Talking HS Football in March

One of our readers posed this question last week and it probably makes sense to bring this up to the front page in case anyone missed it before we move on….

Only 4 months away from the new H.S. Football season. Who will be the boys to watch this year? QBâ€S/RBâ€S.

James Summers-Page
Luke Heavner-Ragsdale
Rocco Scarfone-Northern Guilford
Josh Thompson-Western Guilford
Matt Pawlowski-NWG
Drew Adams-High Point Central
Demtrious Dick-Dudley
Jeffrey Sims-Smith

Dâ€onavan Smith-Ragsdale
Drew Rogers-Page
TJ Logan-Northern Guilford
Muhamad Kellah-Northern Guilford
Maurice Harris-Northern Guilford and you can use him at SB/QB/WR…..Best Athlete…
Demetrious McCorkle-Dudley
Mycah Gaylord-Dudley
Sean Ples-NEG
Hersel Smith-Western Guilford
Layshawn Brown-Grimsley
Dâ€Abraham(LaShawn) Monk-High Point Central
There are at least 2 at NWG…(Dalton Dillion and Alex Pauley)
A couple at Smith…..(Elijah Jordan and Michael Milner and Eric Ebron at TE will open up some prime space and create positive yardage….)

*****James Summers as a pure runner/passer at QB and Dâ€onavan Smith as a runner/scorer at RB are proably the two top returnees at their respective positions….


  1. Lets not jump ahead of ourselves here!! Its all about who is working hard on the off season!!

  2. Andy,

    After watching a lot of games last year, I believe that Drew Rogers will be the top RB this year…Take nothing away from D’onavan Smith from Ragsdale, because he is a good back and does great things for Ragsdale and will be their workhorse again, but I believe that Drew Rogers has more to offer at that position…Stats from the Greensboro News and Record stated that he had over 1200 yards rushing, almost 9 ypc, and 18 touchdowns…I believe all that was with splitting time with two other good backs that the Page team had…Plus, I’ve heard that he is already getting some attention from the D-1 recruiters (as a sophomore)…I don’t think the teams earlier in the year were able to get a good look at Drew, because I remember watching some of the games at the beginning of the year where Page had Thuc Phan starting and then towards the end of the year Drew was starting…So, Drew may not be as well known yet, because all of the teams and fans from the schools who they played earlier in the year probably didn’t get to see him run that much…

    Anyways, the RB list is a good one, so my opinion is no knock on any of the other kids, but I just believe that if Drew is able to stay healthy and injury free that you will see a breakout year from him…

    There are going to be a lot of good teams from this area, so this should be another fun year for high school sports…The lists of QB’s and RB’s are a good one, and it will be great to see these young kids play again…I look forward to the upcoming season…

  3. Glad to see the love is going out to the skill positions, but I am more interested in the O-line baby, where is the love for the big fellas??

  4. I considered giving both accolades to the Page guys, Summers and Rogers, but I decided to spread the wealth around a little bit and give the nod to Smith at Ragsdale as the RB..

    All of these kids will be outstanding and I hope that Page and Ragsdale will be getting together on the football field again next fall….I know that many fans are really looking forward the Page-Ragsdale and Page-Dudley games……

  5. I’m looking forward to the Northern and NWG game. Non-conference but what a turn out last year at Northern. Lots of folks at that one. I saw the QB from Northwest at spears working out and that kid is getting big. He must be about 6′-2 or 3 and putting on some muscle.

  6. That WG-Northern game that opened last season was a wild one too with Northern edging Western, I think it was 44-8….Hope they play again too, and this time I would assume it would be at NG, since was at WG last year….

  7. SE has Mike Fields back (over 1000 yards and 11 tds) plus Marques Haynesworth has moved back to SE after living in Atlanta during last season.

  8. this is a very good list in my opinion…. from the QB list im really interested to see Demtrious Dick from dudley. the young man had alot of hype coming in and replacing ricky lewis last year but only played about a total of 1 1/2 quarters the whole year before being carted off to the hospital during the homecoming game due to a terrible stomach illness. the young man knows the system and throws one of the prettiest and best balls in the county.. he can really sling it… i just want to see how the young mans bounces back from all he went through last season…. and lead the talented young panthers….. i do think james summers and luke heavner are the cream of the crop qb’s in this area… heavner has the pro-style game. can really control the game and sling the pigskin… summers a dual-threat qb. is a very athletic qb who gives defenses fits… you gotta prepare for his feet and his arm… he can run and sling the ball… cant wait for the upcoming season………gotta lot of talent in this area

  9. It will be a great football season and interesting to see who rises to the top in all categories. The 7 on 7 tournaments this summer will be our first indication on which teams have the receivers. I think all the QB’S listed are talented but they will need talent on the other end of the pass to be successful. Great list of talent at the running back position.

  10. Drew and James will have great seasons but do not underestimate Thuc Phan for the Page Pirates. Thuc has been training intensely this offseason and will have an outstanding year. A Page backfield with Summers, Rogers, and Phan will be a nightmare for any Guilford County defense.

  11. I guess u gotta earn the respect of the Greensboro faithfull football fans. But Mike Fields at SE will. Over 1000yrds on limited touches. Its going to be interesting to see how he does after working out all off season and dominating camps this summer with his size 210 lbs and Speed. I was at a couple of games last year when they only game him the ball 8or 9 times and he went over 100yds. So with him being a senior this year and figures to get the bulk of the run heavy SE carries we’ll see who has the best year.

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