HPC back at it on Monday

THe Bison from High Point Central HS were back at it on Monday with morning football drills beginning around 8:30am……Ragsdale also checks in and lets us know that the Tigers were back at it on Monday too…..HPC and RHS are getting ready…..

Don’t know how many other teams hit the field again on Monday, but most will be back at some sort of practice, by today(Tuesday) and no later than Wednesday….

Some of our teams will participate in the 7 on 7’s at Elon University beginning on Wednesday.

If you know of other schools that are back on the practice field, please let us know and then we can update our readers….The Bison are back and who else has gone back to work?????

Thanks for the info and you can bet that Adams, Grant, Monk, White, Blanks and the other Bison can’t wait until the real deal kicks, in with the first official day of practice, on August 1st…..Ragsdale says that Heavner, Smith, Roberts and the rest of the Tigers(Barry Brown should be back at RB) are counting down the days till August 1…..

Send all of the info you can and we will get it up on the site…..


  1. Ragsdale was back at it on Monday morning. And I can also bet you that Luke Heavner, Roberts, d’onavan and the rest of the crew are just itching for the season to start.

  2. I am sure every high school team is working extremely hard this summer. But being a parent of a son who plays at Southern Guilford, no one has worked any harder than these kids. They were practicing Monday evening and have been working since June 14th. They performed very well against Page a couple weeks ago in a 7 on 7. Next Monday they are competing in a 7 on 7 passing event at Averett University and then leaving on Wedenesday for a team camp at Campbell University. This team is usually undersized and outmanned, but are always exremely competitive the last few years. A testament to the hard work these young men put in.

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