One of the biggest wins in Dudley baseball history tonight as the Panthers top HP Wesleyan 7-2

High School Baseball Tonight:
Dudley 7
High Point Wesleyan 2

(Wesleyan Christian Academy)

Winning Pitcher:Corey Kimber with 13 K’s*****He goes the distance with a 7-inning complete game…*****
HR:Corey Kimber
Triple:Keith Robertson

*****The game went
1-0 HPW
1-1 HPW-Dudley
2-1 HPW
2-2 as Dudley ties it in the 6th inning and then Dudley goes on to move ahead 5-2 after the Keith Robertson triple and an intentional walk to Ray Crawford Jr. to load up the bases and then Brandon Burkes came up big along with Alex Moore and just about every member of the Dudley team along with Jibril Shabazz, Eric Kimber, Corey Williamson, Sharod Williams and others…..Solo HR by Corey Kimber to deep and dead center field in the top of the 7th for good measure/insurance….

Good job also by coaches Larry Farrer, Deon Clark, Kareem Alston and Ray Crawford Sr……

Big night, big win by the Dudley Panthers over the HP Wesleyan Trojans, a quality opponent with Bennett Hixon, David Anderson, Nick Blackwood, Nathan Midkiff and a bunch of other real good kids, led by their coach Scott Davis….

Dudley back in Greensboro on Friday for their home-opener against High Point Anrews…..

A very cold afternoon and night at the Ed Price Field, but it was worth the work and effort turned in by the Dudley Panthers as they come back home with a big victory….


  1. Great win for the Panthers! By the way, who is coaching the Panthers this year since it has to Guilford Cnty employee?

  2. A nice win but surprised you are calling it one of the biggest in their history. Wesleyan is down this year and Dudley has a a bunch of upper classmen. I expected Dudley to win this game. Farrar and Clark are very good coaches. The other guys may be also. No 1st hand knowledge.

    I am a little surprised to see a Dad in the dugout, although Ray knows the game and has done a lot of the program.

    Good to see Dudley baseball continuing to improve.

  3. I think the name recognition that HP Wesleyan carries is something that gets everyone’s attention and I was asking myself before the game why Dudley chose such a tough opponent for their first game of the year.

    Wesleyan does not have a kid like Wil Myers this year, but when I saw they had Bennett Hixon, the transfer from Ragsdale on the hill, I thought Dudley was in big trouble. Hixon is very tough and you add in guys David Anderson, Nathan Midkiff, Nick Blackwood and the other kid that came over from Southern Guilford, the catcher Fuentes ? and others, this is one strong program.

    On most days/nights you get one or two runs and Hixon will bring you on home, and that is what was going on early. 1-0 HPW, 2-1 HPW, before Dudley finally exploded and rocked the HPW reliever, I think his name might have been Mick.

    Biggest shock was Dudley battled back and they didn’t fold. The top of the order had some chances to bring Dudley back or even push them ahead in the 5th inning, but they came up short, but what do you know, the number 8 and 9 spots in the order started coming through.

    Keith Robertson had that big triple and the surprise man of the game was the pitcher Corey Kimber. He goes the distance, strikes out 13 HPW Trojans and then hits a solo HR shot to CF to give Dudley an insurance run late.(Nice curve ball and a slick fastball from Corey Kimber on the mound…..)

    When the game was beginning, I thought we would see Tevin Neal on the hill, Dudley’s ace from last season, but now they have him available for later on in the week and this Kimber kid gives them real depth added to their pitching staff.

    Dudley turned a couple of key double plays and their defense did not break down when it had to stand up. The Panthers off-season strength and conditioning is already paying off big time, based on what we saw last night….

    High Point Wesleyan is a big-time quality program and Hixon is one of the top pitchers in the state. I feel baseball is THE SPORT at HPW…And again, they are a sound program.

    Baseball is such a quick turn around sport that Dudley won’t have long to celebrate this one, before they must get back to work and start preparing for the next go-around…

    Maybe I should have emphasized bigget win in recent Dudley baseball history when talking about this game, since I am not real sure about how far they go back and what was going on back in the old days as they say….

