Kuxhausen back with a bang with the Golden Spikes

We used to have “Knucksie” when Phil and Joe Niekro were around and now we have “Kuksie” with the return of NWG’s Sanders Kuxhausen from an injury that completely derailed his entire 2010 high school baseball season….

Good to hear that “Kuxsie” if back and doing well and he came back with a bang at the Bears’ place on Sunday……

After being hurt the first game of the HS conference season, Sanders Kuxhausen is back on the field.

He played this past Sunday at Lenior Ryne with the Golden Spikes/NCBA. His first at
bat after 3 months, he hits a solo home run!

Then the second game he had a triple and double with a total of 5rbi’s for the day.

Good to hear that Sanders is back and let the coaches know and may the opposition beware……