Holt Brothers say, “We want to do it the right way”: 7 on 7’s at EG

We spoke with Terrence Holt this morning at the Eastern Guilford 7 on 7’s and Brother “T” said as for he, and his brother Torry, they want to do things the right way and that is why the Eastern Guilford 7 on 7’s were coming off so successful….

“The start time was scheduled for 9am, so we start at 9am”, said Terrence….”On time and done right, that is what we are striving for”. “We want this to be an annual event, brought to the schools by the Holt Brothers Foundation”, said Holt. “We want to give back to the community and to it the right way”….”We want people to know about these kids and who they are, and what they can do on the field”…….

Eight football teams, including Eastern Guilford, Page, Dudley, Grimsley, High Point Central, Southwest Guilford, Burlington Williams, and Burlington Cummings were in attendance.

All the teams arrived on time and we were ready to go at 9am, with two referees per field, plenty of fluids, breaks between halves and longer breaks between the games….There was a large lunch for the kids and the Holt Brothers were ready to give a motivational talk to the young men and to their coaches…..There were signs all over the place, letting the visitors know where to go and what was going on and the public address announcer, kept everyone informed, about what was happening at the four half-fields, during the four on-going games….

The timing and the overall look were crucial to the Holt Brothers and to their Foundation, that made all of this possible today for the eight schools, at no charge whatsoever….Eastern Guilford didn’t even have to charge admission. The Holt brothers and their Foundation covered it all, they picked up the entire tab if you will.(The refs, the food, the fluids, the signs, all inclusive.)

A fine job of giving back, by the Holt Brothers Foundation and let’s hope some more of our local sports alum, that have gone on to be successful, will see fit to give back to the community like the Brothers Holt have done….

Their FREE Camp for the younger kids will be at Eastern Middle School on Sunday….

The Holt Brothers told us, “We want to do it the right way”, and from what we saw today, everything is A OK……….


  1. Eastern Guilford High School Qb #8 here we did some good work today had alittle trouble getting started but we finished off doiing really good. Didnt win it but did come more together as a team, and thats whats its all about!!!!! EG Pride Baby Yeah

  2. I was at the 7 on 7….And overall is was a great success! Thank you Holt Brothers for being such a positive influece on all the kids there today!!!

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