Google 4 GSO

If you’re on the Internet in Greensboro, you may have heard about the possibility of Google coming to Greensboro as a Test Market to install Fiber To The Home. In plain language that means super fast Internet, it’s like how Road Runner compares their Cable Internet to Dial up – BUT EVEN FASTER.

Here’s Google’s Pitch.
Here’s the local website that tracks news about the project.
Here’s The Facebook Group
Here’s the City Survey.
Here’s the Google Nomination Link.

Think about it. Google is offering to bring 1 Gigabit Fiber to the home for approximately the same price we get “high speed” Internet now. Than 100 times faster than Road Runner’s BEST offering. FYI, other countries offer faster Internet cheaper that we get in the US – we’re ranked around 17th in the world (speed/cost).

For us, it means greater opportunities for more local sports on the web. No longer delays in getting video to you. Uploading video is such time-waster, it’s why we do so little. 10 minutes of video takes over 1 hour to upload. By the time, we finish – it’s old news.

Take the time to visit the sites and sign up. The possibilities are unlimited.