HS Baseball Tonight 3/17/2010

Dudley 9
Page 1


*****One-hitter tonight by Dudley’s winning pitcher Eric Kimber, with at least 10 strikeouts by EK. Brandon Burkes with a double and early RBI scoring Ray Crawford Jr., helped set the table for the Dudley Panthers win over the Pirates….*****

Dudley 2
Page 1

High Point Central 9
Southern Guilford 1

High Point Central 12
Southern Guilford 9

Southeast Guilford 10
Asheboro 0

5 innings
*****Adam Kirkpatrick pitched a two-hitter for SEG and Dylan Barker came through with excellent defense at first base for the Falcons….Key double by Josh Tobias(2-3), Dylan Shutt was 1-2 with 2 RBI’s and Evan Miller went 1-2 with 2 RBI’S…..*****

Asheboro 0

*****No-hitter turned in by SEG’s Craig Jacobelli.*****

Western Guilford 6
Bartlett Yancey 4

*****Nino Marrero was the winning pitcher for WG….*****

Light schedule on Thursday with:
Page at Southern Alamance…..

Durham Academy at Greensboro Day and watch out for the Wells brothers and for the young Bankhead on the mound….This could turn into a championship-type team……The Wells brother that is a catcher(Scott, I think it is.), could turn into a top-notch college prospect and Bankhead has to be hearing from North Carolina and then there is always the pros out of high school, like Wil Myers, Nick McBride, Daniel Tuttle and Bernie Myers……

Anyone heard how Myers, Tuttle, and McBride are doing…I saw Bernie a while back and he looked like he could throw all day…..


  1. I have seen Page against Western and Dudley this week and the Pirates were out matched in both contest. They do not have the pitching to compete with the better teams. Will be long season for the Pirates.

    Kimber looked good last night for DHS. Looks like Ray Ray still trying to get his groove on. Watch out when he does.

  2. Western Guilford 6
    Bartlett Yancey 4

    Western JV’s won also but not sure of the score.

  3. Page Fan,
    You sound like a real fan. I guess you were the one yelling all that disrespectful garbage toward the players last night. You can’t win games if you don’t hit and make errors. Eric pitched a great game last night and Dudley has a really good ball team and coaches. Garrett Morgan pitched very well last night, but when you make errors and don’t hit it makes it very hard on a pitcher. I hope that the next time you come to a Page game you act like a fan. Page will get it going . I have faith and believe, that is what a fan does.

  4. The best one from Page I heard is hitting .800 at Vandalia Christian School and another one is there with him.

  5. Page will not get it going in baseball, not this year. For some reason Page does not have the depth of talent that they have had in the past. Great kids and I have a few friends on the team but there is just not the depth needed. I think they start a freshman at short some. He can mash and is a tough kid but not many freshmen start at SS. Page just neeeds some more players. Even the middle school teams that feed in there are not strong. Not an insult, just the way it is. Even the Colt team was weak.

  6. Jon Bethea left Page last year and went to Vandalia and AJ Williams from Dudley came to Vandalia this year…

    Both are fine players and we know they will do well….

    Mr. Brackett is right. You have to have pitching and defense and that takes some time…Johnny Brown would have helped Page this year, but he had to return to NEG and with him on board and the McCanns(Jacob and Caleb) and Luis Paula and Colon, NEG has put together a very tough lineup…

    A couple of years ago, Dudley was horrible….They had no pitching and their defense was not good at all….Dudley was right there where Smith is today…They were about even, Smith and Dudley, 5-6 years ago….

    Dudley went to work year-round on baseball and you have to respect it…They trained in the off-season with Carmine and Alan over on High Point Road at the Batting Center and Carolina Acceleration….The hard work paid off for Dudley and they just made up their minds that they wanted a competitive baseball program and they went after it….

    Ray Crawford Jr., Tevin Neal, Alex Moore, Jabril Shabazz, Eric Kimber, Corey Williamson, Sharrod Williams and the yonger guys too like Brandon Burkes, Corey Kimber, Keith Robertson, and I probably left somebody out and my apologies….

    There was a time when Dudley only had one pitcher and they were lucky if they had that….If Dudley turned a double-play then you would go home, because the season was over…Mission accomplished, that wasn’t going to happen again.

