All area Basketball teams for Boys and Girls

The season is pretty much over for all the Guilford County area teams with the exception of the Bishop McGuinness girls and who would you list for your first, second and third team All Area Team for the Boys and Girls….

Not really any limitations for this one…..You can call your own shots…If you want to list someone from anywhere in the Triad go ahead…..The season is over and you make your own calls….You want to go Reidsville, go ahead….Bishop boys on the first team, go ahead….Asheboro on the First team, it is your call….Three Dudley Panthers and two Greensboro Day School Bengals on the boys first team, let it rip….

Here is your chance to have your Boys and Girls; First, Second and Third team choices….Two Grimlsey, One Page, Two Dudley….Two WG’s, Three NWG’S…..Three NEG’s and two NG’s…….Westchester with two along with two players from Wesleyan and one from High Point Christian…..Three Oak Ridge Military men, one from Ragsdale and one from Eastern Guilford…..Three guys from Caldwell Academy and two from Bishop, they are your picks….

Just be sure to fill out three teams for the boys and the girls and if you have comments, add those too and we will print all that we can….

Coach of the Year is still up for grabs with Curtis Hunter(NEG), Ryan Freeman(NG) and Josh Thompson(Bishop) among your top choices for the boys and Kris Britton(Dudley), Tina Gunn(EG), Jessica Bryan(SWG), Kim Furlough(NG) and Brian Robinson(Bishop) getting many nods for the girls…..Others?????

Player of the Year boys would have to include:
Jonathan Frye
PJ Hairston
Jay Canty
Deuce Bello
Aaron Toomey
Tyquan Roberts
Brandon Dorsett
Tyler Lewis
Saegan Hilliard
Bryce Benjamin……Others?????

Girls Player of the Year would be among:
Breonna Patterson
Megan Buckland
Capricia Smalls
Samantha Coffer
Zean Lovette
Desiree Drayton
Gretchen Bennett
Chevena Pickard
Miranda Jenkins
Ayshia McNeil…..Others?????


  1. Andy, the news and record has 2 HUGE stories! Delaney Rudd to coach the girl’s at ORMA and Coach Britton stepping down at Dudley. I imagine you will be addressing these topics shortly.

  2. James Milliken – Jordan-Matthews High School in Siler City. 6’2 junior guard averaged almost 30 points per game and was Co-MVP of Mid-State Conference in leading Jets to 23-5 record. Scored 49 in win over Burlington Cummings. Drawing DI recruiting interest and was invited to Dave Telep’s Carolina Challenge.

    Mylia Garner – Jordan-Matthews in Siler City. All-Conference, All-Connty as 6’0 freshman after averging around 20 a game. Can run court and shoot treys as well. VT, UVA, and other ACC schools already contacting her, led Jets to 24-4 record.

  3. Also, Khadejah Wilkerson from Greensboro Day School. She went to Dudley last year and got quality minutes as a freshman. This year she came to Greensboro Day School and has been the heart and soul of this team all season so I feel that she deserves to be included in the mix.

  4. I also think that Khadejah Wilkerson from Greensboro Day School should be included. She received quality minutes last year as a freshman at Dudley High School. That is saying a lot because last year they were state champs. This year she was the heart and soul of Greensboro Day School’s team with about 20 points and 10 rebounds per game. So with all of this said, I feel that she should be included in the mix.

  5. everyone out there tied tongue or what? Lets start naming the boys and girls teams.

    Posted by Hornet Man

    Pretty much a waste of time to comment with the delayed/aprroved posts rule. Andy let a few spolied brat NW Guilford parents pretty much end dialogue here. I hardly even read any more.

  6. Andy – I agree with “Mark” that the delay in posting remarks is causing me to read this site less and less. I stopped being a news and record reader about 4 years ago after getting tried of their delays in reporting stories whether for sports or anything else. The articles on this site deserve a quicker response time than what they are currently getting. This site is losing its “muscle” and interest. I am out but hopefully not for good!

  7. Derek Grant from HPC…6’3 Small forward, Shooting guard. Had a solid year 16pts 8 reb a game. Did whatever was asked of him. Had big games against good competition. 23 pts & 13 boards against Westchester Duo, 20 pts & 7 rebs against Reagan in playoffs, 24 pts & 11 rebs against Smith. Played very position his team needed him to, including some center at times. Good all around athlete.

