Northern Guilford shuts out Eastern Guilford behind George Carter with 16 K’s

Northern Guilford: 5
Eastern Guilford: 0

NGHS: 5-1 overall, 4-0 conference

W: George Carter, 6 innings, 16 strikeouts
L: McDaniel

NGHS leading hitters:
DC Arendas 1-1, 2 RBI
Danny Casciano 2-4
Bradley Burchette 2-3
Andrew Strubinger 1-3, 1 RBI


  1. You’ll need to talk to the coach, he sent in the stats…..He has been very consistant about getting us the stats after each game and he also has done a fine job of keeping us up to date on all the Northern games this season……

  2. Someone had asked the question about who is Northern’s pitching coach and that he must be getting in some good work with George Carter….

    At one time, I think Chris Gunter was working with the Northern Nighthawk pitchers and I’m not sure if that is still the case or not, but Carter had his stuff again tonight and he has always been a strong left-handed prospect…..

  3. Does anyone know if Eastern got any hits? That looks to be on the surface, just two strikeouts shy of perfect game posibilities…….

  4. Eastern had one groundball hit to the right side in the early innings. There was one walk and two ground balls to the infield. Jeremy Campbell came in and closed the 7th giving up one hit.Someone said carter threw about 80 pitches and was throwing up to 88mph thats just what I heard around after the game.The kid from EG threw a real good game too.The girls softball team from NG looks good.That coach is doing a good job.

  5. Eastern Guilford has a heck of a ball club…The middle of their lineup is stacked with hard-hitters. From what I’ve heard they seem to hit the ball very well, and has good pitching.

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