    Dudley can use this victory to build upon for the rest of their season, but they must keep pushing the pitching and defense, because that is what will the games in the end and the Panthers had that part covered against High Point Wesleyan last night…..

  4. Nice win for Dudley. The young men on that team and the baseball folks in the Dudley community have worked hard over the years to develop these players. I would not call it one of the greatest wins. HPW does not have anywhere near the talent level of the past two years. Don’t want to take anything away from the Dudley players or Larry though. Larry has helped so many young men. Kind of surprised about a player’s dad being listed as an assistant coach on a Guilford County High School Varsity team. Does Guilford County really allow this Andy?

  5. Kevin you would not happen to be the Kevin that played behind Ray sr. while he was at Dudley???????. Ray Sr. has a BS in Health & Physical Education & Rec so he is qualified to do what he is doing . FYI
    GO Panthers

  6. This does all make for a good debate on the magnitude of this win by Dudley over Wesleyan and for the current incarnation of Dudley baseball, I still think I may be on the money….

    Coach Crawford could well have been grandfathered in to stay with the team since he was there before the County laid down their new set of standards….Coach Ray is a father, but he may have been allowed to stay on in a similar way to how re-districiting of students works….

    When district lines change and are re-drawn, some of the older students are allowed to stay in the current schools and finish there without having to move on to the new school since they have already been at their old school for a set number of years…

    Coach Ray has been with this team/program for a while and it could well be the county has said you can finish up this year with this current team….

    The Guilford County Schools were discussing at one time about not letting Coach Larry return this year, because he is a teacher, but in another system not in Guilford County and I feel I correct in my statement, and if wrong I will take my lumps.

    They have the best men for the job and I for one am glad they let them stay on since this program is just now starting to reach a very important peak in it’s development.

    Contrary to popular or in some cases unpopular belief, I am not a doctor, though I may an honorary degree in Sports Evaluation or Breakdown of Sports Theory….

  7. Ray Sr. has a BS in Health & Physical Education & Rec so he is qualified to do what he is doing. FYI

  8. Let’s not make this about Ray Sr. This game is being played by some athletes that are working hard and have a desire to win. There is a lot of talent in the county this year and I expect to see some great games. Lets stay psitive this year for GCS sake

  9. It is all about the kids in the long run and I think we are all ready to buy into that. The Dudley Panthers have a very solid and positive coaching staff and they are ready, if this weather ever backs off, to have a great year.

    The Panthers are a tight unit and those kids and their coaches have really been working hard in the off season and they are looking forward to this year and I was told they are supposed to be at High Point Central on Wednesday and then home for High Point Andrews on Friday.(The weather will probably get the “W” on Wednesday.)

    I’ll need to check in at to be sure, but they need to go ahead and scheduled High Point Christian Academy and then they will have has a chance to take down all the High Point teams this year…..

  10. True Junkie. This is not about Ray. No Dudley, I did not play behind Ray or attend Dudley. I grew up and played in Va. Not doubting his qualifications although just because you majored in PE doesn’t mean you can coach. There are lots of PE majors out there who cannot coach. I can name lots of college coaches that do well and did not major in PE. In fact, they seldom major in PE any more. My point was I was more surprised a parent was in the dugout, even though Ray did a good job in youth ball. It may be Larry needed help and Ray was the best available. Plus you can only have 3 paid coaches so he probably volunteers. Larry and Clark seldom need help. They are very good. Most schools would be happy to have them.

    Back to the game. Good win by Dudley. They continue to improve.

  11. Great job Corey Kimber, your dad must have gave you some of his HOT SAUCE yesterday, keep up the good work.

  12. I agree with Kevin, Dudley has an excellent coaching staff and these kids have been fortunate to be able to play together over the past few summers as well as during the school year….

    Good job all the way around and we are looking forward to the next game and will that be on Wednesday or will they have any games at all on Wednesday?????

    I want to see what Grimsley’s gonna do with Sawyer Highfill, DJ Reader, Ryan Stoneman, Korey Shumate, that little 2nd baseman, Little ? and others…..

