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Special to Greensborosports.com:Urgent Response Required……

As stated by the Associated Press after-the fact:
The Associated Press revised the selection process this year, doing away with its first and second teams in favor of 12-player squads for boys and girls.

This decision by the AP to drop 1,2,3 team all AREA High School Athletics is simple a “Kick in the Gut” to many male & female athletes. Especally; after many deserving kids were ALREADY named and were aware they were named. Majority being from right here in Guilford County.

Everyone has heard of the players the AP has selected. Great, we hear about them ALL the time, and deservingly… but the fomat you have decided on just IS NOT FAIR to other athletes around the area… they too need to see their names in the media and know that the community is paying attention to their acheivements as well.

Bad call….by AP. Thanks for all you’ve done supporting area athletics in the past but this has hurt many and definitely has sent the WRONG MESSAGE to many deserving players and teams in Guilford County.

We say print 1,2,3 teams. Let the kids have somthing to get excited about and look forward to EVEN IF THEY’RE NOT IN THE ESPN TOP 100.


  1. Andy:
    I agree; bring back the 1st, 2nd and 3rd area teams. Area kids anixously await the list of who makes which team; and from what AREA school. Listed in the 1, 2, 3 format keeps LOCAL teams and players pumped up. DON’T TAKE THIS AWAY FROM THEM.

    Share the spot-light. Colleges already know who the Super BIG DOGS are.

    Area High School sports is one of the main reasons the area community members makes that mad dash to pick up the paper. Go figure…

  2. HI agree. Why? What would be the reason not to print who these young players are. Ok their not one of ESPN 100 prospects, but are any of them even on ESPN list of player YES at lease one of them is. These kids work hard on the court and in the classrooms some are even seniors and have either signed or a verble commentment with a college these young people need to be acknowledged there OUR AREA PLAYERS there OUR YOUNG PEOPLE and they need and should have OUR SUPPORT. Some of these players have been overlooked give them a chance to be seen. Plus that’s wrong to let these players know they have been chosen for either teams 1,2 or 3, take their pictures and look forward to the artical to be published and then have it taken away from them what a let down these players represent our area and its wrong to take it away from them.

  3. Andy”

    Haven’t visited the site for a while but when I did “URGENT RESPONSE” peaked my interest. Thanks for having a site as this to inform the community.

    How dissapointing…what a disgrace… Time to re-track, re-print, respond and apologize! What’s Tom Keller’s call on this?

    Andy, who is actually following up on this from your end? I’ll check back for a response from you and the A.P.

    I say give the kids their do. Usually I don’t take sides… but Greensboro this is a no brainer… you think?

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