford at Southern Lee on Friday 26 February 2010

  2. We got them all up here for you with the exception of the Northern Guilford girls…

    The NCHSAA would not download the 3-A East girls about 20 minutes ago and has anybody heard anything on NG at Fayetteville Westover girls?????

  3. Fayetteville Westover 61
    Northern Guilford girls 50

    Guilford County teams remaining in hoops hunt:
    Dudley boys and girls
    Ragsdale boys
    Northern Guilford boys
    Northeast Guilford boys
    High Point Andrews boys
    Eastern Guilford girls

  4. The NG girls did lose tonight 61-50. Westover had a quality team. Great season for the Nighthawks as it ends at 21-6.

  5. Good season for the Lady Nighthawks. Didn’t like how the girls played tonight but they fought even though. Congrats to the Lady Wolverines. To the Lady Nighthawk seniors: You guys rock!! 21-6. Can’t be mad at that. Molly and Vontreece will play ball at the next level and I can’t wait to see them!

  6. You’re hearing it hear first folks, the NW parents have been successful at getting to yet another coach. Just when they had things looking up, Bloom is on the way out. It is too bad the NW AD and Co. cannot control the parents. Their first conference championship in 12 years means nothing to them. What a waste and an absolute shame. If you want to play basketball and win then do not attend NW. With all the vocal parents it will not work out. They are all about their child playing, whether they are good or not, and not so much about winning.

    So long Coach Bloom and best wishes to you in whatever your future holds.

  7. NW parents were ridiculous, no question. Sulking in the stands and charging coache’s office is not what you’d call supportive.

    However, Manny is not all in the clear with this. He may indeed be running as much as he is being pushed. It’s more than just parents in this case.

  8. I assure you, not all parents are happy about this. Although he is not perfect overall he did a good job building this team and the program, “The come back team of the decade” they say. It’s a real shame and who knows what you will get as a replacement. Shame on the administration at NW for allowing this to happen.

  9. Manny Bloom has done good job!!!! He is an outsider, and that makes it even tougher @ NWG. They underperform in most sports because the parents just do not get it. Let coaches coach and parents parent. Coach Bloom deserves better! There is not a true athlete on the boys basketball team no matter what anyone says. He has done a good job in an unenviable situation.
    Coach Bloom, let’s see if John Hughes stands behind you when the heat is on. My guess is that he will not.
    Good luck!!!!

  10. Manny Bloom has not announced anything about stepping down as coach offically.

    To JUST A COACH – B.S you don’t know what your talking about. NW has many atheletes on their sports teams. You are full of it and nothing but a trouble maker. Anyone can say they are a COACH. B.S.

    Physical attributes and HEART make-up an athelete, you can’t measure the HEART of these kids so don’t post your B.S.

  11. So I wonder if these parents think that because of who they are and how much money they make they have a say! Get a FREAKING clue! I would be willing to bet 99% of those NW parents never played a possession of organized basketball and if they did, they are living the dream through their poor impressionable kids. Remember 20 years from now, NW parents, that it won’t matter who won or lost but the relationships that were built through athletics and the role they play in a young person’s life. But because you are an embarrassment to your child, the only thing that will be remembered is the way they felt when you embarrassed them in front of friends and their coaches and other parents. And by the way, who gives a crap what you do for a living and how much money you have. And Bob, by the way, NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would take that job!

  12. No true athletes on the boys basketball team at NW are you kidding me? Have you looked at Max Preps lately. Remember that the kids do read these blogs. A real coach would never such a thing that could damage kids confidence by reading this. Shame on you.

  13. Just a Coach, Where the H#$$ do you get off saying that there are no atheletes on the NW team. These players which are all atheletes have been and are going through H#$$ due to a few dissappointingly pathetic parents. Do not step in and bash the players. If no atheletes are present how do you make it to round two in sectionals? Keep you stupid A$$ comments to yourself and let the players and coach deal with this in a most positive manner possible at this point! You must have been one of the dissappointed parents or coach that NW took down. Learn to control yourself and have some respect.

  14. Yes he did – Then you must be one of the Parents everyone is talking about. They played in Charlotte last night. No one else would know this information but you parents, so here you all go again.

  15. Regardless of who I am…..why did you say he didn’t say anything official when he really did?

    By the way, I am not a NW basketball parent, I am a NW sports parent….doing my best to avoid anything remotely like some of the NW basketball parents have done. I say some….because most are great, I know most of them.

  16. Manny Bloom has not offically resigned as Head Basketball Coach at NW. It is not in the newspaper or on this site. Just you parents posting something you heard after the game from you kid. Furthermore, I would be ashamed if you were my parent, embarrising me in front of Coachs, Teachers, Principle, and other parents, not to mention all my friends. You all know who you are and you should all be ashamed of yourselfs.

  17. NWG….I agree with you about being ashamed…..just remember it’s a select few that soil the bunch…..as with anything in life.

    If Manny telling the kids he’s out is not official, then I guess it’s not official???

    Again, I’m not a basketball parent, but word travels fast and it’s outside the basketball team at this point.

    Personally, I think Manny did a really good job at a tough place. NW is not a basketball meca…..he did a good job with less talent than schools that can recruit and churn out D1 talent.

  18. Im a student at NW and its a shame that all of yall waste your time living through your kids…grow up and stop arguing and being childish on GSO sports.

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