Varsity ice hockey coming to Guilford College next year

As I walked in the front door of the Guilford College campus library today(Sunday April 4), I picked up of copy of the Quaker student newspaper and was surprised to learn that Guilford will be adding varsity ice hockey to their athletic program in the winter of 2011…….

From the campus newspaper we read:

The decision was made final on March 31 that in the winter of 2011 there will be a new varsity sport at Guilford: ice hockey.

Since the track team lost its track the same year that they became a varsity team, and the swim team lost its pool, Guilford decided it was in the budget to add another team that had no on-campus facilities.

Juniors Wes Good and Andrew Slater have pushed for this team to be added as a varsity sport since their first year at Guilford.

“Me and Wes have attending ice hockey games in the Greensboro area and are looking to recruit the most aggressive players from high school teams”, Slater said. “Fight, fight, inner light! Kill, Quakers kill!”

It seems like everyone is looking forward to the hard-hitting, smash-mouth sports’s inaugural season.

“The athletic department is excited to see what an ice hockey team can add to the culture here at Guilford,” Athletic Director Tom Palumbo said.

“Hockey is a big word,” said Randy Doss in an e-mail interview. “I can’t wait until the season begins.”

It is the hope that by adding the new team, students will become more interested in Guilford athletics….

To read more, pick up a copy of the April 1 edition of The Guilfordian also known on April 1 as the The Goofordian…..Copies are available all over campus and in the Hege Library.


  1. “Kill Quakers kill!” is going to be hard for the fans to say when they have a buzz.
    I wish they had okayed curling or badminton. One of the manly sports.

  2. Andy,
    There is a reason why this was in the GOOFordian section of the paper.

    This isn’t happening.

  3. Hopefully this will encourage everyone to pick up a copy of this week’s Goofordian….

    Available all over the Guilford College campus and on a rack right when you go into the Hege Library….

    Should this happen the games will be heard on WQFS 90.9 radio with Randy Doss and Gordie Howe calling the games…..

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