Re-live the Bob Doss games(Page-Grimsley/Dudley-Smith) at LIVE Broadcasts

Just click on the LIVE BROADCASTS link at the top of this page and you can go back and watch and hear yesterday’s games with Page-Grimsley and Dudley-Smith from NewBridge Bank Park….

You can hear the home run calls for Felix Delgado, DJ Reader and Brandon Burkes and check out all of the game action…..

The games are listed as Page-Grimsley baseball for game one and Greensboro Sports Live programming for Dudley-Smith and then also just Dudley-Smith for the conclusion of game two….

Trevor Brackett went the distance for Page in game one and Tucker Rogers pitched well and then Quito Carrig backed him up for Grimsley….

Eric Kimber and Ray Crawford carried the load for Dudley on the hill and Kimber added a triple at the plate and Tommy German was the curve ball specialist for the Smith Golden Eagles……