  13. You know what, people get on here and talk about good coach this and good coach that, well honestly some of you must have never played for a coach that knew anything. Deion knows the game. We need to quit posting things just to be nice! this gets totally ridiculous at times. talk to some of these so-called good coaches and see what they really know about baseball or the sports they coach.
    thank you.

  14. What do you want to do, sit around here and get everybody PO’ed? A good attitude is a good start and we’ll leave it at that….

    People that are giving of their time for the money they’re making or not making, they need our support.

    There is plenty of good coaching out there, it just depends on what length you are willing to go to, to get it…..It might be in your own backyard and it might have to rear up and bite you in the butt for you to get it….

  15. Strange website. Pay someone a compliment and someone jumps you. Ask a controversial question and you get jumped.

    Let’s get back to congratulating Ray, Jr., Shabazz, Williamson, the Kimber boys and crew.

  16. Coming out of win you should riding a positive and carrying that to the next game, not really any need for a negative after a huge victory unless it helps build for the future….

    I don’t really see the need for the negatives when you just saw one of our local teams have success…There will time to focus on turning around the losses in due time.

  17. Kevin Im sure Ray Sr. does not care what you think the one thing about him is he loves the kids wether it be yours or the ones he has coached over the past 30 years .
    He was a coach before he became a dad and he has a very good resume in both coaching and business so dont hate . If you are not from Greensboro you would not have a clue has to how many young people lives he has touched so get a clue and do your home work. It is all about the kids not their DADDYS including you.


  18. You are right in a way about that. It sure takes a lot to make it these days and you any extra left over at the beginning or at the end of the month, send some our way…

    It has been said in times past, if you got it spend it and spend it for a good cause and you will get good things back in return….

  19. If you are suggesting that Coach is using his money, you got that right because he helps alot of kids who would not be able to play. His kid doesn’t need his money because like it or not the boy has got talent that money can’t by but hard work has paid the bill. The season is beginning and we are expecting great things. Come out and support your Dudley Panthers and you will see a group of boys working hard and together. I think the team is finally unified-leave them and their coaches alone.

  20. Andy that is so true and some people wonder why they are in the situations they are in. We all have the same chances in life what you do with your life is up to you.
    I love to see people helping other people especially our youth thats what life is about.
    Allways remember you will die one day and the only thing you have to take with you
    is what you have done for someone else. It does not have to be money it can be other deeds. ALTHOUGH MONEY IS NICE


  21. Money Talks, Do you spend money on your kids…At Dudley they are all OUR KIDS …Enough said.

    Thank you for reporting on HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL . Let the kids have their moments its their time.

    Congrats to the PANTHERS
    Good Luck to HP Wesleyan.

    Enough has been said NEXT Ball game… Andy please Close.

  22. i agree!!! shut it down—just imaging how much discussion will be generated when the the upper echelons of this conference start playing some games—beating hpw last year or even the last 5 years should have generated this type of bravado, but not this year for sure!!!!!

  23. Not a bad idea. We have been beating this horse now for three days and want to hear more on other posts from the teams that feel we/I am not covering their teams….

    That is what I need to know next….

    Last year I was at Northern, SEG, NWG, SG, (Grimsley, Dudley, Smith, Page), got to see all four at the Bob Doss Invitaional, plus there was Western, Ragsdale, NEG at SG, EG at Page, High Point Central when they came to Page, High Point Andrews over at Dudley……I saw all the teams with the exception of SWG and we had someone there to send us the scores and did a feature blog on Ragsdale at SWG on a Saturday afternoon with SWG winning that game, and I believe it was 2-1 or 1-0…..

    We covered all the teams and you tend to go more often to places where you know you are appreciated and that is only human nature….

    Many times I will hit the games where the kids ask me to come to and they appreciate us being there…..

    This is a good community system and let’s let it do it’s service….

    This one is now officially shut down, but who from the Metro Conference has been beating High Point Wesleyan over the past five years? I saw Grimsley play them last year and it wasn’t a pretty sight. Three home runs by Wil Myers in that game and I don’t know of other teams that have been able to play with HPW recently and HPW is good this year with Hixon and company and it was good job by Dudley to beat them….

    *****Maybe we should just print the scores from now on and leave it at that…..*****

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