  8. I really don’t know I have not watched a whole lot of hs basketball other than ORMA and Dudley so I ma say.
    not in any order 1st team boys

    Jonathan Frye
    PJ Hairston
    Jay Canty
    Jacob Lawson
    Joseph Uchebo

    That’s from what I have seen. I know that Duece Hello should be in there too.

  9. The fun thing about this site was the bantering between unkown participants, it used to be like lighting but not now. IT’S BORING.

  10. The delayed posting is really taking away from the site. I am also reading it less and less.

  11. This post is about naming your All Area players and most of you are just complaining about the site comments not getting up fast enough…

    If the topic is just about All-Area players and that is content driven material what difference does it make how fast it gets up to the site. Your listing will be the same at 9:30am as it was at 6am…..

    We are getting the comments up here in a timely manner. I am checking on the comments and so is Don Moore and again, you guys don’t understand the part about if you leave the comments open over night, a reader could say just about anything they want while we are away and we could get burned.

    You the reader woould not get burned, because you are not liable, we are……

    You need to put yourself in our shoes occasionly and realize we are delivering some solid content and the comments are here to compliement or add to the postings….

    Things have been good, for some they are good now and they will continue to get better….

    There is a lot to keep up with here with all the HS hoops, baseball is now in full gear and we don’t even have a lot of time to spend on the ACC….

    We are at the games and you guys have the chance to comment on the games, what more are you looking for…We will try and accomodate….

    You have to appreciate the fact somewhere along the line that we are out there covering the games and bringing you the info…This takes a lot of time and we are putting in the hours…..

    Remember, as in this case, this post is about the All Area Teams….Has the interest in this subject died out, if so we will move on….

    We have covered your kids, we have covered your teams, it seems like you guys would stick with us as we cover our tracks and I don’t think I can say it any better than that……

    Many of you have won tickets, meals, gifts etc…

    Where’s the love man?????

  12. I agree with Andy. Stick with the subject matter at hand or do not comment at all. The question was Name the All Area Boys and Girls Teams. Most seem to be naming one individual versus what was asked. When the All Area Teams do appear in the News and Records, please do not start complaining with out no real information.

    Now go ahead and name the teams and stop being so shallow because you were only fixated on the person or persons team that you are loyal too. This is not about loyalty. Its about who got it done and help their teams have tremendous success as well.

    If you are not going to name the whole teams, please keep your comments to yourself.

  13. I agree Mark, it is a shame that some NW Spoiled BRAT parents did ruin it for a lot of us. Like you I don’t get on here nearly as much as I used to. I just did not think it was fair for those parents to say what they wanted about the whole NW team coaches and athletic department and then not let the rest of us comment on the real truth about them and how they handled that situation. How is all went down is just a plain shame!!!

  14. You could restrict the off topic if you put the “Gripe and Complaint box ” in a timely manner.

  15. First Team All Area Boys

    1. PJ HARRISTON: Dudley
    2. JONATHAN FRYE: Northern Guilford
    3. DUECE BELLO: Caldwell Academy
    4. AARON TOMEY: Bishop Mcguiness
    5. MICHAEL GRIFFIN: Northeast Guilford

    Second Team All Area Boys

    1. Reggie Dillard: Dudley
    2. Leek Leek: Westchester
    3. Derrick Grant: Highpoint Central
    4. Brice Bejamin: Northeast Guilford
    5. Dylan Berry: Northern Guilford

    Third Team

    1. Brennan Wyatt: Dudley
    2. Antwoine Wilkerson: Western Guilford
    3. Greg Bridges: Southwest Guilford
    4. Tyquan Roberts: Ragsdale
    5. Brandon Harrison: Eastern Guilford

  16. You must have read my mind…I was working on the G and C Box while you were typing in and I just came back and saw your comment…

    We are trying to stay on top of it all and we hope to be there by sometime this afternoon…..

    Interesting and informative, that’s us…Entertaining ? Maybe after we get caught up…..

  17. Obviously you are not the level of hs basketball fan you would like us all to think—
    1) duece bell plays @ westchester
    2) jay canty deserves to be on the team whether people recognize the coach as a fool or not—he is definitely one of the three best players in the area.
    3) what is the area? if you consider toomey, is he the only non-guilford player you consider? why?

    personally, i think only guilford county schools and schools that play in conferences with guilford county schools should be considered.

    i do think it’s wrong to not include orma players. there is also a player on the second team that is an honorable mention player, at best.

