Panthers Cut Jake, What’s Bojangles Goin’ Do

Late last night, the Panthers cut Jake Delhomme – ESPN has the news.

With all these moves, Bojangles needs a new spokes-model. Any ideas?


  1. Jake gave us some great moments in Charlotte. The Super Bowl, the Divisonal game @ Chicago in 05 comes to mind. I know this move had to be done and some say it was long overdue, but it’s kind of sad in a way to see Jake leave! (Unlike that joke J.Peppers) Thanks for all the memories Jake and good luck where ever you end up going.

  2. Andy. thats funny. my latest tweet said “get hype you panther fans. jakes gone. i think ysll trsded him to bojangles..”

  3. The Panthers are an inept organization. They have made only 1 good decision since its origin, and that was to draft Julius Peppers. They had a great opportunity to draft
    Eddie George out of Ohio State, and they drafted a 1 hit wonder Tim Biakabutuba who was hurt more than any player in the league. If I ran my organization like Jerry did my bottom line would stay in the RED. What he needs to do is go out and get a big name GM to take over. He should draft Tony Pike or Jarret Brown in the draft. These picks would really help the future.

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