Moratorium on Comments

The moratorium is a period of delay and we need that for an extened period, possibly at least 24 hours, because it is impossible to monitor the site 24 hours a day and with the traffic we have been receiving over the past 18 hours we can’t break it down fast enough, so we will keep on posting scores and game reports and new post material, but the comment boxes will be closed for an extended period of time.

At times it is better to take a step back and turn and walk away for a few hours….

We have to delete and elminate as the day goes through and sometimes we have to leave and go to ballgames so at those times we can’t be at two places at one time.

The Gripe or Complaint Box will also return on Friday in the late morning/early afternoon

As for now, the Comment Boxes are closed and it is time to go get some lunch and try and catch a basketball game…..