  18. Last poster

    Sorry about the school mix up.Can you name yours for all three teams so that it could be correct versus diagreeing with what I wrote. Thanks.

  19. 1st team All Area Girls:
    1. Breonna Patterson
    2. Desiree Drayton
    3. Gretchen Bennett
    4. Capricia Smalls
    5. Samantha Coffer

    2nd Team All Area Girls:
    1. Chevena Pickard
    2. Miranda Jenkins
    3. Megan Buckland
    4. Zean Lovette
    5. Brittney Drew

    3rd Team All Area Girls:
    1. Amanda Hairston
    2. Ayshia McNeil
    3. Khadejah Wilkerson
    4. Harmony White
    5. ?

  20. To All Area for sure:
    Hard call 1st & 2nd place on first team. According to quick survey among many… They’ve got to share the #1 spot! Andy is that possible?

    1st Team All Area Girls:
    1. Breonna Patterson/Desiree Drayton
    2. Desiree Drayton/Breonna Patterson
    3. Gretchen Bennett
    4. Capricia Smalls
    5. Samantha Coffer

    2nd Team All Area Girls:
    1. Chevena Pickard
    2. Miranda Jenkins
    3. Megan Buckland
    4. Zean Lovette
    5. Brittney Drew

    3rd Team All Area Girls:
    1. Amanda Hairston
    2. Ayshia McNeil
    3. Khadejah Wilkerson
    4. Harmony White
    5. ?

  21. To All Area for sure:
    Hard call 1st & 2nd place on first team. According to quick survey among many… They’ve got to share the #1 spot! Andy is that possible?

    1st Team All Area Girls:
    1. Breonna Patterson/Desiree Drayton
    2. Desiree Drayton/Breonna Patterson

  22. I will do that as soon as finish reviewing all players that meet the guidelines I feel are important for generating the real all-area basketball team. Mine, like yours, will be boys only since I find girl’s basketball really boring.
    I hope that’s OK. If not, please let me know soon so I will not waste my time.

  23. To All Area for Sure:

    Extremely, extremely difficult call for 1st & 2nd place on first team… According to a quick survey among many… They’ve got to share the #1 spot! Andy is that possible?

    1st Team All Area Girls:
    1. Breonna Patterson/Desiree Drayton
    2. Desiree Drayton/Breonna Patterson

  24. Boys 1st Team,
    1. PJ Hairston
    2. Aaron Tooomeey
    3. Deuce Bello
    4. Jonathan Frye
    5. Trey Ervin
    Girls 1st team
    1. Megan Buckland . She was the last one cut from the pre olympic team. Definitely a 1st team lock.
    2. Whitney Knight
    3. Breonna PAtterson
    4. Desiree Drayton
    5. Capricia Smalls

  25. Jay, I would say it is possible and Dick Vitale said it was possible Saturday night.

    Vitale said that John Scheyer and Greivis Vasquez should share the top spot for ACC men for Player of the Year and it works for the ACC and Vitale it should work here.

    Just like him, I am blind in one eye too and I can half-way see your pain in trying to pick just one,,,,,,

  26. First Team

    Megan Buckland: Bishop Mcguiness
    Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford
    Breonna Patterson: Dudley
    Capricia Small: Eastern Guilford
    Desiree Drayton:Dudley

    Second Team

    Zena Lovette: Southwest Guilford
    Samantha Coffer: Northern Guilford
    Ayshia Mcneil: Southeast Guilford
    Chevena Pickard: Page
    Gretchen Bennett: Northwest Guilford

    Third Team

    Khadeja Wilkerson: Greensboro Day
    Brittany Clancy: Western Guilford
    Julissa Anderson: Southeast Guilford
    Lakendra Wilkerson: Smith
    Kamillia Horn: Southern Guilford

  27. Andy – When can a Sophomore be contacted by a college???? or anyone else that can answer this.

  28. –All Area Girls High School Basketball Teams–
    First Team:
    1)Megan Buckland 6’1″ PG Bishop McGuiness- Major Div1 Recruit
    2)Breonna Patterson 5’6″ PG/SG Dudley- UNC Greensboro
    3)Gretchen Bennett 5’7″ SG NW Guilford- Div2 Prospect
    4)Samantha Coffer 6’1″ PF Norther Guilford- Mid Major Div1 Recruit
    5)Cheyenne Parker 6’3″ C SW Guilford- High Point Univ.

