Elon 7 on 7’s coming on Wednesday

Got this word from one of our readers and Elon University will be hosting HS football 7 on 7’s this Wednesday and Thursday and we are looking for the Page Pirates to be in attendance….Also add Northwest Guilford to the list of teams that will be there…

Last year this was a very big 7 on 7, with new teams coming in each night and some teams were there over the two-day period….

Last year Page was there and I believe Eastern Guilford and Northern Guilford were also in attendance…..

If you know of teams other than Page that will be there, please let us know….Page will bring in QB James Summers and RB’s Drew Rogers and Tuc Phan among others….

You can send us more info to andy@greensborosports.com or just leave it here at the site and thanks for the updates, I know our readers appreciate it…..