East Carolina at High Point University baseball on Tuesday March 2: A good time to be had by all

From the Guilford County East Carolina Pirates Club:


On Tuesday, March 2, 2010 your ECU Diamond Pirates are scheduled to play at High
Point University at 6:00pm. Hopefully the weather cooperates but right now they are
predicting that rain will move into and across the area on Tuesday and the temperature will be in the low 40’s, dropping into the 30’s at night.

Information on directions to HPU and campus maps can be found at www.highpoint.edu

FYI … information from HPU:

“We have have a no open displays of alcohol policy. If it’s in a Solo cup and the
individual(s) are acting like they have some sense, no problem. If they are drunk,
causing a disturbance, creating hate and discontent then they will be arrested or sent home. No open bottles, cans, kegs, etc. That goes for the game area and the parking lots. As far as tailgating, we generally don’t, but if they are maintaining decorum, not acting out, drunk, disorderly, trashing up the area, same consequences as above. It will
depend on what goes on.”