Dudley details with Tabor tonight

Boys details from the Panther Press:
Dudley 63
Mount Tabor 61

1stQ Mount Tabor 15, Dudley 8….Halftime Dudley 34, Mt. Tabor 30….3rdQ Dudley 46, Mt. Tabor 38….

Dudley scoring:
PJ Hairston 14 points
Jaquel Richmond 14 pts./8 rebounds
Reggie Dillard 11
Sam Hunt 9
Brennan Wyatt 5
DeSean Manuel 3
Stephon Redd 3
Brandon Clyburn 2
Dominique Byrd 2

Mount Tabor scoring:
Trey Irvin 20 points
Tyler Jones 14
Alex Fagg 11
Maurice Kearney 9
Bradley Morton 7

*****Sam Hunt from Dudley was 3-6 from three-point range and as a team the Panthers were 8-25 and Mt. Tabor was 2-4 from outside the arc…..Free throw line war went Dudley 9-11 and Tabor was 9-16….Dudley turned the ball over 5 times and Tabor doubled that with 10 turnovers….Dudley had 18 assists and MT only had 4…..*****

Dudley girls by the quarters in the Panthers’ 49-30 win over the Mount Tabor Spartans……
1stQ Mount Tabor 13, Dudley 10….Halftime Dudley 26, MT 22…..3rdQ Dudley 42, MT 25….Final Dudley 49, MT 30….


  1. bigger news is that hopewell (huntersville) got upset by myers park. hopewell was probably the second best team in the state behind terry sanford (fayetteville). dudley is a top five 4a team but will have to play well. no more cruising like they became accustomed to in the 3a ranks. there are no locks in 4a and that continues to be proven every year!

  2. This was the 1st time all season long that I have seen the Dudley girls play like they played last night. What a great showing? The crowd was really into their game.

    Good Luck on Friday. You are the only 4a Guilford County team left.

  3. Always nice to see Dudley win! It was a great game from start to finish.

    But I think I was more impressed with how the kids from Dudley and Mt. Tabor cut up and had good old fashioned fun dancing around all night. I observed last night it was not white kids having fun, not black kids having fun, but teenagers getting along having fun. I loved it! Good Sportsmanship!

  4. Why even mention that it was white kids and black kids having fun? It shows a bit of a divide in your mind as far as I am concerned. That should not even come up. It was just kids!!!!!!

  5. So now i’m wrong for speaking of RACE in a positive manner? So I guess Dr. King had divide in his heart as well when he spoke of one day seeing black kids and white kids as one!

  6. Dudley Fan – I understand what you were trying to say and I am sure “not necessary” understands your comments in general. Even if you do not say “white” or “black” kids, it would have been understood what the message was. For those that have experienced the actual divides that came with whites and blacks not being able to compete together on the court, classroom or any other general format, then your point was well taken. I agree with you that it is a good feeling about society to believe that the majority of people have moved beyond not allowing others to participate and appreciating each others talents. These are positive statements of the heart and not poor thoughts of the mind.


    Yes that is all I was trying to say is that it made me feel good inside to see what i saw last night.

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