More updates on NCHSAA Baseball playoffs for today

Northeast Guilford (21-4) at Raleigh Cardinal Gibbons (17-7) ppd to Wednesday May 19……..

Orange (9-16) at Northern Guilford (18-8)
*****Game still on from what informatioin that we have available at this time.*****


  1. Isn’t it an absolute shame that teams who have outstanding regular seasons get mat-ched up with teams that have comparable seasons. But then you have a team like 8-12 Porter Ridge who advances to the 4-A west 2nd Round when 20 win teams like Providence, S. Caldwell, SW Guilford get bumped because of a hiccup. What about a new system? There are alternatives you know. The 64 team could be less localized and pair teams like they did in the 90’s. Travel is a horrible excuse and there has to be a way to find a true state champion. How many matchups had teams from the same county in them? The unknown of the opponent you were matched up with made the mystique of the old system a heckuva lot better.

  2. Or how about put team with most wins against teams with fewest and so on………


  4. Never heard so much whinning in my life, play ball or go home!! To be the best u have got to beat the best, doesnt matter what round it is!!

  5. Why do you guys think they have series play in pro and college ball? Can you imagine no World Series. Every team has a bad game, and that’s why there is series play.

  6. Or baseball could just go to the same playoff format that football uses and EVERYBODY can get in and the poor kids from the 1-21 team that gets beats 46-0 after 4 innings by the team that is 27-2 can be demoralized for the rest of their athletic careers. But I mean both schools would split the gate. How about that?

    KC and Mike I tend to agree with Hornet77 and jackiemoon on this one! Its not whining or crying it is about a fair system. Correct me if I am wrong, but football, basketball and baseball all have different formats. It seems they are all about inclusion and creating more state champions. Well be the same across the board! Have a 4-AA and 4-A champion in baseball as well. Look at the enrollment numbers in the schools and justify not doing it in baseball too. Or instead of having the Hokeypokey Conference #6 team play out of their minds for 2 hours and end the dream of a team that has played a terrific regular season, they (Hokeypokey #6) doesn’t get in. How about that? This half plus one stuff is malarky! And Wild Card’s! A joke! Its like society going ahead and starting the whole “everyone gets a trophy” catastrophe. Not everyone deserves to get into everything.

    Top 2 from each conference, and play best 2 out of 3!

  7. I think this could be extended to the ridiculous. I feel that it is wrong that SE had a great regular season going until we lost by one run in the last game of the season to WG. Should that have been a best of 3 to crown a regular season champ? Should we rewrite that one also to give my team a better chance? Boy that is not whining…is it. Well yes, yes it is.

    Are you saying the NCAA tourney is not an exciting, great format? You have to bring the A game every night you come on the field. If your team lost in the first round then it was not a fluke or a great injustice. I think THAT attitude is the great catastrophe of our society. We have forgotten how the shake the other teams hand and say good game even when it hurts.

    Your team lost…that is baseball. I say keep it as it is and if my team gets whipped by a team with a worse record then have a good summer and see you back in spring. The sun will still come up tomorrow. The open format makes it more interesting for more teams.

  8. It appears a series format works for Texas and Georgia………….. If NC wants to be a top flight baseball state then step up to the plate and be that. One game, in baseball, is not an indication of who a better team is. You beat me twice then you are better.

    Why did every coach I have ever had tell me and my teammates that “baseball isn’t like football or basketball where the better team almost always wins because of being more athletic, baseball is a game dependent on more variables then who is more athletic, i.e. who is on the mound and so on and so forth.” I know what I am talking about having played collegiately, coach currently and hold a masters degree in Exercise and Sport Studies with a concentration in coaching.

    Check the two links to Georgia and Texas below and look at their formats and tell me it wouldn’t work. And don’t say it wouldn’t because of starting at 4pm. Play one game Friday night and two on Saturday with game 3 if necessary.

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