7 on 7’s at Elon with NWG, NG, NEG and HPA

Some of the matchups included:
Northwest Guilford vs. Charlotte Christian
Northern vs. High Point Andrews
Northeast vs. Raleigh Wakefield
NG vs. Panther Creek
NWG vs. Apex
HPA vs. Middle Creek
NWG vs. Bartlett Yancey
NG vs. Apex

In some of the action we were able to take in, and there 12 teams going at it at the same time, I saw NWG top Charlotte Christian 3 scores to 2….NWG had two defensive picks and Charlotte Christian had one…

#5 Matt Pawloski(NWG-QB) had another solid day with TD tosses to #10(Reid Baxter) and several long haul passes to the Vikings #9(Alex Pauley)….NWG’s #10(Baxter) was in on a number of long receptions from Pawlowski throughout all three NWG 7 on 7 games….Pawlowski is the real deal and along with Rocco Scarfone he was the best of the two QB’s on the field today…

Pawlowski, Scarfone, Matt Heavner(Ragsdale), James Summers(Page), Drew Adams(High Point Central) and Josh Thompson(Western Guilford) will give Guilford County a very good group of quarterbacks this fall….

Pawlowski and Scarfone both looked very sharpe today…

NWG 3-2 over Charlotte and the Vikings also had the advantage over Apex and Bartlett Yancey, but when the JV’s hit the field, the edge can change for all the teams involved..

#11 Rocco Scarfone to #21 Maurice Harris, is no contest, when opponents face Northern Guilford….I heard more than one coach say of Harris, “we can’t stop him and we can’t cover him with just one man”….

Northern did not have the edge versus High Point Andrews, but NG did use many of their JV’s in this game…..Northern grabbed an advantage over Panther Creek and Apex….One thing else is certain, Northern is not just Scarfone and Harris…..Bob Hicks is back from California. Hicks is the real deal at tight end and he once kicked a 47-yard field goal as a sophomore, two years ago at NG. Hicks’ family moved away and now he’s back, as a senior at Northern and the Nighthawks also have a strong receiver and defensive back in Daniel Downing….Downing caught a number of TD’s from Scarfone last season and he is also the backup QB, along with Harris, when they decide to use him there…..Nick Jones made a real nice defensive pick against Panther Creek while I was watching Northern…

NEG is a very athletic team and their receivers made a number of nice catches while I was watching the Rams…NEG seemed to have a definite advantage over Raleigh Wakefield…NEG lost almost their entire offensive backfield, but they look like they have found a few answers and Coach Tommy Pursley’s team should contend again this year..

I did not see much of High Point Andrews, but I heard they looked strong against NG and HPA is once again loaded with great athletes and they should be in the hunt, for the State 2-A bragging rights, in the Western part of the state…..

That is it on what we saw tonight and if you have more, feel free to add it in and I couldn’t cover it all with 12 teams going at once, but I did get a good overall look at our Guilford County teams…..


  1. NW Looked great again tonight….Charlotte Christian was the only team that seemed to be on their level and NW played very well against them. Way to go NWG!

    #9-Alex Pauley
    #10-Reid Baxter

  2. Thanks for the coverage tonight Andy. By the way, #10 for NW is Reid Baxter & #9 is Alex Pauley.

  3. Thank-You Greensboro Sports for attending the 7 on 7’s and seeing for yourself the talent we have in our area this year. It’s great to have such quality QB’S/RB’S and WR’S in our area to watch and we all look forward to some great matchups. Thanks again.

  4. I wasn’t sure about Bob Hicks. I remember when Bob was here two years ago, Northern was playing with 9th and 10th graders only and with Bob Hicks, on his return, I guessed low….Thanks for the info and I heard when he was out in California last year, they had him playing offensive tackle….

    He has grown up and as I mentioned earlier, he was a very strong kicker for the NG JV team, back in 2008….

  5. One more note on the Elon 7 on 7’s.

    Great atmosphere for the football workouts at Elon. I hadn’t been down to Elon in a while and didn’t realize how much that campus has grown…

    Lots of teams and plenty of Elon coaches around to help out when needed….I spoke with Elon head coach Pete Lembo and he said he would be speaking the East-West All-Stars Coaches Clinis here in Greensboro later this month…

    Again, a nice setting for the 7 on 7’s with the big field and even the Amtrack Train passing through during the game….

    With the Holt Brothers 7 on 7’s at Eastern Guilford and now this one at Elon, this is a very good thing for our area high school football teams….

  6. Andy if you need rosters from all the other teams i am sure we could get you some.
    You seem to know NG and ORMA by heart.

    Let us Know

  7. I know NG football from last night cause I stood on their sideline for a while…..I know Oak Ridge basketball, but I don’t know ORMA football….

    I am learning more about NWG, but I didn’t go over on their sideline, cause I don’t thnk they would want me there and that’s OK, I have no problem with that….

    Coach Roscoe was not with NG last night and may not have wanted me on his sidelines either….Sometime you get the look and you know it is time to move on….

    I know the skill players at Page, Ragsdale, Dudley, High Point Central, NG, WG, and I’m starting to pick up on NWG…..Some of the others I don’t know that well yet, but it is still just July….

    I have had many fans tell me in the past, if I don’t know a player, then he’s not known yet anyhow……

    Give me a name and I can make him or her a known comodity…..

    Send me a few names and just watch how quickly they will beoome a household name……

  8. The huge 7-on-7 Jamboree at Elon is this coming up Monday and Tuesday.

    A lot of teams from the Triad/Greensboro area will be there as well as a lot of other teams from around the state. I think 12 or so teams will be there.

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