Northern Guilford Advances

From Chris Jones at Northern Guilford.

Boys Basketball advances with tonight’s win over Union Pines.
Fayetteville Westover(21-5) at Northern Guilford(24-2) on Friday night…..

Northern Guilford – 70
Union Pine – 55

Northern plays again Friday night.


  1. What happened to your girls though???????????? Everybody was always talking about how good they were…they are going to win the state….Where they at now??? lol

  2. Really big of you to be laughing at young ladies. It seems the kids pay the price the adults wage the war.

    Best of luck to all the teams left!! Go Guilford county youth!!!!

  3. It takes alot of guts (NOT) to laugh at kids losing! I dont know who said NG girls would win states, not me… but these are good girls that worked hard. They won the conference championship, they are great athletes and students. We are very proud of them!

  4. Congrats on a great season for the NG Girls.
    Good luck to to boys team as they move on to the third round.
    It would be awesome to see them win a state title the right way.

    Go Nighthawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Not sure if we are strong enough to go all the way to state championship as I don’ t know the competition, but I do know these kids are working hard, having a good time and the Nation is proud of them!! Go Nighthawks!!!

  6. Congratulations to the Northern Gulford girls on a very successful season.

    Conference champs in just the third year as a school and on to Round Two of the playoffs.

    Coach Kim Furlough is a very sincere women the loves and respects her team and good luck to her and the Nighthawks as she continues to build that program…..

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