Greensboro Colt All-Star teams announced

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Here are the Green and White teams and the Gray team should be announced later today(Saturday)….

Green Team
Caleb McCann Jacob McCann Jaylien Davis Josiel Colon Keith Robinson Corey Kimber

Nick Blackwood Jonathan Ozack Chris Harrelson Mitch Carstens Cody Sickmiller Sean Geoghagn

Patrick Nusdeo Ryan Stoneman Adam Gunn Calaen Canady Kyle Morrison

White Team
Ryan Hackett Cole Wyrick Tyler Mericaka Jacob Watkins Alante Tilley Jamel Lewis

Lanie Seagraves Kyle Nelson Will Mesphalt Devante Mason Blaine Lamb

Camden Ball Austin Elmore Shane Flippin Lashon Hedrick Bandon Walker Kevin Murphy


  1. they should be loaded on pitchers…gunn didnt loose a single game from the summer season.

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