    Second Team:
    1)Zeana Lovette 5’7″ PG SW Guilford- Div1 Prospect
    2)Cedrica Gibson 5’6″ PG/SG High Point Central- Div1 Prospect
    3)Chevena Pickard 5’7″ SG/SF Page- Greensboro College
    4)Desiree Drayton 5’9″ PF/SF Dudley- UNC Charlotte Committ
    5)Catrina Green 6’2″ Western Guilford- Gardner Webb

    Third Team:
    1)Brittney Clency 5’8″ SG/PG Western Guilford- Div1 Prospect
    2)Miranda Jenkins 5’8″ SG Eastern Guilford- Div1 Prospect
    3)Ayshia McNeil 5’8″ SG/SF SE Guilford- Div1 Prospect
    4)LaKendra Wilkerson 5’11” PF/SF Smith- Univ Maryland Eastern Shore
    5)Amanda Hairston 6’0″ C/PF Dudley- UNCG..??

    Honorable Mention:
    Brittney Drew 5’6” PG/SG Page- Div2 Prospect
    Hannah McIntosh 5’8” PG NW Guilford- Div2 Prospect
    Ashley Fowler 5’9” SF Page- Div2 Prospect
    Katrina Gibson 5’7” SG/PG Smith- Div2 Prospect
    Julissa Andersen 6’0″ SF SE Guilford- Univ District of Columbia
    Capricia Smalls 5’9” SF/PF Eastern Guilford- Div2 Prospect
    Brittany Price 5’9” PF SE Guilford- Div2 Prospect
    Shannon Buchannon 5’9” PF/SF SW Guilford- Div1 Prospect
    Cierra Jackson 5’11” PF/C Ragsdale- Div1/2 Prospect
    Khadejah Wilkerson 6’0” C/PF GDS- Div1/2 Prospect

  29. Andrew:

    We agree … yes definitely 2nd team top pick… good player yes… however judging strictly from the lady’s pass high school season… AAU evaulations nor Olympic team or try-outs considered… Megan has done good job. Megan keep up the hard work and continue to explore.

    Andy, thanks from Vitale’s quote from the ACC… we say 50/50, 1st place, 1st team. Great job Patterson and Drayton.

    I believe the list is final. With shared 1st place with Patterson and Drayton. Whitney Knight beomes #2 , 1st team. She is a powerhouse as well. Expecting great things from Whitney at the D1 level 2011. Way to go ladies… we stand proud!

    Girls 1st team
    1. Desiree Drayton
    2. Breonna Patterson
    3. Whitney Knight
    4. Gretchen Bennett
    5. Capricia Smalls

    Girls 2nd team
    1. Megan Buckland (well deserved)

  30. I think the schools can start sending those brochures about their schools as long as they are not accompanied by a personal letter from the coach.

    The coaches can also see you at their own camps that you choose to attend and offer you encouragement long before your senior year, but no scholarship offers and the coaches are not in direct contact with the younger players, but they will see you at every summer AAU Tournament in the country….Either the head coach or their assistants will be there….

    The coaches also read the message boards in the off season and they hear about certain players that way, such as, “what’s all the fuss about this kid”????????

    The assistants keep an eye on these things too and then the letters hopefully start pouring in at the end of your sophomore year….

    Others feel free to contribute, but that is just some of what I have been seeing and hearing…

    The coaches also attend many a high school game during the year and hit the tournaments like the Pizza Hut, the MLK etc. and they see all the players, fresh., sophs., etc….

    If Coach Williams is watching PJ Hairston, then he is seeing Reggie Dillard too and he saw them both in person, in Greensboro, at least 6 times this season and also at the Dudley-Kinston game in Chapel Hill….

  31. Girls Bball Realist

    Not bad… all good pics… but not quite correct either… everyone wants a wish list…
    However in 2010 it stands with with the 50/50 split, for 1st team.

    Girls 1st team
    1. Desiree Drayton/Recruited/Verbal
    2. Breonna Patterson/Recruited/Verbal
    3.Whitney Knight/Recruited/Verbal
    4. Gretchen Bennett/Propect
    5. Capricia Smalls/Propect

    Andy, When will the final decision be tallied? And who desides?

