Black Snake shaking up the transformer

rompingly Blackout caused by a black snake last night, as the residents on Pleasant Garden Road and the surrounding areas got a shock, when they all lost power/electricity, at around 11:40pm….. That was the night that the lights, the AC, the TV, the radios and everything went dark….

No power on one of the hottest nights of the year and I decided to do some investigative reporting, so I got in the car and I drove up PG Road and made a turn on to Riverdale Drive and made a stop over at the Duke Energy/Power-Pike Electricity sub-station and wouldn’t you know it, I was the only local citizen out there, at the time of night, that wanted to know what was going on…..

There were Duke Energy reps on the scene about 20-30 minutes after we lost power and fortunately the power was restored after about a 45 minute period….Forty-five minutes without power, on night like last night, is a real headache, but we did get it back within a reasonable amount of time….

What was the cause of the problem, the reason for the power outage?????

A black snake had crawled up on to the transformer, trying to get into a bird’s nest and the black snake got fried and the transformer went out and we had fried black snake and we couldn’t see to eat it, since there was no power and therefore no lights…..

Like I said, the power was restored in about 45 minutes and that’s a good thing, with the heat and humidity we have been experiencing and the only drawback, is we are now minus one black snake, down around Pleasant Garden Road…..

Another fine example of our investigative reporting…