Oak Hill over Oak Ridge on Sunday

Oak Hill 14 19 16 24 — 73
Oak Ridge 12 3 9 14 — 38

Oak Hill (33-3) — Roscoe Smith 21, Pe’Shon Howard 17, Juwan Staten 9, Marco Porscher 7, Doron Lamb 5, Martini Abele 4, Keith Hornsby 2, Yemi McKanjola 2

Oak Ridge (26-9) — Jay Canty 10, Asad Lamot 9, Chris McCain 4, Chris Richmond 4, Justin Mitchell 3, Nolen Gerald 3, Jacob Lawson 2, Michael Neal 2, Joespeh Uchubo 1.

from reports at www.news-record.com


  1. I would still like to see Oak Ridge get in to that Rise tournament, good for the kids and guilford county.

  2. I was at this game and oak ridge had no legs they had just finished a tough game agaisnt quality education academy then hopped on a bus and headed to virgina. And we are speaking of a 1st year team coached their by coach k there doing fine at 26-9

  3. While I do not totally support the methodology, I applaud ORMA for playing the toughest schedule of maybe anyone in NC. This will surely benefit their players by playing the best competition. If the story is true, then that’s more than good enough reason for them to get blasted @ Oak Hill. I saw QEA earlier in the year, and I personally think they are more talented than Christ School, they just are not as disciplined. I hope ORMA survives, not because of the basketball, but because there is a tradition there that needs to be appreciated throughout this county and surrounding areas. If the coach is supporting them financially to achieve his own selfish ends, then we should support them no matter what just because there are players and other students who may be getting a chance that would not be there.
    If we are all sincere about the real reason that high school athletics exists and the major reason we al support the various programs, then let’s pull for this program too.
    Dale Fulton

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