  32. First Team

    Megan Buckland ( jr): Bishop Mcguiness: Recruited and Offered by Division I Schools
    Miranda Jenkins ( jr): Eastern Guilford: Recruited and Offered by Division I Schools
    Breonna Patterson( sr): Dudley: Committed UNCG
    Capricia Small ( sr): Eastern Guilford: Recruited
    Desiree Drayton( jr): Dudley: Committed UNC Charlotte

    Second Team

    Samantha Coffer(jr): Northern Guilford: Recruited by Mid Major schools
    Zena Lovette( soph): Southwest Guilford: College prospect
    Gretchen Bennett(sr): Northwest: Division II prospect
    Chevena Pickard(sr): Page: Greensboro College
    Cedrica Gibson(soph): HighPoint Central: College Prospect

    Third Team

    Brittany Clancy(soph): Western Guilford: College prospect
    Ayshia Mcneil(jr): Southeast Guilford: College prospect
    Lakendra Wilkerson(sr): Smith: Committed to Maryland Eastern Shore
    Khadeja Wilkerson( soph): Greensboro Day: College prospect
    Catrina Green(sr): Western Guilford: Committed to Gardner Webb

  33. I would add NG’s Jessica Johnson-Guard-Undecided and Vontreece Hayes-PF/C -Pfeiffer to the list. Not sure about Cheyenne being on first team since she only played the 2nd half of the season. But all in all a good list

  34. We should have a final list by the end of the week and I have of couple of experts that are checking out the list and they should be able to narrow down the finalists.

  35. This is really good stuff for the boys and girls. It shows a wide range of remarkable achievement. When the actual list is up, I hope that it includes actual real numbers along with where the interest is coming from as it concerns colleges. Hopefully it coincides with team achievement, records and factual information and not based on popularity,likes or dislikes. It should include playing all season long because it shows committment and doing things the right way and not on potential or what AAU club that one may have played for or even if they did not play at all. Let the actual achievement take precedence over everything else.

  36. I noticed on the girls squad that one of the picks were girls teams that at lease won their conference or advanced to the Sectional Finals and beyond and all of those players were key components to their teams success.

    First Team

    Megan Buckland; Bishop Mcguiness
    Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford
    Breonna Patterson: Dudley
    Capricia Small: Eastern Guilford
    Desiree Drayton: Dudley

    Normally from watching NCAA games it looks like those teams that reach finals and have players that put up impressive numbers,normally have players on the First team. Has that changed?

  37. First Team: Boys

    1. Hairston – Dudley
    2. Frye – Northern
    3. Roberts – Ragsdale
    4. Hilliard – Asheboro
    5. Griffin – Northeast

    Have seen a lot of basketball over the season and the above players represent the best I have observed, night in and night out

  38. First team boys:

    1. Hairston – Dudley
    2. Frye – Northern
    3. Roberts – Ragsdale
    4. Hilliard – Asheboro
    5. Griffin – Northeast
    I have seen a lot of basketball during the season and the five players listed above represent the best of the best!

  39. There are so many players to choose from.

    But here are a some good players that you never here about.

    1) Antwan Wilkerson Western Guilford
    2) Corbin Collins High Point Andrews
    3) Brandon Hairston Eastern Guilford
    4) Drew Williams Greensboro Smith
    5) Tracy Gaithings Greensboro Smith
    6) DJ Alston Greensboro Dudley

  40. KARMA /ANDY:
    Research show right path to take unless there’s a 50/50: Keep readers posted

    Ladies 1st Team:
    Breonna Patterson: Dudley 4A
    Desiree Drayton: Dudley 4A
    Megan Buckland: Bishop Mcguiness 2A
    Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford 3A
    Capricia Small: Eastern Guilford 3A

  41. Good Thoughts

    In looking at selections for boys and girls teams, here is something one may want to ponder:

    How many teams that had basically the same players that moved up from one classification to another and their teams either got better ,worst or remained pretty much status quo?

    What teams superceeded preseason prognostications?

  42. Jordan-Matthews lost Justin Glover who has helped lead DCCC to the Junior College National Championships in NW beginning tommorrow. The Jets are 1A sized, with around 690 students, but were forced to play 2A due to realignment, and in arguably the toughest 2A conference in the state. James Milliken led the Jets to a 23-5 record and was Co-MVP of the league. His club beat Segan HIlliards of Asheboro by over 20 points and Milliken had around 30 that day. He also averaged around 30. Dave Telep invited him to the Carolina Challenge on March 27. VaTech and other DI’s are now after him. And he certainly led his team way beyond what most though would happen this year. Same for Mylia Garner leading the Lady Jets to a 24-4 record. She’s hearing from a lot of ACC schools and is only a freshman. MVP of courier tribune tournament.

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