Best backcourt in Guilford County?

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WHICH TEAMS HAD THE BEST BACKCOURT PLAYERS IN GUILFORD COUNTY: GIRLS and BOYS……Brennan Wyatt with PJ Hairston, Reggie Dillard or Jaquel Richmond…(Dudley) Greensboro Day School with Christian Pulliam, Brandon Dorsett or Lucas Weavil….(GDS), Burrell Brown, Krechaun Williams and Carter Gourley(Grimsley), or Demone Harrison, Stacey Greene, and Jackson Kent(Page)….You can go on and on with Michael Neal and Carlos Rankins at ORMA, or Mitchell Oates and Jordan Weethe at High Point Christian or Matt Pawlowski, Reed Lucas, Kyle Vebber, Kyle Berger and Hunter Clary at NWG or Darius White and Bryce Benjamin at NEG, or Butch Huffman, Adam Gunn and Brandon Hairston at Eastern Guilford or Benia Wise, Seth White and company at Ragsdale or name some more and we could go on and on….

Girls you could have Breonna Patterson and take your pick from Dudley, Gretchen Bennett and Hannah McIntosh at NWG, Chevena Pickard, Brittany Drew and Ashley Fowler from Page, Jessica Johhson and crew from Northern Guilford, Miranda Jenkins and Capricia Smalls from Eastern Guilford, Brittany Garris and company from Smith, McNeil and Uffman from SEG, and you can go on and on….

(When naming this unit be sure to have your validated information versus popularity
or loyalty to a particular school. In this segment it should include production and
winning as the main criterion. )


Page, Smith, Western Guilford, Dudley, High Point Andrews, High Point Central,
Southeast Guilford, Grimsley, Northeast, Southwest Guilford, Southern Guilford,
Eastern Guilford, Northern Guilford, Greensboro Day, Oak Ridge, Caldwell Academy,
Wesleyan etc…


  1. I wanted to say congrats to Mr. Antwan Tweezy Wilkerson I hear he has a verbal commitment to Johnson C Smith University in Charlotte NC. Looks like greensboro has another senior heading to College to play basketball on the next level and also further their education again congratulations Mr. Wilkerson.

  2. I don’t have access to all stats but using Max Prep I found Wyatt and Pawlowski as assist leaders. Wyatt at 7.5 assist per game and Pawlowski at 6.7 per game. Wyatt was ranked 71st in the country and Pawlowski was 137th out of 500 listed. In North Carolina, Wyatt was 1st in assist and Pawlowski was 6th. I know all schools don’t list assists ect.. on max prep so it would be interesting if some of the coach’s that don’t post on max prep would list any players with a better assist record than these two.

  3. mitchell oates from hp christian averaged 7.3 a game I believe. he had the ball in his hands probably more than any player on any team in the area this year. he carried those guys.

  4. Max Preps

    Lets stick with the original question? Who has the best backcourt for boys and girsl based on the parameters.
    So who have you picked?

  5. Some coaches really exagerate their stats. I looked at the stats for a game last year from one of the above mentioned schools and they had more assists listed than they did field goals. 7.5 and 6.7 is a ton of assists and a little hard to believe. I am guessing there is a little stretching of stats going on here.

  6. You can recite all the stats you want, but the two best are either the 2 boys at Dudley or Oak Ridge. Frye almost wins it by himself.

    Reading Max Preps stats tells you nothing. 1st, you don’t know who sent the data in. 2nd, stats don’t tell you who the best athletes are.

  7. stat’s may not completely tell you who the best athletes are but I have never seen a MVP or player of the game without significant stat’s. the truth is that some coaches may round a stat up but no one with actual good players will just make up results.

    the Wyatt and Dillard backcourt was by far the best in the area. they had the best combination of ballhandling, passing, defense and scoring ability.

  8. I will put the EASTERN GUILFORD girls backcourt up for the nod…

    Capricia Smalls/G/Sr.: 13 points per game, 4.4 rebounds per game, 2.2 steals per game, 5 assists per game, 5/3 assist/turnover ratio, 1.5 blocks per game. 1,180 career points. Mid-State 3-A Player of the Year, All-EGHS Christmas Tournament, All-Sectional. A smart basketball player… a coach on the floor. She ‘thinks’ the game as well as plays it.

    Miranda Jenkins/G/Jr.: 14 points per game, 4.3 rebounds per game, 3.3 steals per game, 5.4 assists per game, 5/2 assist/turnover ratio, 2 blocks per game. 1,182 career points. All-Mid-State 3-A, All-EGHS Christmas Tournament, All-Sectional…has an incredible work ethic and makes her teammates play harder

    Amirah Jamison/G/Sr.: 8.1 points per game, 8.4 rebounds per game, 3.2 steals per game, 1.2 assits per game, 1 block per game. 1,052 career rebounds (2nd in school history), 866 career points. All-Mid-State 3-A All-Conference, All-EGHS Christmas Tournament MVP, All-Sectional. She is the player that makes all of her teammates accountable for playing their hardest.

