Elon 7 on 7’s coming on Wednesday

Got this word from one of our readers and Elon University will be hosting HS football 7 on 7’s this Wednesday and Thursday and we are looking for the Page Pirates to be in attendance….Also add Northwest Guilford to the list of teams that will be there…

Last year this was a very big 7 on 7, with new teams coming in each night and some teams were there over the two-day period….

Last year Page was there and I believe Eastern Guilford and Northern Guilford were also in attendance…..

If you know of teams other than Page that will be there, please let us know….Page will bring in QB James Summers and RB’s Drew Rogers and Tuc Phan among others….

You can send us more info to andy@greensborosports.com or just leave it here at the site and thanks for the updates, I know our readers appreciate it…..


  1. Andy, Page is bringing those players that you mentioned, but Orlando Hatfield is awesome too. He is a player no doubt and did EXTREMELY well in the 7 on 7’s at Eastern Guilford. I just thought I’d throw that out there, but you definitely need to see this kid for yourself…

  2. I remember a kid from last year named Junior Hatfield….Same young man? I have heard good things about him.

  3. I can’t wait to see the Pauly boys from NWG along with Dalton Dillon and Big Matt P. at QB. Should tear up some defenses.

    Andy, you should send out someone to watch and see who’s who this year. Would be a good article to read since so many teams will be there and GSPORTS could give us the low down. Then we can all chime in. LOL

  4. That’s avery good idea. I wonder if our old buddy Joe will be there, checking out the teams?

  5. My understanding is that the Elon 7 on 7 is not until Monday. If it is Wednesday and Thursday then I don’t think Page will be attending as Coach G gave the team the week off.

  6. We were hearing a start time of 6pm, but we are also hearing now that the event may not be going off until Monday….

    We’ll do some checking.

  7. NWG will be playing tonight and Thursday at the ELON 7 ON 7’S. There 1st game is at 6:00pm. Not sure of all the teams that will be attending but it is ON for today and tomorrow.

  8. There are two dates for the Elon 7 on 7. Page will be going on the july 12 and 13. My understanding is that this is a team camp with schools coming from outside the area that will be staying on campus and local teams commuting to Elon to participate.

  9. Word is NWG might be pretty good this season. I think they’re returning 16 or 17 starters from last season. Can’t wait till the season starts.

  10. Page will be at Elon on Monday and Tuesday next week…Yes, Orlando Hatfield is the same guy as Junior Hatfield or as he likes to be called JR…He has great hands and can do something with the ball after the catch…The kid is special and along the likes of James, Drew, and Thuc on offense…

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