HS Baseball Today: The Year of the Tiger, but which Tiger?

It is being called the Year of the Tiger, but which Tiger is it?????

Is it Tiger Woods, or is it Tiger Miller, who leads his fellow SEG Falcons into the Tigers Den in Jamestown this evening, where they will face the “Big Cat” Ben Fultz and his unbeaten Ragsdale Tiger teammates, in what might be another Guilford County Classic here still early in the baseball season…..

One thing’s for certain, it is not the year of Clemson Tiger basketball and we can dispel that myth, here in the opening stages of our discussion. The Ragsdale Tigers have been Conference Champs in football and basketball this season, are they going to do the same thing in the baseball season?????

Last week, Ragsdale won two huge conference clashes, taking both East Forsyth and Southwest Guilford down by the identical 3-2 scores…..It was close, but so far nobody has been able to tame the Ragsdale Tigers and will SEG be able to change the direction of local high school baseball tonight???

Ragsdale has been on a roll, but will Tiger Miller and his den of cubs, be able to put a dent or take a bite out of what the Ragsdale Tigers have been doing so far this season? Sometimes you’ll hear the pharse these days, “Bite Me”, and SEG would like to take a bite right out of the RHS scorebook and see zeros up on the scoreboard, when the Ragsdale runs are totaled up tonight…..

Will it be a shutout, does SEG have the staying power to stay with Ragsdale or are the Tigers too tough to tame????? GAME TIME is 7pm in Jamestown and it will be cool out there tonight, so dress warm for when you step into the Tiger’s Den….Stone, Hodges, or who will we see tonight for the Tigers on the hill????? Southcott has been excellent in relief….

Will SEG come with Austin Bain????? Ty Powell got the start and then Dylan Shutt came on in relief last Friday night when SEG topped Southern Alamance, so we still could see Shutt tonight or even Adam Kirkpatrick and Josh Tobias might be available for a couple of innings, if SEG grabs a lead and they need Josh to close it out….(Josh got the start and went head-to-head and toe-to-toe with Nick McBride when the Falcons faced the Tigers in the Conference Championship game last year at SEG…..)

Will Ragsdale keep it rolling tonight as they enter at (6-0) and SEG comes in at (6-!) or will the Falcons be able to hand the Tigers their first loss of the season????? Ragsdale has conference powerhouse Glenn coming up on Friday, but they can’t afford to overlook the Falcons as they look to take flight tonight in Jamestown…

SEG has five home runs as a team and Ben Fultz of RHS has homered in five of the six Tiger contests this season…….


  1. It’s a non conference game for teams. I doubt either team throws one of there main pitchers for long. Objective for both teams is to win the conference. I’m betting Maness will use several guys on the hill.

  2. Better play it to the vest. This might be a preview of a post-season encounter…..It seems like in previous years we always have seen RHS-SWG at some stage of the playoffs and this might be the new view….SEG-RHS……..

    Both teams have big conference challenges coming up on Friday with RHS-Glenn and SEG-Dudley, but with the past that these two teams share, I don’t see either team ready to concede this matchup tonight and you have to remember, this is Ragsdale’s home field and you don’t allow anyone to come and take your turf…….

  3. Ragsdale will play this one like a conference game especially since it is their only meeting with SEG.

  4. Wrong. As I said, they had no choice but to pitch a lot of kids. Plus, tons of errors.

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