Gripe or Complaint Box for April 15, 2010

Got any new Gripes or Complaints?????

This is the box for Thursday April 15, 2010. We are taking those gripes and complaints and we have to remind you to keep it real on your subject matter.

We will be cleaning out the box at the end of each day and we may have to do some cleaning throughout the day if the material gets too thick.

Local gripes or complaints, National gripes or complaints. Is there anything that is rubbing you the wrong way? How about that coaching change or the kid that just left one high school/college and is transferring to another? What about the kid that got left off the All-Conference team or the All-State team?

Is there a school board member that really has you upset???

Let us know, and by the way, do you have anything new for us today?????

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  1. I was on the NCPreps site and seen where ” Team O ” is sponsoring a Five star
    whatever at ORMA run by Former NFL Player who does ORMA have that played in the NFL? O played for A&T after he got kicked out of Clemson.

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