    These girls have been overlooked in the selection of area teams…but let’s look at their overall record… Capricia and Amirah have been starting on the Varsity squad since their freshman year and have been part of a conference championship team all four years. Miranda has been a starter since her freshman year and needless to say has been on the conference championship team for three years. The past three years, Eastern competed in the Mid-State 2-A conference. This year, we moved up to the Mid-State 3-A conference, was picked to finish 4th, went 13-0 in the regular season and went to the Sectional finals before loosing to Union Pines. They finished the season with a 24-4 record, the best in the county. Strong stats for a strong group of girls!

  9. Since the topic is centered around Best Back Court in Guilford County for Boys and Girls, I must agree with the above writer because this person is stating actual stats and other facts that corroberate their point. I do not agree that someone should name a pair if they are not posting actual facts which wraps itself around winning as well. Anything less than that ,it becomes popularity or politics; And that is completely wrong when any newspaper or writers are choosing individuals.

    Only let the facts become the actual selectivity and nothing more.

  10. What were the backcourt statistics for some of the tops in our conference ?

    Gretchen Bennett
    Hannah Mcintosh

    High Point Central
    Cedrica Gibson
    Megan Tate

    Zena Lovette
    Brittany Mercer

  11. Yes, our school did burn down…we just moved back into the new facility last spring. During those 3 years, our basketball teams had to depend on using the facilites at the middle school when they were not in use. Often times, not getting out of practice until 9:30 and 10:00 and of course we practiced on Saturday to get good quality gym time. Furthermore, UNCG was gracious enough to allow us to play our home games in Flemming Gym. It became our home away from home, but let me tell you, there is no place like home! Our kids survived thru many hardships and have posted some pretty impressive numbers…our boys finished second in the conference to Reidsville those years (conference and tourney) and our girls were either the confernce champions or tournament champions or both all three years the new school was being constructed.

    Just to make another point about the Eastern Guilford Girls backcourt…Capricia has been all conference all three of her complete seasons. She was out one year due to a torn ACL. She was a solid pick by this year’s coaches for Player of the Year. Miranda has been All Conference all three of her years. Both eclipses their 1,000 pts. this season while Amirah pulled in her 1,000 rebound (second highest in school history) from the guard position. When they are at the top of their game, they are hard to beat!

  12. Wildcat Asst Coach-

    I appreciate the hard work, time, effort and committment that both you and your guards have put in but I simply cannot agree with you.

    Firstly Im not sure that I can truely believe that you have two players averaging more than 5 assists per game (that doesn’t even happen at the college/professional level).

    Secondly there’s no way anyone’s believing that a person that plays only the guard position in high school girls basketball has over 1000 rebounds and has led the team in rebounding the last 4 years..what are the power forward and center doing down there around the goal if they’re not scoring and not rebounding..why even play them??

    Third and lastly — I just looked at your school’s NC Report Card and your enrollment is over 1200 students. Why have you been playing 2A and 3A ball all these years when you have more students than many of the 4A schools in the area? Its pretty easy to beat up on 2A schools with 750-800 kids and 3A schools with 900 or so students. The stats that you have reported are barely believable. Especially the one kid, the conference player of the year, scoring 1200 points in her career, averaging over 5assts per game and she hasnt signed with anyone and has no offers to play collegiate ball??? If those stats were accurate she’d have coaches knocking down the door.

    My point here is not to put any of the kids down for Eastern but to enlighten the readers. If these stats were factual and held any credence these young ladies would be household names with big named coaches and schools ringing thier phones off the hook.

    The sad reality is that these stats have been inflated and the case for these players as the best backcourt in guilford county holds little weight considering that they’ve played very weak competition in relatively unheard of leagues and far inferior schools.

    Players from the 4A conferences around Guilford Co. are much more credible and would more than likely win the head to head matchup with any of the girls from Eastern. Do you honestly think the yound ladies from Eastern would fare well against the likes of : Page-( Brittney Drew, Chevena Pickard, Ashley Fowler), Dudley (Breonna Patterson, Kierra McIvor, K.K. Rouse), High Point Central -(Brittney Gwynn, Cedrica Gibson) Smith -(AshleyDubose, Katrina Gibson, Breanna Garris), NW Guilford -(Hanna McIntosh, Gretchen Bennett- maybe the backcourt in the area)

    Do you….?

  13. I think the one kid that got all the rebounds is an inside player, but I will let coach verify that. She is a good one and I have seen her play and she plays with a lot of energy and she is a legit rebounder and that is Jamison, I do believe….

    Smalls reminds you more of post player than a guard with her strength, but she is a very good ball handler and EG used her to bring the ball up against the press and with her experience she could make it happen without many difficulties….

