Day Two of Greensboro Colt Baseball Tournament at WMS

Dudley 15
Grimsley 5

WP:Brandon Burkes
LP:Ryan Stoneman
*****I was inside the stadium for this one.*****
Dudley hit the daily double with two key doubles in the 3rd inning from Myles Sowell and Zanie Seagraves and then two more in the 6th from Brandon Burkes on a deep ground-rule double that bounced over the left field fence and then the second double of the night from Zanie Seagraves……

Grimsley:HR….DJ Reader line shot to left field, a solo home run and the Whrlies got a double from Chris Harrelson……

Dudley will play again Monday night at 8pm…..

Western Guilford 10
Northern Guilford 8

***from the Northern Guilford player in the parking lot…..***

12 Noon Game:
Jametown(Ragsdale) 5
Southern Guilford 4

from the guy at the gate at War Memorial Stadium…..

1pm NWG-Jamestown
3:30 SWG-HPC
6pm EG-WG


  1. Not that it matters much–however, the score of the Jamestown vs Southern game was actually 5-4 with Jamestown scoring two runs in the bottom of the 7th inning to win it. Southern led the entire game, however, Jamestown found a way to win it at the end. Good luck to Jamestown tomorrow vs Northwest.



  3. Reader Fan

    I guess I should have left off the color I was more suprised he hit the ball that far with a wood bat. It was a shoot

    Turn off your caps lock!!! That’s a hot dog play to use a wood bat in an aluminum bat league/tournament. Use it in the cages, but give your teammates a chance if you are as hot a hitter as using the wood bat indicates you are. Wood won’t help you hit the breaking pitch anyway, ’cause it won’t change a swing.
    Turn your caps lock back on now!

  5. To Justafan and Eddie Willis,

    Yes that was pink and blue wood bat (nicnamed Cotton Candy). And DJ choose to use his bat for two reasons.
    First, to honor a friends mom who suffers from breast cancer, if you’ve ever seen grimsley’s basketball team play you would have noticed that DJ and several of his teamate wear pink shoestrings during games

    Second, he was using his bat to prepare for for the Wood Bat tournament in East Cobb this week. He had used it in two games earlier in charlotte then traveled back to play with his colt league team. He did give his teamates a chance. he went to the plate three times. He was intentionally walk, hit a HR, and HBP in that order. he had two rbi scored three runs. If u were there you would have seen that the last time on the base path how he gave his team all he had

    To your comment Mr Willis, no my son is not a hot dog, and he does use wood when hes taking his hitting lessons. and has used wood since was 12 years old.
    But I wonder how professional players hit breaking pitches using wood bats , and Ive never known a bat to help a player hit any pitch

    Oh Yeah he wore a pink shirt to church today

  6. Andy, this Eddie Willis character is one poster you need to just get rid of. He clearly knows nothing about baseball, developing player skills or coaching. His posts constantly annoy those players/parents that are trying to develop the talents of their kids. I bet he set on the bench in little league and has never gotten over it or maybe he never even made the team. He wants everyone to just have fun. The world out there is competitive and our kids need to learn about life, not just having fun. He has no business on an athletic website.

    He would have gone crazy at the GBC17U versus Proehlific Power 17U championship game in the local 18U showcase tournament yesterday. In the day’s earlier semi-finals, Proehlific brought in a college pitcher(I did not think this was legal) to help beat the older GBC18U team. In the championship game, the kids on both teams were on the dugout wall all game and were going all-out and making diving plays while battling through the heat. Two of the Proehlific players were trying to taunt the GBC players throughout the game. Very poor sportmanship. In the end, the GBC17U won the championship 5-2 behind 7 innings of strong pitching from Phillip Miller.

  7. I have heard over the years that Eddie was once an umpire and they say that in his day, he couldn’t see it then, and he still can’t see it today…

    Eddie is always jumping to conclusions, without knowing the complete story….

    Those details on DJ Reader and the HR with the pink bat make for a good story…..DJ is trying to do the right thing and his parents are to be commended….They are at every game, supporting the big man and the big man can play….

    Eddie can be annoying, but it usually because he did not take time to listen for the full story….Eddie is a work in progress and let’s see what happens to him in the end…

    He may come around to our way of thinking, if not he may not come around any more and maybe that is what he is looking for, rejection and another door that has closed on him….

    Good luck to all the kids and the Readers know that I was there supporting DJ and his Whirlies efforts on Saturday night, as well as the efforts of the Dudley Panthers….Rick Powell and Dudley know we were there for them and Coach Larry Farrer said he appreciated the coverage….I would like to hear that from more coaches in all sports in the area, since we seem to be there the most…..

    Another rant or take and on to another stop as we all grow together each day…..

  8. Speaking of which….I haven’t seen much on the Proehlific Power 19U team lately since there return from Ohama and their 4th of July Tournament. I guess they are playing with the 17U team from what the above poster just mentioned.

  9. Still looking for an update on the Proehlific Power 19U Team? We heard so much from them going into their 4th of July Tournament, but nothing since.

  10. Andy you are right about Eddie because if he knows as much as he pretends to know he would have to attend every baseball game played and thats impossible. I really would like to meet Eddie face to face because thats the only way to tell if he is for real or he just like to keep some S—- stirred up. I guess when you have sites like this those kind of people make it intresting just ask him to be mindful of the kids.
    Andy you are the best thing that has happened for the kids in our area, and I will say
    it over and over again THANK YOU.
    Eddie we love you too.

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