    Larry and all the coaches had a vision and they wanted to put a competitive team on the field and with all the kids and parents from the kids above pitching in, they have a chance to compete for the Conference title this year.

    Wouldn’t it be something if Dudley got the football, basketball and baseball titles this year….That should be their goal….They still have to meet Southern Alamance, Southeast Guilford, and face Western again and that will be very tough….Coach Farrer and his men have a goal in mind and they are going for it and that should be fun to pursue….

    Page can do the same thing Dudley did. They will have to have that vision and follow through with it, just like Mr. Brackett is saying…All balls must go clean to first base, throws down to second must not get through into the outfield and you can not give up the extra base….Dudley hit some deep balls last night that the Page Pirate outfielders handled and that will cut down on your troubles and that was a positive for the Pirates. The last thing you want is a dropped ball that was in your glove in the outfield…

    Last night could have been a five inning game, but Page stayed in there and made it go seven and that is a start. I heard from a fan coming out of the Page-SEG game and he said Page has some pretty good hitters and they do…Like the man said, take nothing away from Eric Kimber he pitched a solid game last night and Page hit the ball hard on occasion and Dudley’s defense backing up Kimber made plays…The Dudley outfielders and I think on one occasion in particular, Keith Robertson, made a throw to nail a runner at second base…That’s good baseball and the Panthers made the plays and the Pirates will have to take their lumps and work to get better…Also Dudley turned a double-play last night and it wasn’t their first of the season….

    Last year it seemed like every ball that was thrown in the dirt by Page pitchers went to the backstop and we didn’t see that as much last night and Page did stop a Dudley runner or two at the plate and the Page catcher and pitcher knowing how to play that brick wall helps…

    Page will get better, but it will have to come from Mendenhall and the other feeder schools and from the Summer program…..

    Bethea and Williams over at Vandalia may have the option to re-class and they may have done that already and that may be one reason why they chose to leave their old schools….I used to catch the pitchers in warmups back in the day at Vandalia and they have a solid program, you just don’t face the same competition as the public schools do on a regular basis….Dudley will play Vandalia this year, so we can see how that turns out and hopefully it will be AJ Williams on the mound for VCS and that will make it even more interesting….

    Long story short, it is tough to turn a program around, just ask Dudley…..The Dudley field even used to look worse than a graveyard/cow pasture…Now it is in great shape and getting better…Grimsley’s field looks excellent this year and it took them at least 3-4 years to get that field back where it needs to be…

    Page has a long way to go with that field and no disrespect meant to the Page people at all, that is just the way it is…The field looks dead and I was thinking last night, that the outfield fence must be almost all portable fencing since they use that field for football too….Page is stretched with their outside practice and some of their game facilities….

    Again, Mr. Brackett is on the money and I would think that I am somewhere in the ballpark with my assessment of the Page and Dudley programs and where they are going and where they should be and might be headed….Trevor Brackett has pitched for and experienced success with a number of summer/travel teams. I believe I heard him on the mound with the Greensboro Colt All-Stars last summer or the summer before…

    We know it takes time and you have to have the pitching and the defense or you just as well might be spitting into the wind…..

  7. With all due respect Mr Tony Brackett, if you are saying that the 2 Page losses I watched this week(11-1 vs WG and 9-1 vs DHS) was all on the hitting and defense, then we will have to disagree. I mean no disrespect towards anyone on the Page team.

    All I said was they dont have the pitching to compete with the stronger teams. You can disagree. In the 2 losses, Page was facing some tough pitching in Casey Jones at WG and Kimber at Dudley. They shut the hitters from Page down. You can always say we are not hitting. But I beleive it was strong pitching getting the better of the Pirates.
    The Page pitchers were pitching behind in the count alot of the times. Western hit the ball hard 1-9. I hate to say it, but thats on the pitcher.
    Anyway you slice it, you lose 2 ball games by combined score 20-2, I would say you have problems with pitching. Strong pitching dont give up 20 runs in 2 games.

  8. Not to trifle with page fan’s point, but it was Mark Leake on the hill for Western vs Page for 6 innings, with Adam Causey finishing up.

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