Will the Miami Heat still be Dwayne Wade’s team?

Will the Miami Heat still be Dwayne Wade’s team or will it be LeBron James’ team or will it be Dwyane, LeBron and Chris Bosh’s team??????

That is the big Poll Question of the day…..Can all those guys work together to bring a title to Miami and South Florida or will their egos eventually get in the way?

LeBron James was saying on ESPN Radio last night that he was joining Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh on Dwayne Wade’s team. He kept saying, when questioned by Jim Gray, that the Heat were, and still would be, Dwayne Wade’s team….

There seems to be too much early political talking on the part of The King. How can the Miami Heat remain Dwayne Wade’s team? James would have been better off telling at least a partial truth and saying that the team would be his, Wade’s and Bosh’s team…..

The Miami Heat will be LeBron James team, if they aren’t already and they will be hard-pressed to win an NBA Title……

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