SEG football has a gamer

from one of the Southeast Guilford football fans on one of early blogs on HS football and since it was from the past and his comment deals with what is happening today and this upcoming season, let’s bring you up to date on Mike Fields, RB, Southeast Guilford…..

from our reader and a fan of the Falcons and Fields:

I guess u gotta earn the respect of the Greensboro faithfull football fans. But Mike Fields at SEG will. Over 1000 yrds on limited touches. Its going to be interesting to see how he does after working out all off season and dominating camps this summer with his size 210 lbs and Speed. I was at a couple of games last year when they only gave him the ball 8 or 9 times and he went over 100yds. So with him being a senior this year and figures to get the bulk of the run heavy SEG carries, we’ll see who has the best year.


  1. Drew Rogers at Page had 1500 yards, 18 TDs, and averaged 9.6 yards a carry, last year as a sophomore.

    He split carries with 3 other RBs. 2 seniors, Lenny Gordon, Kharyi Harvey, and Jr. Thuc Phan.

    Fields is a good back, but Rogers is on another level. 5’10 195 lbs 4.42 speed

  2. Fields will have a great year…..O line is bigger and most are returners from last years very young team…..a couple of returning receivers with great hands……it will all open it up for Fields and the SE offense. Metro 4-A is a tough football conference…we will see how it all falls out but should definitely be a much stronger year than last.

  3. Not enough touches for Fields. He’s a tackle breaker that has breakaway speed. I was at the Page game. Drew has talent but he’s not on another level. Speed is good to have but game speed is more important. U run 40yd dash in the summer with track spikes or track sneakers on you play football at night with equipment on. Like is said we’ll see which back in Guilford county will have the best season.

  4. chek,

    I disagree…I saw both RB’s play last year, but I had the benefit of seeing Drew play in more games. No disrespect to Fields, because he is a good player, and I wish him well, but he isn’t as good as Drew. You have to remember too, Fields has one year on Drew, so he has the benefit of being older and more experienced. Fields may end up having the better year and good luck to him, but the good thing about Page is that they have James, Thuc, and Hooker to also hand the ball off to. So, most likely Fields will get more touches.

    I do remember though in the SEG game watching Drew have two long breakaway runs. So, if you were at the one SEG game then I’m not certain where the game speed comes into play. He had tons of long breakaway touchdowns over the course of the year, so I’m not sure where you missed the game speed. Drew also had over 9 ypc, and I would say that you don’t get that by being game slow.

  5. Mark

    My beef isn’t with u or Drew. I totally agree that Drew is great RB for his grade and he’s gonna get better. I guess my beef is with Greensboro Sports for not mentioning Fields as a RB to watch in the Triad. He and Drew were the only underclassmen to go All area. Thanks for the feedback though

  6. Fields definitely deserves to be mentioned, and you are right as far as time will tell and he shows it on the field. He should be the featured back this year with the other bruiser that SEG had now gone. I don’t know if SEG will run that two back set again this year, but Fields definitely should be the main tote for them.

    As far as most players here on Greensboro Sports, usually the fans and coaches provide feedback on here to get them noticed, and I highly doubt anyone will forget about Fields now. He needed some fans to stick up for him.

  7. chek

    Drew is a physical tackle breaker as well, with breakaway speed. He has that special “next-man speed” – where during a game, he is faster then that next man that he has to outrun.

    He has superb vision and cutback ability as well. If he stays healthy, Rogers will be one of the premier backs in the state.

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