Saturday night wrestling at the Pleasant Garden Community Center

The NWA Mid-Atlantic War Zone crew showed up and they showed off their in-ring and out-of-the-ring skills on Saturday evening in Pleasant Garden at the Community Center.

The group used to run shows down in Burlington and they did business there as the CWE and now they have laid down roots in Pleasant Garden. They plan on returning for their third big show on March 27 and if the early attendance numbers are any indication, you better buy your tickets in advance at one of the area PG businesses.

Last night’s crowd was in the neighborhood of 50 and the building may be pushed, to seat 75-80 people comfortably…..

This is a training-ground type organization and some of their guys may get a shot at the big-time one day, but they have a lot of crops left to sow in the Pleasant Garden arena, before they will get a chance to move up to the Madison Square Garden.

Scottie Matthews was on the card and he does have some higher level experience, but most of the guys on the card were very green and they will need many more trips to the Pleasant Garden, before they will be able to reap a money-making harvest.

Brandon Day, Rex Sterling, The Bravado Brothers, Drake Tunsten and few more names that you have never heard of were on the card for Saturday night.

The red-headed Rex kid, who talked to the fans throughout his match with Day, was one of the kids that has some of the things you might be looking for, if you are looking ahead for talent that might be there in 4-5 years. Rex(just 24 years old), is a good talker and he has some decent moves, if he doesn’t catch a cold and die from pneumonia when he walks from the gym/community center to the dressing room which is outside……Take a glance down the road and five years from now, you might see Rex vs. Sheamus for the WWE Heavyweight title, but then again, maybe not…….Keep that glance, Rex does have a chance if he keeps on getting the Rep and the reps…..

This entire show fits perfectly in the Pleasant Garden community and the locals will have another chance to catch this act on the last Saturday night in March…

Almost like a scene from one of the minor league matches in the community centers in the movie, “The Wrestler”……(Photo table, old video tape table, “T” Shirt table, Boom Box Table…..)+++++Plus, there was the friendly concession stand.+++++