Should Stephen Strasburg be on the NL roster for the MLB All-Star game?

They named the pitching staff for the National League today and Charlie Manuel, the Phillies’ skipper and the field manager for the NL, in next Tuesday’s MLB All-Star game, had no room on his roster for Stephen Strasburg. The young pitching phenom for the Washington Nationals was nowhere to be seen…..

Thirteen spots on the NL pitching staff and no room for The Phenom.

If one of the named players to the NL squad decides to drop off due to injury, then Starsburg could still find himself in the game next week….

The Phenom is selling seats and bringing unbelieveable attetion to the game of professional baseball this summer…..

Does he deserve a spot on the NL All-Star team and would you like to see him in the game, even if it is for only one inning?????

Strasburg to the MLB All-Star Game?????

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  1. Good decision! His body of work, while good under intense scrutiny, did not cover a large enough time frame to warrant an all-star berth and leaving someone else off.

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