Looking back at All-Guilford vs. All-Area teams and still looking/talking

Good discussion on All-Guilford vs. All-Area basketball teams from Sunday’s News and Record and we have recorded the Sunday/Monday comments from here at the site and you may have more to add to this…..Just a friendly neighborhood discussion….

N&R online had their “all-GUILFORD” teams and POY’s. Isn’t Bishop McGuiness in Forsyth county or did I miss something? Maybe you just have to play Guilford teams to be all guilford.

Posted by truth in advertising March 29

Good point! Bishop is in Forsyth County so why include in the All-Guilford teams?

Posted by jimbob March 29

They are just barely over the county line and I think the Toomey kid is from their Catholic Grade School in Greensboro so my guess is that he lives in Greensboro and that is why, but I am not sure.
How come Wesleyan did not even have anyone Honorable Mention? Did they not turn anyone in? What about the Leek kid?

Posted by just guessing March 29

Just wanted to make sure I had my facts straight.

So in trying to make another comparison, would this be like making Bob Huggins the Coach of the Year in the ACC? While Bob is a great coach, he is in the Big East.

Not sure how this would get past the editor to allow such a headline and obvious faux pas.

To me it also does a disservice to all the Guilford County residents and readers in that the local newspaper didn’t think a County female player was worthy of POY that we had to go outside the County to find one.

On the heels of great article Greensboro Sports published, “Reality versus Perception”, all we ask for from our media is a little responsible journalism. Didn’t article make reference to being wrong on our opinions but must be accurate on our facts?

We potentially will have kids growing up believing Bishop McGuiness is in Guilford County.

Posted by truth in advertising March 29

To just guessing,
Do you really think Mr. Keller went to that extent to justify? Either change the name of the recognition or get the facts right.

Besides some schools not having at least an HM, there were also some all conference players overlooked. I would think that to make “All Guilford”, you would at least have to be all conference.

What ever happened to the all-conference list for all the conferences?

Posted by higher standards March 29

Higher Standards you are probably right. Didn’t they used to call it All-Area? Maybe they should go back to that.
If the Toomey kid lives in Guilford County and make All-Guilford, I don’t think that is quite analagous to the Bob Huggins scenario, but I do get TIA’s point and don’t totally disagree. They should probably call it all-area.
On a seperate note, are you saying that some players made All Guilford but did not make all-conference?

Posted by just guessing March 29

Just Guessing – I suspect all 3 first teams made all conference. No issues here. It is the honorable mentions.

Appears that maybe questions have come up based on recent post by Special to gs.com. Special provides details on how AG was selected for the female team. What wasn’t provided was if the same criteria was used for the HM’s. If it was, then no issue. If it wasn’t, then should say so.

All-Conference is how the coaches agree on what they actually see. Since they actually see all players, would have been nice to see all the coaches choices for best players by conference at some point before the AG list.

Narrow the list to all of the all-conference players that go to school in Guilford County. Then you know you have all the players that all the coaches agree on, then work your magic on the numbers (including the HM’s). Then you truly have an open process for All Guilford. On the boys side, hard to believe the HM section when a team like Andrews that played decent in the playoffs not have any HM’s and HPC only have one player while another team with 3 HM’s only beat the last place team in conference that didn’t win a game. But hey, maybe the numbers worked out that way and if they did no issues. Maybe there would be less questions if there was full disclosure of the complete process.

On the Guilford versus Forsyth deal, as you point out, if you want to cover your whole readership base and include other coverage area(which is fair), call it, “All-News & Record” then you got it covered for the Bishop players or any other county for that matter.

Posted by higher standards March 29

Andy – I know these comments are posted in the Gripes or Complaints section and will disappear in a day or so. If you think appropriate, maybe you can move to a more permanent thread. Thank you for the forum and opportunity to provide different viewpoints. The more I look at this, the more I see problems with the HM’s for the N&R All Guilford. As your special reporter indicated, it is up to the people to be somewhat honest. I am for as many young folks getting recognition as possible. The adults though should post whats real.

Ran some numbers on one team with 3 HM’s. Closed season last 11 games 1-10. Only win against winless team. Average margin of defeat in 10 losses 20 points. No conference tournament appearance because of weather shortened playoffs and obviously no playoff appearance.

Not saying the players are not good because they have some skills but easier to put up numbers when your opponents have called off the dogs and you are playing against the 3rd string.

Posted by higher standards March 29

Maybe they included the Bishop kids because most of Bishop’s students are from Guilford County. Last time I checked it was over 60 percent. Not all the kids at GDS, Wesleyan and most of the private schools that are in Guilford County are Guilford kids. Heck, some of the GDS basketball players in recent years haven’t even been from this area code (Johnny Thomas, anyone?).

Posted by J.D. Springer March 30

Honorable mention means your coach submitted your name only. That’s a fallacy to a meaningless selection process in my opinion. It’s like COY, even though that was a nice story about the NGHS coach. He had a great nucleus returning, was in a weak cnference, etc. Curtis Hunter did the best job of coaching in this county this year, whether you like him or noy.

Posted by Eddie Willis


  1. I thought honorable mention was all the kids whose coaches nominated them but they did not make the All-Guilford Team meaning that maybe if no kids from a certain school made HM that possibly that school’s coach did not nominate any of his or her players but I certainly don’t know for sure so I could be wrong.

  2. I agree! The News and Records needs to do more research as well as coaches before they start naming players to All Conference, Area and Guilford Teams. In some instances some things are not adding up.

  3. I have looked everywhere I could think of for listing of all conference teams. The only place I found a complete list by conference was in the Charlotte area done by the News & Observer. Other papers had spot updates on a few players for their coverage area.

    Andy, I believe you have a good relationship with most of the coaches in Greensboro. As a final close to the BB season, could you provide a complete listing of the all conference teams for the Metro, Piedmont, Mid -Piedmont,etc (including the private schools) for all the schools in your coverage area?

  4. I listed earlier the All-Conference picks that included NEG and Southern Guilford and I’ll be looking for others….

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