    EG has a fine ball club, I have seen them play and they beat SWG and SEG this year and SEG later on beat Dudley….

    Eastern defeated Northern every time they played them and in most cases it wasn’t all that close….

    I think the Eastern girls are getting offers, but the Wildcats have not been publicizing it and they have heard from their share of colleges, at least a few have…..

    With EG beating SEG, SWG and not having lost ot Northern, I think they have to be considered a quality team…

    I had them ranked #2 in our final web site girl’s poll and they lasted the longest of all our girls teams that were in the playoffs along with Dudley….

    I think Eastern would have had a tough time with Dudley, but the Wildcats do match up with every other team in the county and that would include HP Central, based on the team that Central finished the season with….

    I saw Eastern at least 8 times this season and again, had them ranked #2 in the county in our final poll and I think that is where they stand…

    Eastern has achieved and they have not gotten a lot of pub, except here and they are trying to catch up in hurry and that is why you are probaby hearing a lot from them now….

    They want to see their kids excel and when they do, they want equal recognition and they do deserve it…Good group of kids, not sure how many will end up in college, but Amber Wall landed at Elon and Tasha Huntley got a ride to Norfolk State recently and I think Smalls and Jenkins will get on board somewhere too…

    Not sure about Jamison, but the kid can rebound and she plays hard and the Gunns have worked hard with this team and they have put EG on the map…..

    I like EG and many of the rest of you do too, so let’s give these kids a chance…It is hard to make it and they are trying to get some respect…..

  14. Lets Be Honest

    I live in Highpoint and I noticed that you mentioned Brittany Gwynn with Cedrica Gibson. Do you know whether or not did Bittany play the whole year this year? I know that Cedrica did not. Do you have facts to support your argument? I got the opportunity to watch that Eastern crew play Southwest back in December and I will be the first to tell you that I personally have not seen a better crew.

  15. Here is our backcourt crew from Southwest Guilford

    Zena Lovette: 14.8 ppg, 5.6 rpg, 3.0 apg, 3.4 spg

    Brittany Mercer: 5 ppg, 4.8 rpg, .5 apg, .8 spg, .4 bpg

    Shanel Lawrence : 8.2 ppg, 2.7 rpg, 1.5 apg, 1.5 spg

  16. Highpoint Central Trio Back court

    Cedrica Gibson: 12.1 ppg, 3.1 apg, 4.2 spg, .1 bpg

    Megan Tate: 8.5 ppg, 3.8 rpg, 1.9 apg, 2.8 spg

    Katie Bryson: 7.0 ppg, 1.2 rpg, 1.1 apg, 1.3 spg

  17. I appologize “Dudley Fan” I think the best back court would have to go to either High Point Central’s Brittney Gwynn/Cedrica Gibson or NW Guilford’s Hannah McIntosh/Gretchen Bennett

  18. Southeast Report

    Ayshia Mcneil: 15.4 ppg, 4.2 rpg, 2.5 apg, 2.8 spg, .3 bpg

    Sarah Uffman: 1.2 ppg, 2.3 rpg, 5.8 apg, 3.0 spg,.2 bpg

    Amanda Hogan: 1.7 ppg, .7 rpg,1.4 apg,.4 spg

    Still waiting on full reports from Northwest Guilford, Page, Dudley, High Point Andrews Andrews, Grimsley, Western Guilford

  19. Most of you need to remember this is not designed to degrade any of the young athletes in Guilford County.

    Details that try and regard certain players as not good enough and comments intended to tear down players should not be entered…

    If anyone has a problem in regards to these type of comments and you feel the comments are made to try and hurt a certain player, please let me know at….

    When you mention a player name or names and you make jabs at them we all know who they are, but the people leaving the comments, nobody knows who you are, so in turn you hurt someone else, but it does not hurt you at all with the comments…..

    Who is better or not better than someone else, only the the players’ true coaches know….

    Most parents are just watching and they are in a position to cast judgement on another player other than their own child and your coach can help you with your child, not someone posting at an internet blog site….

    Leave it in the coaches hands, that is what they are getting paid for and we have heard from several coaches….If you want to coach, sign up or offer your services and if you meet the qualifications, then you have room to be one of the so-called experts…..

  20. Thanks for the comments, Andy…and points well made. As for the stats on the girls at Eastern… I stand by them! They are not inflated as I do them and are double checked with another statistician for reliability, because in the heat of the game, we all miss something.

  21. As for Jamison and the rebounds, she played on the wing at the guard position for the last two years although we did play her at post once in a while…

  22. Nice to see this post…backcourt does not always get a lot of recognition…Glad to see you recognize Jessica Johnson of Northern. She was an awesome defensive player, always the one on the box and one and a key player in Northerns wins over Rockingham holding L Puckett from her usual 20-30+ point games…..Gretchen Bennett and Hannah McIntosh also did a super job as did Dudley’s Breonna Pattreson…

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