End of the road on the road for Hi-Toms Post 87

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CLEMMONS – One last thrilling rally never materialized for High Point Post 87 in the conclusion of a thrilling American Legion Baseball playoff series.

As a result, the Junior HiToms’ season concluded far earlier than hoped.

“I’m very proud of the way these guys fought,” Post 87 coach Rob Shore said Thursday night. “Most teams in the second round of the playoffs have a full 18-man roster and we had 13, 14 all week. For us to stretch this to a fifth game – I’m very pleased with the way we played.”

Andre McKoy clubbed a pair of homers and drove in five runs to spark West Forsyth Post 522 to a 13-2 victory. The win sent No. 1 seed West into the semifinal round of the Area III playoffs and capped the No. 4 Junior HiToms’ season at 18-9.

McKoy and Dustin Myers hit back-to-back shots in a four-run first inning off Tyler Southcott(Ragsdale HS). That lead hardly seemed safe, though, after the teams combined for dozens of runs in the first four meetings.

Southcott – an emergency starter given Post 87’s absences – wouldn’t allow another run before leaving in the fourth, and Mike Whited(Ragsdale HS) pulled Post 87 within two runs in the second inning with a towering home run over the scoreboard in left-center.

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  1. Were any Hi-Tom players missing from last night? Haven’t heard B. Hudgins mention lately.

  2. Hudgens and Cal Sutphin were two players from their 18 player roster missing. Both were ineligible for the playoffs because they played the showcase event in East Cobb.

    I’m not sure who else may have been missing. I had heard some kids were missing due to mission trips. Not sure if that was true or who it may have been. Sutphin was a solid hitter/fielder that was missed. But Hudgens is the player they really missed. He along with David Coffey and Conner Scarborough made up their three man main rotation. Without Hudgens they were having to use the bullpen to make starts. They still almost made it through to the next round but would have probably made a quick exit against Rowan County with every pitcher on the team wore out.

    Good season though. Really a fun team to watch the way they could rip the cover off the ball. Kevin Sanders, Mike Whited, DeSean Anderson, Ben Fultz, David Coffey were all dangerous at the plate.

  3. As long as it is allowed, there will be questions about the dual–participation rule.

    The coaches may have to take a tougher stand at the beginning of the season and say that the kids can only play for one team.

    It would hurt the kids that want to be active and play during the week for one team, and then play on the weekends for another team, but it would help you at the end of the year because you would have the same team throughout….

    In Junior Legion ball the word was that the players had to declare for one team by June 23, I think it was, but it would be easier if they made the decision at the beginning of the year….Hudgens and Sutphin will do OK no matter what team they are with….

    So many the times the coaches want the wins, so they collect all the top talent they can get and all they can, when they can and then they get stuck when the players have to leave out…

    Several players in the area leagues had to leave early to go on to college….I had heard that Desean Anderson was leaving early, but he stayed on and did well, but I didn’t see anything from him or Ben Fultz in the Thursday night game….

    Whited was the man last night and to me, based on what I have seen this week, Kevin Sanders might be the MVP…..He sure had a great playoff series against West Forsyth with a red-hot bat….A tip of the Greensborosports.com cap to Sanders….

    Where is Sanders from, High Point Christian????? Is he in college now and if so, where????

  4. If legion declares at the beginning of the season that there will be no dual participation then legion will suffer. By not having to declare until June 23rd allows players to play legion until then and then jump to a showcase event. The WWBA tourney in East Cobb is tough to get in. you have to sign up many months in advance. Both players mentioned knew a long time ago they would be heading down to Atlanta. And I’m betting the legion coach knew well in advance also. Personally I think legion should get rid of the dual participation.

  5. Its funny how things work out.

    Whited was not a highly promoted player in high school, but is a steal for Catawba because he has proven himself on the field.

    He is a Great Player.

    I predict that several of the over promoted D-1 signees will be back home by Christmas, begging to sign on with Barrow at GTCC.

    Heck, Barrow may end up with a few “Daddy” assistants if he plays his cards right.

  6. Very possible .485. You can’t hold their hand forever.

    Whited has always had power and he is a student of the game. He knows how to play. Just needs to believe in himself more. New environment may help with that. He can play.

  7. Disagree with side by side: Whited has never had power. Was always a very good hitter. This kid is maturing later as a power hitter because of his work ethic and strength conditioning. Watching this kid since he was 10, would never thought he would progress as far as he has. He is driven and will be a good college player.

  8. Andy, Sanders did go to HP Christian and spent last fall at Wingate. He transferred to GTCC in the spring and led us in RBI’s. He can really swing the bat, and we are expecting great things from him this coming year!

    What “over-promoted D-1 guys” do you mean, .485? Just curious, so I can keep a look out for them.

  9. Whited will do as well as he allows himself to do. He is maturing and a rapid pace mentally, and he has shown signs that he’ll take an intelligent approach to his college experience. Physical maturity is all that’s left for him.

    It will be interesting to see how he does once he’s in a full out lifting program. I think he will embrace it and put on a solid 10 to 15 lbs of muscle in this first year.

    I know for a fact that he’s a steal, he’s got a real chance to be very good at Catawba.

  10. Hopefully Whited won’t get lost in the shuffle like most kids do at Catawba…they bring in a ton of guys every year. Whited had other opportunities at other places that would have been better choices, I think. Best of luck to him.

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